Addressing “Christian” Anti-Semitism; and the Question of a Pre-Wrath Rapture

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Dr. Brown addresses the question of when is a comment truly “anti-Semitic,” then asks why we should care today about what past Christian leaders said and did regarding the Jewish people. He’ll also talk with a proponent of the pre-wrath rapture theory. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Because the wound of anti-Semitism remains among Jewish people to this day, it is essential that we address it with tenderness and with the love of God.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The issue of replacement theology, is it a right term or wrong term? What have been the effects through Church history? Thi s is an important question to discuss.


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  1. ‘Christian’ Anti-Semetism (also as connected with pre-wrath rapture false doctrine of likes as of ‘Calvary’ Chapel, featured moderns, within the Pentecostal, Charismatic Jesus ‘revolution’, post WWII rapid buildup of today’s still even more capable weapons of ‘mass destruction’, especially still now effecting once ‘youthful’, yet today still called America’s ‘baby boomers’) has it’s roots in ‘translating Reformer’s Bible’ as saying Jesus Christ ‘drew all men’ unto Him AT HIS OWN CROSS (rather than Gospel’s context that all men actually, in fulfillment of ‘prophesy’ had ‘left Him’, while HE ‘drew all the Princes’ of this World, unto Him, unto His cross at ‘Calvary’, IN WHICH “The Prince” of this World, was “now” come the time, for ‘him’, their leader, to be ‘cast down’) ! The likes of both Saul, David, also the chosen Disciples of Messiah, were amongst the very ‘saved’, before ‘Calvary’, by faith, in a receiving of a Rhema Word from G-d (of course Saul, Judas, et al ‘forfeited’ their Rhema Word from Heaven given them thru Israel’s Nationally given ‘teachings’, having lined themselves up with Esau, rather than their father Jacob, trading their ‘new birth’ for a ‘bowl’ of EARTHY soup as inheritance from ‘first Adam’ whom Paul makes clear in the ‘gospel Chapter 15 to the Church at Corinth WAS “EARTHY”, and which became even ‘pride’ in his “EARTHINESS”). The ‘gospel of Paul’ states clearly Jesus died ‘hyper’ our sin (far superior, greatly above, NOT equal unto our sin, nor for any exchange of our sin). Hyper Grace of today, including increasingly ‘Christian anti-Semetism’ even from once Calvary Chapel’s first love, for those claimants as Jews, now being certainly re-gathered, in these ‘last’ of last days, ‘in the Land’ here below, of today, begins with a false understanding of Calvary and the cross of Jesus Christ where HE went for to ‘drink of that same cup’ of which we must also ‘drink’ of entire ‘sanctification’ from first Adam’s “EARTHINESS” (I Cor. 15 ‘Gospel’ of ‘called’, ‘chosen’, ‘apostolic’, Pentecostal even as a ‘youth’, being first ‘called’ before Jesus had stepped into the sent ‘angelic Cloud’ by His F-ther, separating Him from this very Footstool ‘of HIS, only after having ‘appeared first’ unto also 500 other Israeli Brethren at one time once, then ALSO unto this once called by his Roman Citizen name Saul, truely ‘charismatic’ youth, then under the highest ‘schooling’ of the famous ‘grandson’ Gamaliel, of Hillel)

