Sober Words from India

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Dr. Brown shares some sober thoughts from the Scriptures from the heart of India – on Israel and the Church and the world – on this Thoroughly JewishThursday. (This is a very important broadcast and Dr. Brown will not be taking calls today.) Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hours 1 & 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is a glorious wonderful thing to follow Jesus. It is a joy-filled life; it is a great adventure, but it is a sober journey… by life or by death.

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  1. ‘whosoever continues believing in Me’
    SHALL “never die”
    (even in the promised resurrection OF THE FLESH)the only exception being the ‘twice dead’ already, having been ‘twice born’ on ‘this earthly footstool’, but NOW ‘TWICE dead’, plucked up by their very roots of their once enjoyed humanity, eternal as a distinct personality with a ‘spiritual body’, but cast unto outer darkness (their ‘soul body’ into HADES of the ‘damned’ in the ‘heart’ of the Earth’ on it’s way to it’s own assigned ‘black hole’, blackness of darkness, FOREVERMORE). This is the ‘fate’ of also those who do not become ‘twice born’ exempt in the promised ‘resurrection’ OF THE FLESH (BUT do not become ‘twice dead’ UNTIL having NOT ‘taken their rightful PLACE’, even as those on this tiny Earth before them DID NOT TAKE ‘THEIR RIGHTFUL PLACE’ before these heavens on ‘real fire’, ending ALL mankind human soul life for this ‘exampled’ LAKE OF FIRE reserved however for ‘devil and his angels’, not for mankind THIS being a ‘special’ place for the most Ancient of ‘dragons’, the ‘spiritual’ King ‘BEING’ behind ancient Babylon even of the ‘heavens’, AND the ‘spiritual’ King ‘BEING’ behind ancient Tyre and ‘his prince’ even of the ‘heavens’)

  2. those ‘continuing’ believing in Messiah Jesus Christ who shall NEVER die (also come to believe in His own ENTIRE dedication, ENTIRE completed SANCTIFICATION of His own cross on this tiny Earth ‘of His’, and the drinking of that ‘cup’ of ‘entire sanctification’, ENTIRE ‘setting apart’ FROM THIS WORLD, this place RESERVED for the tossing down from heaven of the most ‘ancient of dragons’ only after the Prince and ‘king of Tyre’ have been tossed down from heaven at the ending of the ‘first’ resurrection BEFORE the most Ancient of Dragons, NAMED LUCIFER is loosed for a ‘short season’ ONLY, IN HEAVEN where John was taken from Patmos by a ‘fellow servant’ sent to him from heaven INTO heaven as to writing down ‘things TO COME’ afterwards the ‘things WHICH ARE’ have come to a sudden conclusion in these ‘heavens SUDDENLY on real fire’ ending all human soul life for this copy of those heavenly ‘dirt’ patterns above (this tiny ‘copy’ RESERVED for ‘devil’ and his ‘angels’ who followed in his heavenly rebellion, their heavenly rebellions past)

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