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Dr. Brown will look at some important scriptural themes and will take your Bible questions and calls, also sharing some of the more amusing posts, comments, and attacks in recent weeks. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is the word of God that cuts to the very depth of human emotion separating soul from spirit and delivers us from deception.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us, like Jesus, go after the lost, the outcast, the rejected, the ones that society finds unredeemable, and let’s show them redemption.


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  1. Tree of Life ‘Version’ Amen I tell you (Jesus answering His disciples, in wanting to point out the ‘buildings’, of the Temple, on the Temple Mount, in the Jerusalem here ‘BELOW’, as He was going AWAY from this here ‘BELOW’ Temple Site) “not one stone will be LEFT here on top of one another” (on this ‘site’ here ‘BELOW’) “every one will be torn down” ! The prophesy remains clear even to this day, which lines up with another of Tree of Life ‘Version’ of Matthew (27:53 reference to a Holy City receiving alive those who ‘appeared’ to ‘many’ in THAT City whose names had been on ‘some’ of the tombs effected by the great ‘Earthquake’) “and coming forth out of the tombs after HIS ‘resurrection’, they WENT into….” ! History of Jerusalem here ‘BELOW’ has not one record of this event (which of course would be a most ‘talked about’ event, if there ever was one). We must consider Jesus, like other Prophets, Old and New, were fully aware ALL knew of a Jerusalem, with a Temple ‘ABOVE’ the one here ‘below’, AND ‘THAT’ HOLY CITY being also referenced by other statements (including Jesus of Nazareth, ‘His G-d being not the G-d of the ‘dead’, but of the ‘living’ NOW, not only later, as in a resurrection, but NOW awaiting their own order of resurrection IN THE FLESH from this ‘copy’, of heavenly dirt ‘patterns’ ABOVE)

  2. Hello B.J.

    I’m not sure if you are saying that the saints that slept came out of the grave into the Jerusalem above, and not the Jerusalem below. Maybe I misunderstand what you are saying, but I think the testimony is that they arose out of the graves into the Jerusalem below.

    Notice that they came out of graves. Graves are only here below. There are no graves above.

    53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

    They also appeared to many. Many who? Many what? Many of something other than they themselves. It indicates many of those who lived here below in Jerusalem.

    The next verse seems to indicated that some of the “many” that the sleeping saints appeared to were centurions.

    54 Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

    The sleeping saints rising, the sun darkening, and all the other events surrounding this event were of such profound impact on the centurions (brutal men) that they professed belief that Jesus was the Son of God upon seeing these events, “they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.”

    So it seems from the text that these events such as the saints rising, occurred down here below.

  3. Benjamin,

    Some people have heard people say similar things as you say above and have had difficulty believing the part about the graves opening up and the dead rising, because how can a man witness the dead rising, if their rising was after the resurrection, if they are watching Jesus
    on the cross at the time?

    I’m assuming they saw whatever things they could see that were done at that time, which were events that happened at that particular time, and not all events that do pertain to the Lord’s death and resurrection from the dead, if those events happened at some time afterward.

  4. I’m thinking that the graves were opened by an earthquake shaking the earth, but it wasn’t until after the resurrection that they appeared unto many.

    I myself had trouble in the past with this verse. One man who didn’t, said it one of his most favorite verses of the Bible, so it seems that we all have different problems to solve and troubles to get through at times.

  5. correction. Now I remember. The man said it was his favorite verse of the Bible. Later I thought it strange, for I was thinking, “Why not John 3:16 or something like that?”

  6. Thanks for correcting me on the timing Ray, Much appreciated. After the resurrection they appeared in the Jerusalem below.

  7. Maybe that’s it…Maybe they got out of the graves right away, right after the quake, and then went home, stayed behind closed doors or something but then came out and into Jerusalem after the resurrection.

  8. I don’t think my above post tells the way it happened, for it says they came out after the Lord’s resurrection. So it seems the graves of many opened up, but no one came out, for they had not been raised from the dead until after the Lord’s resurrection.

