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Dr. Brown will take your calls and answer your e-questions on all theological, spiritual, biblical, moral, ministry, and cultural issues. Controversies and disagreements are warmly welcomed as well. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Different religions refer to God and say they worship God; it is our job to show the world who the one true God really is.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Whatever you can do with a whole heart before God, in faith and confidence based on the Word, do it! What’s stopping you?


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  1. I don’t want to belabor this but Transubstantiation was not formally defined until the Middle Ages, so we would not expect to find the early fathers using this term, or speaking of the change in the Eucharistic species in language which the Church uses today, since concepts and terminologies assume different meanings over time.

    Just as the Church used Hellenistic labels in formulating the doctrine of the Trinity (substance, person, etc), which would have been totally foreign to the Apostles, she did so again in defining once and for all that the Eucharistic meal is in fact the Total Christ, that it is his body, blood, soul, and divinity, that it is truly the Lord God and deserving of worship.

  2. Dr. James White mentioned recently, ‘on air’, of listening to a ‘Jimmy’ Swaggart was like ‘chewing on foil’ (we assume he meant ‘dry’, not the containing of any moisture, or that which otherwise brings life to the thirsty ?). This is also what today continues in ‘Jimmy’s EXCLUSIVE’ message ‘of the cross’, to the mainly ‘catholic world’, of the South, of Southern peoples’ also below the equator of this ‘tiny footstool’, even masses of peoples, under continuing ‘nicolaitan’ harlotry, that ‘promised buildup’ to these very heavens ‘on real fire’, aka: ‘Universalism’ claims, of being ‘the only true church’, of the real Jesus Christ ? When the real Messiah, the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth stated “one must partake of My flesh, My blood (as the ‘Man from heaven’ given, even as was ‘miracle’ food, once given the ‘children of Israel’) which must be understood only by the REAL Person of the REAL Holy Spirit only” (& not any organization on this tiny ‘footstool’ of HIS, whatsoever) we should consider neither ‘Swaggart’s EXCLUSIVE message’ nor whom he targets, in Univeralism’s message, for to evangelize as ‘flesh’ and ‘blood’ of MESSIAH, however we are to listen only to the ONE PERSON, HIM ONLY, OF THE SENT ‘BY THE F-THER’, HOLY SPIRIT, as ‘promised’ of our F-ther IN HEAVEN, AND THEREFORE retain UNTO OUR SALVATION an excellent ‘conscience’, simply ONLY with G-d, OUR F-THER, IN HEAVEN and not just any ‘jesus’ as presented by organizationals, or any of their designated ‘father’s, of EARTHY ‘organizations’ of our time, & leading up to the sudden, surely promised REAL ‘baptism in real fire’, of this earth’s heavens, on real fire (ending all human soul life continuations, of this temporal ‘tent’, of this ‘dust’, of this ‘ground’, unto both the hidden soul and spiritual body within, to be taken by angels of HIS ‘parousia’ from here unto awaiting ‘chambers’, unto a ‘resurrection’ IN THE FLESH, as restored by Messiah of Israel as ‘last Adam’). The Universal church partakes still of the temporal only ‘flesh’, ‘blood’ for salvation, while the ‘baptized in REAL Holy Spirit AND REAL FIRE understands Messiah of Israel is no longer in ‘temporal only flesh’, ‘temporal only blood’, of the ‘dust of this ground’ !

  3. Re Hypergrace.

    The grace movement is to be comfortable and secure to go from scalding hot to mearly luke warm. This gives us room to maneuver in the flesh.

    This is not a new movement at all, this has been the war inside man since the start of the human race. To believe in the hypergrace movement is to believe man and not God. I would not bet my life on this world.

