A Kingdom Perspective on the News; and, Should the Gospel be Popular?

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Dr. Brown weighs in on the latest news and controversies in America, the nations, and Israel and then questions whether church leaders are asking the right questions about problems in the Western Church today. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I believe that if we will conduct ourselves with humility, with respect, and if we’ll listen before we speak, then we have the right to speak into any situation God calls us to address.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us be open to all sides of truth, however it affects us.


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  1. So is it right if we say that a homosexual man who believes he was born that way, is wrong to judge a heterosexual man for condemning homosexuality, because he doesn’t apparently know what it’s like to be heterosexual?

    Shouldn’t the ability to judge something go the same way either way, such as if it’s OK for an Asian man to judge some social issues of another ethnicity, shouldn’t it be OK for the other ethnicity to judge the actions of the Asian man?

    And if it’s not OK for an Asian man to judge social matters of another ethnicity, then it shouldn’t be OK for one of another ethnicity to judge the actions of the Asian man?

    It seems to me that our ability or authority to judge one another, really comes from a higher power than simply ourselves and our ethnicity.

  2. I think I would have said it better if I would have said “or” instead of “and”, in the last line above.

  3. From what I’ve heard of Lewis Farrakhan, he’s somewhat of a pacifier of some sort of tyrannical type of thinking of many, and the time is coming when that kind of voice will not be heard.

  4. Ray, Your comment

    “It seems to me that our ability or authority to judge one another, really comes from a higher power than simply ourselves and our ethnicity””

    That is similar to the argument say on an issue where one is not a Doctor and it is as if you can not hold an opinion because you are speaking from a lesser degree. This is what happens in our secular culture there is always someone with a higher degree to speak an opinion. Your point is well taken.

  5. The picture some want to paint so graphically, plainly, or intensely, is that of a young man who was shot by a policeman while his hands were overhead with palms facing forward, but are we to believe that’s exactly how it happened?

    Certainly a grand jury would have found reason to determine that charges should be filed if they had enough evidence to go on which said that such was the case, it seems to me, yet so many seem it their civic duty to portray something quite different, and I see no legitimate reason for doing so.

    On what basis should I believe that a young man was shot to death as he had his hands in the air?

    And what if though his hands were once in the air, they later went to another location? I’m not saying that such is the case, for I don’t know the facts, but the reason I am asking is two fold, one, maybe someone has information that proves the grand jury made the wrong decision and I would like to know about it, and secondly, I’m asking people to explain to me why it is, if it is so, why I should believe what many people say, or portray, who were not even there to witness the event.

    I guess what I’m asking for is a reason for why people do what they do, and I think I’m also asking people to give some account for what they do, a basis, a reason, an explanation for moral clarity, and I guess I’m also asking people to think logically and clearly, for if we all would do so, wouldn’t we all be better able to help one another get to the truth?

    I’m not saying the police officer did nothing wrong, I’m just saying that I have no real reason why I should listen to anyone who says a police officer shot a young man to death while he had his hands up.

  6. Dr. Brown, Would it be possible to have Lewis Farrakhan as a guest on the program? On this program we have Lewis Farrakhan asking, “What got the white people ‘on edge’ and brought us ‘out of the shadows’?” on this Ferguson matter.

    To answer that question, I think I could say, that it was the street violence in Ferguson, the fires during the protests. Are people supposed to simply show no interest in such things at such times?

    It seems to me that he is promoting violence rather than anything related to justice.

  7. There’s a story that I saw on the local news that in some ways is similar to the Ferguson shooting.
    This was a recent story.

    It’s about a man who had a foreign student living at this house, and during this time, he recently noticed his house had been “burglarized” 3 times in the last month, so he left the garage door unlocked, and he happened to enter it and hear someone there, so he felt he was in danger and shot the man. (at least this is how I remember the story)

    Some are saying now that it was a trap that was set for the foreign student.

    Anyone here that would like to be on that grand jury, if it’s called?

    It’s got to be about the facts.