  2. ‘Jesus revolution’ (as referenced on previous program to include ‘Calvary’ Chapels, ‘Chuck’ Smith, ‘Lonnie’ Frisbee, et al) taught ‘hippy’ movement’s great interest in ‘eschatology’ the Book of Revelation was about ‘this world’ and never taught ‘things to come’ were beyond this world, while ‘things which are’ are what this world leads unto these ‘heavens’ on real fire, and the ‘rapture’ (‘catching away’, ‘to be caught up’) of Paul’s letters to Thess. was not same as what later he taught as ‘mystery’ (never before revealed in Torah ‘complete teachings’) which Jesus Christ had briefly caused all listening to Him, in explaining differences between Sadducees and that of Pharisees, to say they “marveled” at his answers, which they had in all Scripture, not ever having heard from one ‘in authority’ before, from ANY previous ‘authoritive’ interpreters of Torah (teachings) ! Paul gave us the ‘mystery’ of a INSTANTANIOUS CHANGE of the human ‘spiritual body’ which must follow the ‘initial catching away’ by the ‘angels’ (as Jesus Christ ALSO was received UP in a ‘cloud of angels’ before HE, Himself, was made ‘brand NEW’, ETERNAL in a SPIRITUAL BODY, BRAND NEW, IN ETERNAL BLOOD, BONES, FLESH, TO BE SEATED eternally AT F-THER’S RIGHT HAND “ETERNAL” MERCY SEATING, even as the writer of Hebrews makes plain, is as when ‘blood’ of the ‘animal’ was SPRINKLED on the earth, NEVER for to be removed, from where it was by the High Priest once a year, once it had been ‘sprinkled’, even as Messiah of Israel now NEVER TO BE REMOVED from the now “ETERNAL” MERCY SEATING, now at His F-ther’s OWN right hand ‘forevermore’, hereafter, the ‘instantaniouly CHANGED, BRAND NEW “ONE NEW MAN”, only after His own ‘catching away’ from earth by ‘cloud of brightness’ of the ‘angels’ HIMSELF went thru ETERNAL INSTANTANIOUS CHANGE OF HIS OWN ‘SPIRITUAL BODY’ only after His ‘human soul BODY’ had first been ‘caught UP’ meaning of the word ‘rapture’ of letters written first to Thess. BEFORE the ‘mystery’ revealed afterwards to the Church at Corinth). Torah (teachings) therefore on this most controversial of subjects (as it also was between teachers in Jesus day on this earth between leaders of a rival Sadducees, Pharisees, on what happens when we die, AS TO OUR OWN NATURAL LIVING SOUL ‘BODY’, which also houses further hidden within out own soul ‘body’, our ETERNAL ‘spiritual BODY’ also WITHIN)? We therefore must continue keeping on ‘rightly dividing’ our human ‘soul BODY’, from our further hidden within, ‘spiritual BODY’ (especially what all sensitive eschatological inquirers are taught)
    putting OFF this temporal only ‘tent’ of dust, from here,

  3. Because John was ‘taken up’ by a sent from heaven ‘Fellow Servant’, thru an ‘open door’, INTO HEAVEN itself, FROM Patmos, of this one small footstool ‘of Messiah’, we therefore must consider ‘pre wrath’ in Book of Revealing of Jesus Christ explaining most ‘ancient of dragons’ when loosed for a short season only after lockup for a thousand years by an ‘angel IN HEAVEN’, IS full of “WRATH” for He knows he has but a ‘short time’ ONLY before being tossed DOWN from heaven where he also is allowed ‘to gather’ amongst human, raptured, then ‘resurrected’ IN THE FLESH, human SOULS, afterwards, ‘initial only soul life’ in human flesh, of it’s ‘dust’, unto different, new dust, amongst the ‘lights’ above in what we can see in the ‘heavens’, only afterwards ‘these local heavens’ on real fire (making ready the exampled described literal ‘lake of fire’ prepared for the ‘devil and his angels’ TOSSING DOWN from heavens where John was taken UP from Patmos ‘by the angel SENT

  4. This is interesting because when I described myself as “post-trib, pre-wrath” I never knew there was a distinction between the two. I assumed the wrath of God fell on those who came against Israel and were aligned with the antichrist immediately following the tribulation. I don’t see that as the final judgment. It’s the day of the Lord as spoken about in the First and New Testaments. The final judgment against evil, when it is forever vanguished, comes at the end of the Mill. when satan is released from his thousand year imprisonment and gathers together all who will follow him. This is when “fire comes down from Heaven and consumes them.” We then enter eternity and “God is once more all in all.”

    I’ll have to read your articles, Alan, and see how you handle the two.


  5. Rev. 20:9 comes AFTER these local heavens are no longer allowed ANY human soul life (‘width’ of ‘earth’ comes from root word ‘creation’) and Jerusalem of this PROPHESIED future fulfillment is ‘one ABOVE’ (here BELOW. human soul life, having suddenly ‘ended’, these local heavens suddenly on ‘real’ mountain melting, ALL soul life ending, material burning, ‘fire’, AS PROMISED ‘against’ promised harlotry BUILDUP of false ‘church’, increasingly ‘apostate’ it’s conditions, in this tiny ‘copy’ earth, and it’s ‘copy’ Jerusalem ‘here BELOW’ conditions of Jerusalem “above”) existing upon earthly dirt “patterns above” (‘width thereof’ referring to ‘patterns’ ABOVE this ‘copy’). Last days (3) includes last 1,000 of total 7,000 yrs. ‘plan’ of G-d from ‘fall’, ‘first’ Adam (John was no longer on this ‘copy’, for he had been TAKEN UP, thru an ‘open door’, by an ‘angel’, a “FELLOW servant” sent from heaven down unto this ‘copy’, for to show him ‘the future’ beyond here, & ‘upon’ those heavenly dirt ‘patterns’ ABOVE). Rev. 4:1 to the ‘end’ of the Torah ‘booklett’ being not about any future continuances of those ‘things described’ which ‘are’, as described unto 7 churches, before Chapter 4, a promised ‘harlotry’ buildup, as within clearly already 5 of those existing ‘Menorah’ (to ‘the Jew first’) churches described WARNINGS against those (of need to be ‘overcomers’ first HERE, unto promised resurrection IN THE FLESH, for ALL from here)