  9. One of the best qualities of a radio personality host is being able to interact with the callers well. I enjoyed this program and was cracking up when the caller asked where homosexuality is mentioned in the bible?? It was priceless when the guy exclaimed ” IN THE BIBLE!” One of the best at interacting with callers is Rush Limbaugh, Thank you for the caller interaction on your program I enjoyed today’s show.

  10. …and coming out of their ‘remembrance’ (not necessarily what was left down here in the form of ‘gravestone’, or ‘tomb’ of those ALREADY ALIVE in the Jerusalem “above’) which only happened AFTERWARDS, Jesus had first appeared unto Mary Magdalene, first having ‘taken up AGAIN His own life ‘IN THE FLESH’ again, by power authorized Him by His F-ther in Heaven, His ‘deathS’ then, which had immediately followed (with the ‘rich’ of which ‘some’ were not ‘sleeping’ although their soul bodies already had vacated their temporal only outer ‘tabernacle’, their ‘names’ written WITH THE RICH, near the Eastern Gate) His first ‘resurrection’, from having REMEMBERED as according to His own F-ther’s WILL, ‘kedoshim’, considered also to be ‘saints’, who accepted what they ‘heard’ from Him, from His ‘proclamations’ of resurrection, as lost by first Adam, restored by last Adam, these even before Adam, ‘the dead’, now welcoming His ‘preachings’ to the ‘dead’, & also ‘spirits’ of men who had been influenced by angelic ‘spirits’, held in prison houses, & ever since Noah’s flood and (as according to II Peter those previous ‘floods’, which once covered the entire Globe) these now arriving in the Jerusalem ‘above’ from their awaiting ‘chambers’ of ‘sleep’ from the ‘world that THEN was’, NOT back to this tiny ‘footstool’, RATHER were seen by those ALREADY ‘mentioned’ by Jesus as of His F-ther G-d IS ‘not’ the G-d of the dead, but of the ‘living’ (‘kedoshim’, the ‘living’, no longer now ‘sleeping’ who were ‘alive’, already in the ‘Holy City’ of the Jerusalem “above’, as then AFTERWARDS those ancient ‘kedoshim’, those ‘remembered’ who NOW believed the now ‘good news’, the ETERNAL ‘gospel’, to whom Jesus went, preaching, proclaiming, same ‘good news’, the now ETERNAL GOSPEL, OF THE RESURRECTION, ‘OF THE FLESH’) and only AFTERWARDS SAW, only in that known Holy City of Jerusalem “above”, were those who had been the ‘sleeping’, afterwards were NOW coming out of THE ‘remembrance’, by Messiah Jesus Christ, of those who believed Him, by faith, the genuine, the real, the only true ‘GOSPEL’, that of the ‘RESURRECTION’ from the ‘dead’, UNTO A NEXT LIFE, ‘in the flesh’, same ‘dna’, of different ‘dust’, in very same likeness of very same ‘sinful flesh’ of both Adams, ‘standing up again’ from their ‘initial only’, 1st, then 2nd & final introduction, ‘in the flesh’, unto a sure eternal existence, in an eventual eternal, but instantly ‘changed’ spiritual body of within, somewhere in this ‘creation’ of ever expanding, NEVER ending, MATERIAL entire Universe (of both approx. 90% dark matter, a ‘tithe’ of ‘light’)