    And I also wonder if there will be a street protest on this one. I’m thinking likely not for there likely isn’t as much racial tension in the air as there was in the Ferguson case. And yet each of these two lives are just as important.

  8. The BIG “What If” that is resonating with me regarding this whole terrible tragedy in Ferguson is….What if Michael Brown had not been in the emotional state he was in that morning? Did that attitude he displayed in the convenience store affect the ultimate end for him? Had he Not had something going on inside his mind before he was called out by Wilson, would he have grudgingly just moved to the sidewalk?

    I really don’t know. But what I can say is this erratic behaviour of Michael that morning has NOT been adequately investigated. If he was such a good boy as his parents maintain, why the theft, why the intimidation of a lowly, small store owner? Is it possible that he was having just a BAD morning or was this action part of a BIGGER problem that Michael Brown might have been dealing with?

    Up to this point CNN and the major media have declined to explore this angle? WHY? I believe this info. on his state of mind that morning is critical to the eventual outcome. I hope that his parents in the near future can shed some light on their son’s behaviour that morning. Was he having problems at school? Was he seeing a therapist for a possible anger management issue? Lost in this whole sordid tale is that this fellow stold something from this store. I agree with you Dr. Brown, he is NO poster boy…and yet he is being treated like one in the media. WHY?

    What happened in Ferguson is a tragedy. A boy of colour whose life came to a tragic end, a life so young, snuffed out and a cop’s life forever ruined, in hiding, a candidate for the Witness Protection Program.

    I hope and pray for clarity regarding this incident in the convenience store so we can understand better the for mentioned “what if.” We should expect no less.

  9. About my post above, it seems to me that around here where I live, wherever that man was from that got shot in that garage…that people from wherever he was from, likely don’t have a history of slavery and abuses of the past, that is like that of African Americans, and as a result, likely will not get much attention in the news or by people on the street.

    I just went to a local news site and couldn’t find the story.

  10. I’ve been on here more than I planned, but ask that you please bear with me. This might be of some importance.

    I believe people today are in a lot of fear, and react out of fear. I say this because one of the local stories today is about a drunken young man who called his room mate, but the room mate didn’t make much of the call, just heard some kind of noise, thinking it was just his room mate calling, thinking he would be back soon.

    Turns out the man had been shot. Seems he got drunk and was found at the front door of some woman’s house “trying to get in”, as she had the security chain on the inside. She was afraid for her safety, and shot him.

    Those of us that have been drunk in the past have done a lot of stupid things, sometimes not even knowing where we were at.

    I think a lot of people are fearful today, more so than in the past.

  11. I just realized that lots of shootings happen. When it’s a police shooting, it’s a big deal to the public.

    Is it because we are afraid?

    As I type this, there is a street protest against not only Michael Brown getting shot, but also other police shootings in the recent past, near where I live. It’s on the news right now.

  12. re Ray’s post below

    “Dr. Brown, Would it be possible to have Lewis Farrakhan as a guest on the program? On this program we have Lewis Farrakhan asking, “What got the white people ‘on edge’ and brought us ‘out of the shadows’?” on this Ferguson matter.”

    Farrakhan would never be a guest on this program.
    Just the amount of vitriol he spits out he would not be on this program. Not a chance…

  13. I was just reading about the recent flood of recruitment calls coming into the KKK because of all the stir in Ferguson, one of the apparent results of so many people in an uproar….Something Lewis F. would like, or not?

  14. As a cause to really succeed you would need to follow a model. There is a model of a successful people that have gone through thousands of years of pogroms, slavery as the start of this people. The one thing that I most admire and love about these people is the ability to understand the truth of the matter. I find that to be the most essential ingredient to institute change. Without the truth of the matter, it will inanimately fail.

    If you followed the model of Louis Farrakhan from world war two there would not be an Israel. There would be civil unrest and German’s would be continually blamed and this unrest would disrupt all society. Not that the German’s do not deserve the Farrakhan treatment, they do- It will just have to be judged and meted out by a higher power. I give credit to how the Jewish people have made change in the face of the most adverse circumstances of unleashed satanic forces against the Zionist cause.

