Best of Show: Interview with Wayne Grudem: Christians and Politics; and Patriotism and the Kingdom of God

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Join Dr. Brown as he interviews Wayne Grudem on what part Christians should take in the political realm, and hear Dr. Brown’s thoughts on patriotism and the Kingdom of God: are they related subjects? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: My brothers and sisters, let us get involved and make a difference. It’s easy to see what’s wrong, criticize, complain, and get discouraged, but God is with us, and in Him we can and will make a difference in our world.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are in a war, but it’s not a war with people; it’s a spiritual battle. There is a devil who hates the souls of every human being and wants to destroy them. We have a message of liberation and freedom to the captives! Let us proclaim it without shame.


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  1. Isa 45:17, Romans 11:26 written in ‘context’ to a THEN ‘remnant’ of Israel (being all that THEN had remained alive in this Earth, in the then time of Paul’s letter, to those called by ancestry of Judean returned Jews to the Land of ‘Judah’ HERE BELOW, as merely ‘gentiles’ of Abraham only, AND not true ‘Jews’ of faithful ancestry, who had returned from THEIR ‘diaspora’ TO THE LAND of Judah, & to Jerusalem, here BELOW) makes crystal clear that the ‘times of THESE called ‘Gentiles’ from Abraham’ living in Rome, at the time of Paul still not yet departed from this tiny footstool, were to be fulfilled, but NOT until the ‘end’ of first resurrection’s thousand years, which must come before the ‘general resurrection’, which must then follows AFTERWARDS. Christians of TODAY must keep in mind especially WHILE ALSO involving themselves with ‘politics’ OF ‘this’ WORLD, all from fallen first Adam, that neither Paul, nor we, can EVER usher in any ‘kingdom’ of HEAVEN, or any ‘kingdom of G-d’ into this tiny ‘footstool’ thru ANY this world’s visible politics ! The gospel (good news) ALWAYS has been of that of the ‘resurrection’ IN THE FLESH of all, from first man, women, when created ‘at same time’ in this ‘footstool’ (‘first resurrection’ IN THE FLESH being when ALL Israel shall be saved, also all from Abraham as Jews, also called ‘gentiles’ by Judean Jews, whose ancestry had returned to the ‘Land’, THEIR ‘times’ FULFILLED ‘in FIRST resurrection’, a literal ‘thousand years’ when most ancient of ‘dragons’ in heaven IS LOCKED UP. by a ‘great Angel’ in heaven, unto HEAVEN’S own designated bottomless pit (while the most ancient spiritual ‘king and prince’ of ancient ‘Tyre’, separate from most ancient of Dragon ‘Lucifer’s rebellion’, are brought to judgment, INDEPENDANT of that most ‘ancient of dragons’, and therefore the ‘first’ to be tossed OUT OF HEAVEN, to this tiny ‘footstool’s local HEAVENS’, as suddenly on REAL fire, ENDING all human ‘soul life’, UNTO ‘good news’ of promised ‘resurrection IN THE FLESH’ AWAY from this example ‘lake of fire’, first the ‘Adversary’ and his ‘angels’, secondly for that ‘Most Ancient of Adversaries’ aka: ‘king of ancient Babylon’). The ‘good news’ we are to be spreading as ‘salt and light’ in this tiny footstool ‘of Messiah’ IS THE ‘RESURRECTION OF THE FLESH’ from here ‘below’ (including those of ISRAEL’s remnant once here ‘below’ AND those of Abraham called THEN as Gentiles, not ‘Jews’ WHOSE TIMES will come fully in ‘first resurrection’ in which the ‘GENERAL resurrection’ follows all who by faith have not appropriated as did a ‘remnant’ only, of ISRAEL, NOR appropriated by faith as did SOME, of those ‘called’ Gentiles, from Abraham in ABRAHAMS’S OWN FAITH IN BECOMING A ‘FRIEND of G-D’, OVER THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, of both ALL of spirits and lights, of which Abraham could not count from his ‘Desert sky here BELOW’, BUT BELIEVED in ‘what he could NOT SEE’ from down here BELOW, as to WHAT WAS ALREADY IN A LITERAL EXISTENCE “ABOVE”, far ‘beyond’ here “BELOW”, FOR HIS OWN ‘POSTERITY’.

  2. About Christians and politics.. I was just reading and looking at pictures (Time) about the recession of 1958, something I was too young to know about.

    I was reading about how congress recessed so the congressmen could go out and talk to the public about their concerns. I saw a picture of a congressman talking to a farmer because agriculture was particularly effected by the recession at that time.

    So, today, Do congressman go out to talk to the public about their concerns? I’m thinking all they do is talk to each other and fight with each other, and play politics.

    Maybe more Christians in public office would be a good thing. Imagine a congressman suggest a recession so they all could go out and talk to the public about their concerns about things, and then bring back what they have heard. Maybe this is something they should do often.

    My congressman does not even receive e-mails. I’ve tried and other people have said the same thing.

  3. I’m thinking that of the political party, by the political party, and for the political party, isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

  4. If not mistaken, this broadcast originally scheduled for different subject of which first comment was directed. However as to this re-broadcast, ‘politics’ of today are as in a ‘revived Roman Empire’ and our participations should not be mandated by taking Paul’s letter to Romans as to ‘government’ beyond the clear fact it was directed to ‘believers’ within a ‘ghetto’ separate in ‘laws’ coming from their ‘Synagogue’ and ‘self policing’ under the ‘ONE G-d of Israel’ and not written to the entire City of Rome, ‘it’s laws’, based ONLY upon religions connected ONLY to ‘many gods’ ! Our current Prez. made clear in reaching out to the whole world, he believes America is NOT a ‘Christian Nation’, and who should know best, but one who makes a personal ecumenical based ‘claim’, he being personally comfortable with ‘many gods’ AND less comfortable with the laws given Israel by the ONE and ONLY G-d of Israel, ‘formerly’ named as a ‘usurper’ and having lost the ‘tussle’ when still in the womb of his mother Rebecca, as becoming her and her husband of Abraham, Isaac’s ‘firstborn’

  5. Our current (not yet replaced) Attorney General, his chosen to replace him. also ‘black’ (as in this Nations’ history of ‘slavery’, & continued great ‘divide’) as is our current Prez., (and protests, including ‘cops’ killed in vengeance based upon now current rhetoric) tells us we are historically seen in the great City of Nineveh, whom Jonah was told to cry out ‘yet AFTER 40 days’ and this great City will be destroyed’ (but over a Century later, was suddenly destroyed, but only after their ‘slavery’ had come to ‘know their right hand from their left’ POLITICALLY, and a ‘great divide’ continued to ‘grow’ when those who in Jonah’s preaching (referred to as ‘cattle’) were ‘greatly increasing’ in numbers yet ‘youth’ were left uneducated as to ‘politics’ of knowing ‘right from left’ UNTIL over a Century later, had also become ‘leaders’ leading that Great City even further to where they had been completely ‘weakened’ from ‘within’ and vulnerable to outside forces desiring their wealth

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