  4. The ‘context’ of John’s letter ‘there is a sin which leads unto death (spiritually)’ does not seem to have this letter as specifically him addressing simply ‘sexual sin’, which leads to physical death prematurely, THEREFORE the context states the ‘whole world lays in the lap of the wicked one’ (speaking of ‘spiritual cosmic war’ having arrived in this tiny Messiah’s ‘footstool’ and ‘copy’ of those heavenly dirt ‘patterns above)
    so John, addressing ‘his children’ in the faith, makes clear TRUTH seeking vs. other than the real Holy Spirit OF TRUTH seekers, certainly are sinning a sin which none of the ‘brothers’ of the sinner should even pray for ! There is that which does not lead to spiritual death, and there is that which leads to spiritual death (being that of willing to accept ‘another’ spirit and the error which comes from being satisfied with ‘another spirit’ even as from heaven was sent, which desires ‘conquering of the laity’ over being conquered, by the real HOLY SPIRIT OF ‘TRUTH’. Universalism, including those attempting reform ‘from within’ the ‘catholic organization’ & promised harlot church world wide buildup unto these heavens suddenly on ‘real fire’ ending ALL human soul life on this tiny ‘footstool’ of Messiah, must ‘come OUT’ from amongst them ALL (Reformers attempts from within included, any not willing to come OUT entirely from organizational harlotry promised world wide buildup) and be totally SEPARATED (entirely sanctified FROM, only by one ‘taking up their own cross’, not attempting turning HIS OWN cross unto idolatry which John warns ‘his children in the faith’ to keep entirely away from). The REAL Jesus Christ, Messiah of Israel, said when HE to be ‘lifted up’ first on His OWN cross, is as when Moses lifted up the ‘serpent’ on the ‘pole’, which Torah TEACHINGS makes clear the children of ISRAEL turned afterwards unto ‘idolatry’ in not having simply ‘looked’ upon the bronze serpent, but took it far beyond after their ‘healing’ physically from their ‘plague’ resulting of their own sin, but turned the actual ‘serpent on a pole’ into some kind of EXCHANGE for their own personal sin (not simply the fact that the REAL Messiah ‘drew all princes of this world’, not men, who ALL had fled Him, those ‘spirit beings’ drawn to His OWN cross being far higher in both anointings, intelligences, than mere men, also non-divine, made in ‘their’ own image only, as according New Covenant Booklet in Torah’s 27 Booklets for it’s completeness, written specially to the ‘Hebrews’, in Hebrew, to the mainly Hebrew speaking FIRST) when in fact O.T. prophesy makes plain those ‘princes’, not yet under laws of mere men, were who brought men, already commanded by ONE, over ALL ‘spirits’, ALL ‘lights’, under National law, into ‘chastisements’ by ‘princes of this world’ for not having ‘kept’ National law given them uniquely IN THIS TINY ‘FOOTSTOOL’ of Messiah’s ! By properly ‘looking’ on the cross of Jesus Christ, then ‘taking up one’s own cross’ (not HIS) mere men can not turn HIS cross into idolatry of EXCHANGE for personal sin (for Universalism steeped in ‘Nicolaitanism’ conquers over the laity makes Messiah as their ‘sinner’ in the place of men’s personal sins, and thru false teachings of the catholic church organizationals unto promised harlotry buildup, THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST is changed into idolatrous activities of it’s laity RELYING UPON another ‘spirit’ other than the REAL HOLY Spirit of true ‘conviction’ of personal sins NOT otherwise forgiven unless true repentance ongoing of the REAL Holy Spirit first coming to men ‘in continuing conviction’, and only coming as ‘the Promise’ to those not following after the ‘deeds’ being produced by the ‘Nicolaitans’ unto the promised world wide buildup as considered in G-d’s 7,000 yrs plan in dealing with the fall of first Adam, his effect on all, including his one wife, ‘Eve’, mother of all natural living soul BODIES hidden within ALL his offspring, turning this ‘footstool’ into a future place where all G-d’s enemies of rebellion when not drawn into, under, laws, required for judgment (NOW all under laws as given ‘children of ISRAEL AS A NATION’ brought about by Messiah’s OWN cross, HIS

  5. …HIS own ENTIRE DEDICATION (ENTIRE sanctification in drinking of that same cup, HE has required mere men to drink also) totally separating Himself of first Adam’s “earthiness”, it’s ‘pride’ as mere man, desiring listening to ‘spirit of ERROR’ rather than only the REAL, Holy Spirit ‘of TRUTH’ only !

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