Thoughts on the Jesus Revolution

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Dr. Brown looks back at past revolutionary movements (for better or worse), shares his insights on the characteristics of a Jesus Revolution, and asks where, exactly, we stand in America today in terms of our spiritual and moral condition. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Revolutions come when people come to the breaking point and say: enough is enough! When we get hungry and thirsty enough for God and fed up with what’s happening in the world around us, there will be a moral and cultural revolution.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Change begins with you and me (individually) when we turn to God with all of our heart, soul, and strength and do not take no for an answer.


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  1. Just reading of recent joint statement ‘Oriental’ Catholics, ‘Orthodox’, ‘Western’, ‘Roman’, also including Reformers in eccumenical catholicisms worldwide still trying to ‘reform’ what is promised to this world in false ‘harlotry’ great buildup, in another ‘revolutionary’ ongoing coming ‘together’, as to who their Messiah really is ? so what is wrong with Torah (teachings) from all 66 Booklets fully completed, of Messiah of Israel INCARNATION into this world ‘of HIS’ AS THE MAN FROM HEAVEN, with ‘one nature’ (not two or more) as ‘twice born’ into this tiny footstool of His, and ‘partaker’ of our same ONLY one nature
    as we ‘all’, of very same ‘likeness, of very same sinful flesh’, of ‘first Adam’, after the fall of His also parents including ‘Eve’ and ‘mother’ of all natural living soul ‘bodies’ (even as we in our becoming ‘twice born’ in this footstool ‘of His’, retain one ‘single human NATURE’ only, and not ‘two or more’ as the catholic world continues their promised ‘jesus’ fitting of their chosen continued harlotry ‘revolution’ in this tiny sphere, of a ‘jesus’ of only their OWN choices ?

  2. It seems to me that we could look to scripture and see what it has to say about starting a revolution. Maybe what worked back then will have the same kind of effect today.

    We could take a look at David’s kingdom. Some might think of it as a wonderful time, and I’m sure that it was, yet there was something that happened that started a revolution in his kingdom.

    It had to do with something, and it seems to me that it had the power to shake kingdoms, and if a people be occupied with it, it can be like taking hold of fire.

    What I’m talking about here is something from II Samuel 15.

  3. King David was a ‘born again’ man, was ‘saved’, when also saying ‘he (his firstborn of Bathsheba) cannot come back down here, but I will go unto him’ from here UP to him THERE ! Mt. Calvary at the foot of Mt. Olivet where David went to look down upon Jerusalem ‘here below’ was for our entire sanctification and ‘drinking of that same cup’ separating us, as David eventually became (as forerunner to Christ, his son and MESSIAH of Israel) unto ‘complete dedication’ ENTIRELY thru the eventual death of his firstborn from his chosen Bathsheba as his ‘Bride’, from his also own ‘EARTHINESS’, inherited from ‘first’ Adam)

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