Removing the Beam from Our Own Eyes

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Dr. Brown discusses how we can apply the exhortation of Jesus to make righteous judgments, being quick to see our faults, sins, and blind spots before accusing others. This is especially important in light of the vast divisions affecting America today. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we’re going to speak the truth without risk of cost or consequence, there’s always the possibility of offending people, but I’d rather offend people than offend the Lord.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is a God of justice, and if we want to have the heart of God, then we must share His heart in pursuing justice.


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  1. Dr. Brown, I’m white and live in New York State on Long Island. We’ve witnessed a lot of police brutality here, white on white and white on black (not so much black on white). I think you’re dancing down the middle of the road. I can’t amplify your voice if it doesn’t agree with Jesus. We know which witnesses were telling the truth and those who were lying by the Holy Spirit. It’s possible. Do you believe in the power of God and supernatural discernment? I do. This is how some perceptive Christians know that Michael’s friend is telling the truth. It doesn’t matter if more police are killed than blacks are killed by police. Your underlying bias is showing and it’s disappointing. Today we heard your blind spot. When it comes to racial discrimination against African Americans, we all need to support them. but you think Al Sharpton is a rabble-rouser who is inciting others when he’s said nothing destructive at all. Why do you lack empathy for those who’ve been discriminated against because of their color? In the case of the death Michael Brown, I don’t believe you’re not in the pursuit of truth. Do you realize the witnesses were divided 50/50 on Brown charging? Are you aware that there are 15 witnesses who said Brown was shot at as he was running away for his life and only 5 said the opposite? Are you aware that the forensic evidence can be interpreted to support Dorian Johnson’s testimony? You’re rubbing salt into an open wound by stirring up racist whites in the professing church, all in the name of pursuing truth.

  2. Amy, I find myself thinking about the same as Dr. Michael Brown. What you need to understand is that this case is a confusing difficult to be on the side that you see things as. I am only interested in the truth, and to tell you the truth I do not see what you see. You must consider that there is a percentage of people in the pursuit of truth, if Brown was not on the radio there would still be a 10 percent or so that would see things exactly like we see it. We do not need a radio personality telling us what to think, the radio only resonates our thoughts. If you fail to see into this issue you only hurt your cause. Truth is unmoved by feelings or emotion. Truth sits there in it’s own orbit, it is your job to find it. I will continue to twist and turn to see things as you do, but you better have a honest case. I will come to my own conclusions no matter what. In other words I know what I know who the messiah is, I know inately if there is global warming. I know what is secular and what is religious. I know how to ask G_d these questions, and I will to give your side a fair shake I will ask in the super natural the answer to this question. I hope you will pursue this in the same way.

  3. Amy, I will leave you with another perspective that I have dealt with personnaly. I have a German last name and DNA. I have spent time in holocaust museums reviewing what in the world these German’s did. I want to look very hard at my anscestry and self analyze to every angle that I can. I want to step up and take ownership of this. I want to live my life correcting this. I do not want to run away from the issue, but straight into the issue. I was born well after this, but in my mind this does not excuse me. Follow me and take ownership Amy.

  4. Amy,

    You wrote:
    “We know which witnesses were telling the truth and those who were lying by the Holy Spirit. It’s possible. Do you believe in the power of God and supernatural discernment? I do. This is how some perceptive Christians know that Michael’s friend is telling the truth.”


    Well, in a court of law, we are to weigh all the evidence not just go by our “discernment.” This is what the Bible teaches. The 12 people on the grand jury have seen the evidence and you have not. You thinking that you can listen or hear about the testimony of one witness and “know” the truth is a very upsetting idea. Do you really think that you are so in tune with the Creator of the universe that you can just discern the truth and cast perfect judgment? WOW! When did you get appointed an apostle? Why did the apostles of Messiah have to discuss things before coming to a decision? Are you really better or even equal to them in hearing from the Spirit?

    What about all the perceptive believers that think that “Michael’s friend” is lying? How do you know that you are the perceptive one and the others are wrong?

    It is not out of the mouth of two or three perceptive ones that the truth is established. It is out of the mouth two or three witnesses. It is not out of the mouth of one mouth that you find convincing. The grand jury heard the witnesses and examined the evidence and you did not.

    They could be wrong…and you could be wrong too.


  5. Can someone help me out here? I’ve been watching you tube on this Michael Brown shooting, and thought I saw two different videos of one “witness”, one where she said she was in a motor vehicle and drove up on the scene, (beginning with seeing an altercation between Michael Brown and the police officer happening at the police car) and also another video where it seems like she’s telling the same story of what she saw, but this time it sounds like she’s watching it from a window in a building (beginning with the altercation at the police car) and her friend says something, and it’s time for her to go to work or something…?

  6. At about minute 12 into today’s program I heard about the breakdown of the family among African Americans which began in the ’60’s.

    As I was on you tube today looking for whatever I could find on this Ferguson situation, I also heard someone talk about the breakdown of family among African Americans also, as the mentioned some statistics.

    Now as I think about what was happening in the ’60’s I think of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the civil rights movement which happened at a time when in places in the United States, there was still very much racial oppression, separate drinking fountains, restrooms, businesses where people could not go because of their ethnicity, much more than we openly see today.

    One that I heard today talk about it was saying that as far as the family unit has been among African Americans, they were doing better under slavery.

    So I wonder, if it’s the “coming out from under oppression” and just beginning to experience new freedom, that it tends to be a most vulnerable time, for it’s a time of change, and with new found freedom comes new responsibility, and I’m thinking that maybe this is quite natural, and may take time to get over and through the time of adjustment.