  11. ‘Tree of Life Version’ “…My Words will NEVER pass away (heaven and earth WILL pass away) or into complete ‘neglect’ can be best understood as spoken by a Prophet ALSO knowing of the ‘Holy City’ of the already ‘literally’ in existence of Jerusalem “ABOVE” (at the time being spoken out by both Old, and New Prophets of the also New Covenant with Messiah Jesus Christ of Nazareth making clear HE ‘being the Man from Heaven’ had firsthand knowledge of the literal “above” already in existence) making His prophetic statements to include BOTH “above” and “below” (“let the reader understand”) within that existing ‘generation’ a ‘man of sin’ will stand in Herod’s Temple and the buildings before they are ALL to be “left” completely not one “LEFT” upon another, but also the finale WILL ALSO TAKE PLACE “ABOVE”, that WHAT HAPPENS first HERE “BELOW” a forerunner, even revealing of the final, when resurrected, ‘man of sin’ (7th Herod whom mocked Paul ‘almost thou persuades me’ ?). The Temple “below” at same time one “above”, also in existence ‘let the reader understand’ the one spoken by Daniel the ‘Prophet’ will ‘stand’ in the existing Temple “below” first, and within this immediate ‘generation’ (who will fulfill when in his resurrection ‘stand up again’ in the existing NOW Temple in the Holy City “above” finale of this ‘what was spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, who will also have ‘his lot’ in the resurrection ‘last days’)

  12. Where are the good civil rights leaders? During the first Clinton administration the no profiling was put forth. We saw 9-11 happen and realized that this was not practical in practice for keeping a nation secure. During this administration Al Shar ton has a desk at the white house and thug policies are directly listened too. This in my opinion is a manifestation from the foolish politics of Bill Clinton who is the architect of destroying America from within. This manifest from the lies that started with his corruption. Today is the result of what Bill Clinton flirted with, now the baby is here! What a horrible child Clinton has given us.

  13. Matt. 24 (‘Tree of Life’ Version) ..what will be ‘the sign’ of your coming (advent, of the King’s presence, by ‘proxy sending’ of His foot soldiers, as required military march, known then worldwide as a ‘parousia’, ordered march, led by ‘clouds’ of ‘fellow servants’ not able to be numbered by mere captives of the newly crowned King, thru an ‘arch de triumph’, required of all newly captives of His majesty, thru the ‘fire’ of the ‘arch’, in the darkness of ‘night’, unto new territory, unfamiliar as to the newly captives, rebellion locations, against a former King, kings otherwise, any/all peaceful offers of a change in previous ‘kingdom’ rule from ‘tyrants’, yet never heeded, as previously offered) AND OF THE ‘END OF THIS AGE’ ? Yeshua answered them …..msny WILL come in My NAME… SAYING ‘I AM’ the Messiah.. will lead MANY astray, lawlessness will multiply, but the one, who ‘endures’ to the ‘end’, will be ‘saved’, This ‘GOOD NEWS’ (gospel) of the kingdom (under the NEW King) shall be proclaimed in the ‘whole’ world (‘all’ of human habitations including, those marched in a ‘parousia’ from one habitation, to another) as a testimony to ALL the nations (‘new’, and old) and then the ‘end’ will come ! Paul to Corinthians “gospel” (good news) of the death (only though as ‘ACCORDING to the SCRIPTURES’ and meaning of the ‘Words’ contained within), buriel, resurrection (according to the SCRIPTURAL ‘meaning’ of the ‘Words’ within them)

  14. ‘ethnos against ethnos’, kingdom against kingdom (yet regardless of these ‘signs’, the ‘sudden destruction’ comes ‘when THEY LEAST expecting it to come) speaks of especially ‘leadership’s optimistic outlook’ and ‘world views’ in their ‘own’ EARTHY abilities (as from first Adam ‘earthiness’, similitude of ‘sin’ of ‘first Adam, having never ‘taken up their OWN cross, of ENTIRE sanctification, of drinking of that very same ‘cup’, as Messiah ‘drank’, as ‘last Adam’, in ENTIRE separation from first Adam’s earthiness)
    THE ‘MAN FROM HEAVEN’ having the HEAVENLY (gift) also by ‘taking up HIS own cross’, never coming down from it regardless of having sweat great drops of blood over this assignement, ‘of HIS’ by His ‘HEAVENLY’ F-ther.

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