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Dr. Brown is live from Mumbai, India, taking your calls and answering your questions. Be ready to ask away with your most important biblical, theological, cultural, or personal spiritual questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As we read a book like Revelation with all of its mystery and with its many questions, it’s good to say, “God, speak to me about who you are through the book of Revelation.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us build according to the heavenly pattern. Let us build according to the pattern of the word of God. Let us be transformed by the Word, not conformed to the world.

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  1. …keeping in mind when ‘studying’ the Booklet of Revelation of Jesus Christ, it lays out ‘things which are’ (written with ample evidence before the death of John’s older brother Jacob by Herod around 42-43 A.D., when John was first exiled by the then ‘young military officer’ acting under orders of the Emperor whom much later became the Emperor, in their concern of the ancestry of both the mother and father of both Jacob and John as potential to carry on as another ‘Messiah’, to follow the ‘suffering One’ belief, of many Jews of that day seen as major ‘threat’ to the Romans) and that Chapter 4:1 to the ‘ending’ (where the ‘fellow servant’ sent to John from heaven makes the ending statement ‘he will come again shortly’) is clearly about “things yet TO COME” (which are not ‘things which ARE’ leading up to the ‘day of the Lord’ which comes upon the whole earth ‘like a thief’, the ‘elements melting with fervent heat’ ending all human soul life for this expendable ‘footstool’ reserved for ‘devil and his angels’ tossing OUT OF HEAVEN first, the most ancient of ‘dragons’ following his part in the ‘general resurrection’ which follows the ‘first resurrection’ ORDER of life, once AGAIN ‘IN THE FLESH’ for all natural living soul BODIES taken by angels of His ‘parousia’ from here

  2. God has his reasons for not allowing you to “feel” his presence. Sometimes, the Devil will pretend to be God, if you are continuously seeking “feelings,” and manipulate you accordingly. A desire to “experience” God can lead to obsession, and this is nothing less than the Devil taking advantage of you in your insecurity. The Devil loves to trick people who are seeking out private revelations, instead of being faithful Christians who accept God’s will in every trial. My advice is, don’t trust your feelings. Be secure in God’s love for you. Your feelings can deceive you. Even your heart can deceive you, as the Bible says.

    Mother Teresa, whom Dr. Brown admires, felt no connection with God for years. She called this her “dryness.” She had terrible periods of doubt. This is natural. The point is, you have to know that Christ does not abandon you. This truth is all you need.

  3. If we want to experience God, we can always pray according to his will, which is revealed to us in the scripture. Or we may praise him according to what we learn about him from his Word.

    A man can open his Bible anywhere and respond to whatever he sees, and yes he can experience God.

    I think about Job, and how he didn’t think God was to be found, but he was there all the time.
    Sometimes we go through seasons like that. It’s simply a part of the way we go in life, and have to go through, it seems, for this life is often a test.

  4. Since it is G-d (II Thes. 2) sending ‘delusional force’, to lead them to believe what is false, so that they may be judged (including all those who did not believe the truth, even delighted in wickedness) what part of this ‘initial life’ to be lived out ‘IN THE FLESH’, and the ‘next’ is at anytime NOT a test (even by what also Paul identified the force as he called ‘angels of light’, ‘angels from heaven’ as sent to come against the real as ‘another spirit’, yes a substitutionary other ‘gospel’, different ‘jesus’ being offered to the Harlotry inclined world as promised worldwide buildup unto these heavens suddenly on ‘real’ fire (nothing ‘strange’ as those forerunner of today’s ‘frozen chosen’, 2 of chosen sons of Aaron found out as ‘example’ for today’s so-called ‘reformers’, attempting that which of what cannot ever be reformed, even as Hosea discovered Harlotry within Israel in this ‘initial life’ IN THE FLESH as being like the Harlot wife who when he was asked by G-d, & did marry, she proving unable to dismiss those sent forces of ‘delusional’ messengers ‘from heaven’ to ‘come out’ entirely of her great emotional attachment as was ‘first Adam’ in his ‘earthiness’ ESPECIALLY in this ‘initial only’ life to be lived out ‘in the FLESH’ IN WHICH ALL SIN IS CONDEMNED to it, according to Paul’s letter to Jews of the ‘ghetto of Rome’ called ‘Gentiles’ following his famous Ch. 7 confession and ANSWER, given immediately Ch. 8

  5. All (especially human beings with hidden within ‘souls’ and ‘spiritual’ hidden within soul BODY the spiritual ‘BODY’, WHICH IS ETERNAL) as recorded in Hebrews made in the likeness of ‘angels’, have ‘especially strong emotions’ (without exception) and the Torah (teachings) makes clear we MUST constantly ‘rightly divide’ what comes from the soul hidden within, AND from the further hidden within ‘spiritual BODY’. Thanks to first Adam’s ‘earthiness’, the fall of Adam, ‘Eve’, our parents of all still alive on this tiny ‘footstool’, our FLESH has the strongest ‘voice’ and the ‘outer’ temporal right side entrance into our ‘outer brain’ into the ‘inner mind’ has never had an ‘original thought’ but says what has been ‘downloaded’ (as Paul warns of ‘angels of light’, from ‘heaven’, with a ‘different gospel’, EVEN of ‘another Jesus’ by a ‘spirit’ not anymore associated with the Real HOLY Spirit sent to minister to humans of this ‘footstool’, who had ‘left their first estate’ IN HEAVEN and sent here ‘by G-d’ to try, test, ESPECIALLY the twice born of this ‘initial life’ upon this footstool ‘of His’, as to their TRUTH seeking ‘measurement’ INITIALLY, given all of an ‘eternal’, hidden within ‘spiritual BODY’ especially, but also as to the ‘hidden within soul BODY’ their ‘order’ of promised resurrection IN THE FLESH from here, ALSO being immediately determined ‘in this initial life’ IN THE FLESH to be lived out, yet again IN THE very same likeness of very same ‘sinful FLESH’ of both first, and LAST Adam from here

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