    I remember that the children of Israel didn’t make a golden calf while they were in slavery in Egypt did they? It was when they first came out that it happened.

    It hasn’t been all that long since the ’60’s, but maybe it is time for change. Maybe we are living in that time.

  7. As I listened to what the people on the streets of Ferguson were saying one to another as I was watching video of it on you tube, I noticed that the people were very closely knit, very much in unity. I didn’t see people arguing with each other. They seemed to me to be so much as one.

    I think about how there are so many white people in America of so many other backgrounds, and because of the large number of whites, we don’t seem to have that kind of unity. Maybe it’s because we are so many.

    I suppose the best example of white unity, could be seen when we are of the same denomination. Then we seem to be so much alike, but otherwise, so different, seems to me.

    That is, if a small number of white people of the same denomination came together in a large crowd of people of all different denominations we might see some of that brotherhood rather strongly.

    I suppose also that the people of Ferguson, MO have a lot in common and it isn’t just their ethnicity, but rather community.

  8. One more point that I will give to the Ferguson side (protestor’s). I have in the past enjoyed the Fox series Cop’s. I was always impressed at the amount of proffesionism that the corp had in dealing with the abuse on the street’s. I think what the protestors contention may be in part is that the young man if this was filmed by a crew would not have been shot. Now, if he would not have been shot then one has to ask the question that this may have not been the best action to take against this Mr. Brown. I think in part the African American would at least like to have this acknowledged. This was not outstanding police service, and certainly would not have been the result with a camera crew in tow. Every police officer must approach the job as if it were being filmed, and the level of service is a restrained approach to the goal that no one gets shot.

  9. It seems to me that there is often a tendency to listen to something if we are aware that we may have something in our own eye that might cause us to not see something, and therefore we might err on the side of trusting others when they shouldn’t necessarily be trusted.

    Some might say, “Why then be so concerned about your own condition first?” The answer to that should be, “Because Jesus said so.”

    What I have found in the past is that when we walk according to Christ, it’s usually then that we realize that he gives us what we need, for he feeds his sheep, and we are not alone.

    If I am going to err in judgment, shouldn’t I judge myself as less rather than more because he gives to the weak, and raises up the humble?

    I was getting weak in confidence in trusting that a grand jury would come to a correct decision because of all that I heard on the internet.

    Later I found something that greatly strengthened my confidence in trusting the findings of a grand jury, even though I do not have all the information they had.

  10. I’ve heard by people and have read from some news source that forensic evidence can not be interpreted to say that Michael Brown could have been shot from behind, at least I think that’s the jist of what they are saying.

    That’s something I don’t understand, and I have seen a picture, a drawing, the typical frontal drawing of the outline of a man (which medical people use) which shows the location of the bullet (I assume) wounds that Michael Brown suffered from the shooting, and from that picture, I myself can not determine that he could not have been shot from behind. I simply can not honestly come to that conclusion based solely on the picture that I saw of the location of those wounds.

  11. By the location of some of the wounds (from the drawing that I saw) I simply can not tell if they happened as the man was facing the shooter or had his back turned. I saw about 3 of those wounds that were in that kind of question to me.

  12. Re article above- The poster picture to frame this debate. I agree, and you are right how history shows clearly. If you frame the debate and put in that picture the ideal police officer that you want to frame, then this is the right choice. However, if you want to make quality truth based change then this is the wrong person to frame in that poster. You can either do things with the power and glory of blessing from G_d, or you can do things with the power of human emotion and depravity. It is a choice in the frame of the equation. If you want to solve the problem you better have the right numbers to plug in.

  13. Wherever the New Covenant Torah (teachings) has gone now to every Nation, it’s Jewishness was lost especially, as to Paul’s letters to those living in ‘ghettos’, of these ‘cities’ under Greek rule, being overtaken by Roman rule, of those transitional days, post ‘diaspora’ of both Northern, Southern tribes ‘of Israel’. Though the Judean Jews (ancestry having returned, settled, of both Jacob, but mostly other than Jacob, sons and daughters of Abraham, few also of Sarah, exception, Esau, of Isaac INTO THE LAND) letters unto those under ‘own LAW’ (called ‘gentiles’ by the Judean Jews) especially to sons of Abraham, by choice living in ‘ghetto’ of that City, of Seven Hills, once called ‘the eternal City’ whose ancestry passed on the laws GIVEN UNTO ISRAEL, and whose ‘synagogue’ RULED their ‘ghetto’, their ‘police force’ being that of the G-d of Israel, it’s Laws given uniquely unto them IN WHICH ROME and all other Cities of this tiny world would love to continue wrongly saying ‘their policing’ ALSO is of the Almighty, ‘and any who would challenge them’ are also ‘challenging’ the same G-d of Israel whom Paul served ? or those choosing to live under a Synagogue of taxation UNTO the G-d of ISRAEL ?

  14. better spent if increased monies for ‘camera’ on ‘cops’, if ‘cops’ had a ‘camera’ of recent mental history (especially in the increased popularity of ‘suicide by cop’ especially of the mental instable, who desire to ‘leave this tiny footstool;, of ‘trial’ while making a statement otherwise not made when mainly afraid of private ‘suicide’ might go unnoticed, or be unsuccessful). We have abandoned spending money as before on ‘mental’, even as today’s modern advancements to have ‘up to date’, ‘on the spot’ SNAPSHOT ‘camera’ history available also to ‘cops’ especially ‘on the streets’ of America

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