    This is a model for a people to follow, the model that has succeeded to the incredible story of Israel. This is a light on a hill that Reagan talked about. May Messiah come quickly!

  15. I find this thing interesting to think about, how a people have suffered so much injustice and yet, are they all up in arms and protesting to the world about it?

    It seems to me we don’t find that so much among the Jewish people as a whole.

  16. ‘Tree of Life’ version “we know THAT we are of G-d, and the WHOLE world lies in the power of the evil one” (Ben-Elohim has come, has given us this insight, even as I John, one of original ‘Twelve’ ends his writings saying: “children, guard yourselves from idols” ! The promised buildup of ‘harlotry,’ concerning the ‘twisting’ of the ‘gospel’ (good news), is found also in Paul’s letter to Corinthians (I Cor. 15:47) “EARTHINESS” which leads to ‘pride’, and similitude of sin of first Adam and ‘the fall’ of mankind of ‘this World ! John ends saying IDOLATRY (including that of increasingly unto todays’ sent angels, by their own Creator G-d, delusion influencing upon fallen human beings, sent down from heaven, onto far lessor capacity human intelligence, anointing and ‘power to gather’ those made in their image, they, having ‘left their first estate’ given them by G-d, bringing their interpretations necessary of their ‘fallen state’, of the ‘gospel’ of Jesus Christ, especially that of His OWN Son’s cross, for purpose of Creator of both open to all that discovery of those ‘children’, insisting also the choosing of ‘idolatry’, over TRUTH, even unto their ‘own order’ of resurrection from this footstool, it’s entire Globe laying “in the power of the evil one”, as written in John’s early days of 3,000 yrs. prophesied, as last millenium days’ remaining, from the 7,000 yr. plan of G-d dealing with ‘fall of first Adam’, a promised ‘first’ resurrection ORDER, of those promised ‘last thousand years’ of a ‘week’ of millennium years, while this ‘footstool’ in preparation for ‘devil’ AND ‘HIS’ ANGELS. to be tossed DOWN from HEAVEN unto where ‘the evil one’, unique of ‘this’ Earth has ‘sifted’, as Peter was ‘sifted’, the ‘order’, in ‘first resurrection’, FROM HERE). A ‘general resurrection’ (in which Daniel is to have his unique part, his ‘lot’, in ‘last days’) begins at ‘ending’ of the ‘first’ resurrection) having ORDER also as to ALL from Adam, including ALL whom received Messiah of Israel’s message, that of His further deathS, in coming unto them, a resurrection required from each of His ‘deaths’, unto those who previous to first Adam had died, under ‘appointment’ of just ONCE, ‘at that time’ for to die, after that, their finale judgment, remaining in effect for those who did not desire to ‘hear’ HIM, nor by ‘faith’ receive this ‘good news’, the TRUE ‘gospel’ unto ALL, clearly that of ‘redeeming’ resurrectionS, from the ‘deathS’ of ‘LAST Adam’, of a ‘next life’ to be lived out IN THE FLESH, before ETERNAL finale judgments (exception, those who did not receive HIS message, also those who afterwards, His own cross He had been given INDIVIDUAL power to lay down His life, AND ALSO ‘Individually to take it back up again’, BEFORE immediate following ‘deaths’, by which HE was raised by the Power of the Holy Spirit WHOM He dismissed on His OWN cross, RAISED BACK UP AGAIN from each of those deathS following His OWN cross ‘UNTO to the dead’, ALSO to those held by ‘spirits’, both of men, with ‘angels’, in angelic prison houses since the ‘flood of Noah’, also ALL, HAVING BECOME ‘TWICE DEAD’, since ‘flood of Noah’ from ‘twice’ birthed’ in this Earth, plucked up, by very ‘roots’ of their once enjoyed humanity).

  17. When man’s laws are not in conflict with God, we should find a confidence that good can prevail for all men regardless of ethnicity, as long as we have the facts about a happening and a jury that truly seeks to do it’s best to be both fair and impartial, and to comply with the godly laws that we do have.

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