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What do I make of teaching that says that God is a happy God who will never punish anyone? If we say the Bible’s teaching on slavery is not for today, how can we say that the Bible prohibition of homosexual practice is for today? If a Christian couple is barren, is IVF an option for them? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are endless opinions being expressed on the internet and through the media. Do you believe what God says or what people say?

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, technology continues to improve and grown. Our ethics better improve and grow with it or we’ll make a mess out of the world and human race.


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  1. G-d is a loving G-d Who is ‘happy’ to turn back ‘Esau’ whom He ‘hates’, for to protect ‘Jacob’ whom He loves, unto arrival into the ‘heavenly’ kingdom under the King over the ‘heavenly minded’ as against a rival kingdom of the ‘earthy’, EARTHLY minded still (as was Adam according to Paul to Cor. 15, as is those from Esau, who ‘represents’ opposite of his father Abraham, but had the attention of his father Isaac, AS TO IMMEDIATE BENEFITS OF HIS ‘EARTHINESS’ like first Adam, even as was ‘Eve’, NOT as was ‘Rebecca’ who knew from the ‘womb’ the wrestling within, of who was her truly ‘firstborn’ in this ‘initial life’ of trial, of ‘spiritual’ battles against the ‘wicked one’ and ‘initial only’ introduction to ‘eternal existence’ somewhere in what Abraham came to know as to what he could not see, EXCEPT BY FAITH of an ever expanding, never ending MATERIAL Universe created and made for ETERNAL ‘free-will’ creatures of the same creator who called him out from where his EARTHY father died, on into the strange land of Michael, the one and only Prince out of all the Princes of this world who had NOT succumbed to the ‘one prince’ of this tiny ‘footstool’ and world of Messiah’s making

  2. As to ‘IVF’, the G-d of the eternal experiment of ETERNAL free-will creation, of his creatures so created by Him, who knows the unique ‘dna’ of everyone’s exclusive hair by created math formula even unto ‘resurrection’ in the flesh, the ‘same’, ALSO CAN KEEP for HIS own purposes EVERY sperm, egg ‘fertilization’ regardless of being beyond our ability to even number, for ‘RESURRECTION’ purposes also. ETERNALLY, in never ending, ever expanding MATERIAL Universe of His own doing ‘in happiness’, in ‘agape’ (love which ‘hates’ the evil, but ‘loves’ the good ALL AT SAME TIME, never ending) in what we know as approximately 90 % dark matter, gravity holding it’s expansion ‘uniform’, with approximately a ‘tithe’ as ‘light’, and ‘happy’ for a ‘remnant’ only to eternally enjoy ‘THE LIGHT’

  3. I’m glad I’ve never heard a teaching or a sermon saying that God is a happy God who will never punish anyone.

  4. Maybe we should see what the new testaments says about slavery.

    The book of Philemon is about a slave who escaped, met the apostle Paul, became a benefit to the gospel, and was sent back with a letter by the hand of Paul.

    The letter was about acceptance only this time not as a slave, but rather as a brother. The letter was also addressed to the home church.

    So why would some homosexuals want to come to the gospel but stay in the slavery of sin, as if they really had received the gospel?

    Which is it that they want, sin and homosexuality, the wages of that which is death, or sins forgiven, a new way of life, and in the end, eternal life in Christ?

    If they want to use the Bible as a basis for what they do, I believe they are on the right track, they just have to stay with it.

    Jesus said that he that commits sin is the servant of it, as also said the apostle Paul. (see John 8:34, Rom 6:16)

    If a slave abide in a man’s house long enough, staying under the dominion of that house, is he not one day, likely to become accepted as a son of that house, whatever it may be?

  5. Maybe somebody can help me out here about slavery in the Bible.

    In the Bible, did Israel fill up a ship with “modern day” weapons and men, go across the seas, kidnap by force a group of people for the purpose of selling them for gain and bring them to a place where many would use and abuse them harshly on large money making plantations, not caring at all what suffering they might have to endure?

  6. All in this ‘initial’ life in the ‘flesh’, upon this tiny ‘footstool’ of both first and Last Adam, are born in ‘slavery’. A ‘second birth’ happens when one desires change (not at all from ‘slavery’, but desire becoming a ‘bond slave’ of a far different, far ‘greater’ F-ther IN HEAVEN) WHO HEAR BACK FROM this ‘repentance’ of ‘single birth’ only ‘life’ with a ‘Rhema Word’ by true faith, & which comes ONLY this way by true ‘Grace’. And as to those who already are ‘born again’, ONLY possible in this way, John wrote in I John epistle ‘these things are written that ye may known that ye are retaining eternal life THRU HIS SON’ (for the ‘believer’ must keep on believing, AND NOT FALL BACK into ‘slavery’ of ‘this’ world’s ‘earthiness’, as all have inherited from ‘first Adam’, including our mother Adam’s ‘Eve’, ‘mother’ of all natural living soul BODIES having been breathed upon by the ‘breath of Life’, in which man becomes a ‘living soul’, but born in the established ‘slavery’ of Adam in whom did not ‘subdue’ the ‘earth’ from it’s slavery from fallen, greater in intelligence angels, rather this ‘earth’ of ‘fallen angelics’ instead had SUBDUED him

  7. Yes we must be born again, of the Spirit of God whereby we are sealed. I know this sealing of God is that his purpose concerning us not be altered, and I’m thinking that it may be more than that alone. I believe God backs up that sealing with his power.