  6. Torah (teachings) about the ‘Seventh DAY’ (inclusive of 7,000 years, of 7 DAYS since first Adam’s FALL) is not about increase in ‘anointing’ of an ‘individual’ (rather is ‘judgment’ seating, as to actual ‘source’, of one’s anointing, BOTH in this ‘initial only’ life down here IN THE FLESH, ‘next’ life promised FROM HERE, also ‘IN THE FLESH’, in bodily RESURRECTION after the ‘soul’ is taken ‘thru an open door’, by a ‘fellow servant, or servants’ in assistance in ‘catching away’ from here ‘of the SOUL body’ which also contains our even further hidden within, ‘eternal spiritual BODY’, that which cannot be instantaneously CHANGED in ‘rapture’ until afterwards this coming first ‘judgment’ seating of the ‘anointing’ SOURCE, or sources IN BOTH LIVES TO BE LIVED OUT ‘IN THE FLESH’ first)

  7. It is difficult to comprehend how Martin Luther could have hated Jews so passionately when what seems to have been his favorite Epistle (The Epistle To The Romans) taught/teaches so strongly in the exact opposite direction.

    Romans 9
    1I am speaking the truth in Christ—I am not lying; my conscience bears me witness in the Holy Spirit— 2that I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. 3For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers,a my kinsmen according to the flesh. 4They are Israelites, and to them belong the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises.
    Romans 10
    1Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. 2For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God…
    Romans 11
    28… as regards election, they are beloved for the sake of their forefathers. 29For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

    I can’t understand how such things were lost on him.

  8. It becomes understandable to some, by much later in life ‘Luther type’ statements, i.e. ‘JEWS’ should be ’rounded up’, as ISRAELI ‘separatists’ past, into their synagogues, burned ‘alive’ (even as JEWS, half Jews, mixed, along with other Roman citizen’s strong reaction past, to those ‘ISRAELI claimant’s’, as known separatists, who continued, regardless of warnings of Rome, Roman ‘road’ citizens, against ISRAEL’s certain ‘high holy day’ Law celebrations, & continuing use of ‘red blood’ sacrifices, sprinkling’s of ‘fowl’, mainly ISRAEL separatist raised ‘red tailed’ chickens, both before, even after, that first major modern European plague, killing nearly 10 million, with remaining of Roman citizens, who blamed entirely, but wrongly, including Jewish ‘citizens’ mainly on ‘dirty ISRAELI fowl’, this having followed the returns, for first time of massive Roman Army ventures, to far away lands, foreign lands, never before ventured, a real reason for the ‘plague’, but it came also following a 7th ‘tetrad’ blood red moons, back to back, high holy days, 162-163 A.D., considered ‘signs in the sky’, warnings, even of the ‘end of the World’) history ‘Luther’ might have considered in his day, all of European JEWS being survivors, but were not of ISRAEL, but instead were joined with all who had turned on ISRAEL, whose ancestors had rounded them up, and being ‘burned alive’, their ‘synagogues’, ‘left’ as children of ISRAEL ‘without’ neither root’, nor ‘branch’, according to known ‘prophesy’ of ‘Christians’ of Luther’s day.

  9. Also known to ‘Christians’ of Luther’s day was the red blood moon ‘tetrad’ (1492-93) reminding them of the reported ‘tetrad’ warning pre first GREAT plague known especially throughout all Europeans (nearly 10 million died after 162-163 ‘tetrad’ warning first to the Jew, to the “Jew FIRST”, known to Luther from his own Torah TEACHINGS, ‘readings’ to a Germany nearly 95 % claimants as ‘Christians’, pre WWII)

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