  8. A ‘response’ it takes ‘on our part’ to the Holy Spirit OF ‘CONVICTION’ and a Rhema Word from the F-ther in heaven HEARD (faith comes by ‘hearing’)
    by the individual THAT THEY HAVE COME INTO NEW BIRTH, old things passed away, all things become NEW. John writes- these things are WRITTTEN…. written ONLY to the ALREADY twice born in this Earth, these only, may CONTINUE knowing, they IN NEW BIRTH, have passed from death unto life ETERNAL having the ‘stamp’ of approval by a continual ‘fresh’ RHEMA Word from the F-ther above (and not from some evangelist or preacher earthy, EARTHLY assurance, which is not any assurance at all). Dr. James White recently called ‘line of fire’, the evangelist ‘Jimmy Swaggart’ assurances, as ‘like chewing on foil’ (therefore we can explain continuing using him as ‘example’ of one who clearly was ‘twice born’, subsequently added the not so clear ‘birth FROM ABOVE’ to his ‘Pentecostal’ evangelism, his assurance being the ‘sign’, ‘sealing’ by proof of his ‘speaking in tongues’ that he was ‘eternally SECURE, ALL THE WHILE HAVING NOT VICTORY OVER SIN ongoing WHILE AT SAME TIME PREACHING he was fully baptized in Holy Spirit and fire subsequent to, and BEYOND new birth). After his several public humiliations, he heard a ‘voice’ he says ‘from the Lord’ that “your answer is in the cross” (which he understood he was to himself preach he was to go back to the cross of Jesus Christ, and to the shed blood ‘of HIS cross’) RATHER than go forward to the F-ther in heaven. His public confession was taken from David ‘against thee Lord and thee ALONE have I sinned’ (of course this was not the case, as being a world wide evangelist, especially to ever growing ‘catholic world’ of taking, ‘eating, drinking’ the blood of the cross FOR THEIR SALVATION, even daily, also to attempted Reformers from within this Universal acclaimed church ?). What we can learn is that this ‘church promised’ world wide growth of harlotry’ not only can NEVER be ‘reformed’, but the Holy Spirit of both ‘Jimmy’ AND the so-called ‘Reformers’ is NOT the Holy Spirit EITHER of true ‘Conviction’, nor true ‘Promise’ which came on immediate ‘Pentecost’ afterwards our Lord’s rising from here back to His F-ther IN HEAVEN, IN WHICH HE SAID “unless I go, HE (of Promise) CANNOT come to you” ! This being said to His already ‘twice born’ disciples, who knew the Holy Spirit of ‘Conviction’ already coming upon their lives, on this tiny ‘footstool’ OF HIS. What was said to ‘Nik’ at night was he, THEY must be ‘birthed FROM ABOVE’ and the New Covenant BAPTISM by the F-ther IN HEAVEN is maintaining (not a good conscience with the Son) but WITH THE F-THER G-D IN HEAVEN WHO ONLY is BAPTISING NOW, by which one’s salvation ONLY can be retained ETERNALLY now (HIS Son on the NOW eternal mercy seating, AS BRAND NEW, “one NEW MAN” no longer facing His OWN cross, with brand NEW flesh, bones, blood FULLY never before revealed MAN in eternal ‘form’, which the ONLY REAL, genuine TRUE Holy Spirit of the F-ther’s baptism SENT can now ‘SEAL’ (stamp) as ‘birthed FROM ABOVE’, in partaking of the NOW eternal “ONE NEW MAN’S BLOOD” (and not ‘eating and drinking damnation’ anymore unto one’s self by going back His cross, even advocating ‘daily’ re-crucifying, again putting HIM back to open shame, of those days OF HIS OWN partaking of very same ‘sinful FLESH’ of ours from first Adam’s FALL, ‘IN THEIR PLACE’ ? As (for example) the false belief He became the ‘sinner’ in the place of ‘Jimmy’s secret past sins’, even ‘present sins’, and also ‘future sins’ ? and we are being saved, by HIS cross ? ETERNALLY ? Rather than HIS now ETERNAL mercy SEATING, BRAND NEW at His F-ther’s right hand ? SEALING comes ONLY by the SENT Holy Spirit ‘of Promise’ and ‘Conviction’, not by Conviction ONLY responses TO THE REAL ‘ONE’ now here, AS SENT !

  9. Ray, Paul did say ‘slaves obey your masters’, in the sense of obeying Christ. I assume this fits with his other admonitions to submit to authority, where appointed by God’s principles over the history of the rule of the Gentiles of it serving decency and order.

    The response of the church at large to slavery over the years is an interesting study, including the testimony of the sources of famous hymns, and lawful representative government in post modern terms

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