Dr. Brown Comments on the Terror Attack in Jerusalem and Then Asks, Does the Predestination Debate Matter?

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“In the first hour, Dr. Brown shares his perspective on the murder of four Jews in a synagogue in Jerusalem by Palestinian terrorists; in the second hour, Dr. Brown reflects on his debates on Calvinism and asks the question: Does any of this matter to us in terms of our service for the Lord? The phones will also be open for your theological questions and comments. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The rage, the hatred, the violence against the Jewish people will continue until God intervenes. Let us be praying and crying out for his intervention.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: By all means, we extol the sovereignty of God, His power, His might, and His wisdom. And by all means, we take His word seriously, and those words call us to holy responsibility and holy outreach.



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  1. This is enough games and politics and untruthfulness. It is time that Israel just take back the Temple mount now.. Let the cards fall where they fall and John Kerry’s sour face.

    Enough is enough!

  2. Why is Jacob expected to give up his birth right?

    There is what the pre text to negotiations that the world expects Israel to start negotiations. Would this lead to peace? We have to be honest and answer that question. The answer is a clear no! So why give in, and try to calm anti-Semitism? There is a different dynamic in play here that is not what the world order is selling as a peace solution. The world order solution is a non existent Israel, and that is not an option. This is truly a Messiah problem solver only.

  3. “not one stone ‘will be LEFT’ UNturned….” speaks of another Temple building effort in a ‘similitude’ of the sin of ‘first Adam’, what Paul describes at end of famous chapter 15, Paul’s ‘gospel’ to the Church at Corinth, of first Adam’s “earthiness” (who instead following his G-d unto ‘subduing’ this Earth, this Earth, instead had ‘subdued him’, unto false belief it was founded to become an establishment of the kingdom of heaven, rather than a place of ‘trial’ and then ‘punishment’, first for ‘princes of this world’, eventually for ‘devil, his angels’ of the original ‘dragon’s tossing down’ from heaven, not for man, being ‘good news’ of ‘gospel’ of Paul of resurrection from here, for all men from a first man/woman when created together, and from also first resurrected Adam, his wife ‘Eve’, all from ‘Eve’ not created at same time as ‘first’ Adam, but as example of Messiah, to be rewarded a wife, by His F-ther IN HEAVEN, AFTER restoring resurrection IN THE FLESH, even for Adam, to all of mankind FROM this tiny foostool ‘of HIS’, used to bring original rebellion under ‘law’, unto the NECESSARY proper eternal judgment as required by unto all, under righteous LAW) ‘similitude’ we all share from first Adam’s ‘earthiness’ for a Temple for to ‘rule’ to ‘reign’ over this footstool RESERVED only for ‘angels’ of G-d for to ‘keep their sacred FEET’ on ‘necks’ of All G-d’s original ENEMIES, created without being under Law, when launching first rebellion unto establishment of ‘rival kingdom’ of heaven, in HEAVEN’s ever expanding, never ending materially created, entire Universe we all share eternally as created ETERNAL ‘spiritual’ beings…….

  4. JERUSALEM — Amid roiling unrest over a contested Old City holy site, the Palestine Liberation Organization this month declared that the name used for the site by Jews, the Temple Mount, was “null and void.” Instead, the group said, the compound — “a symbol for all Palestinians” — must be called Al Aqsa Mosque or the Noble Sanctuary

    It is time to stand up for the TEMPLE MOUNT!

  5. It was ‘predestined’ for all stones to be ‘left’, once having been ‘turned over’, in the Temple destruction within 40 yrs., same ‘generation’ of Messiah, ‘of Israel’, His own cross (leading up to these local earth’s heavens on real fire, ending all human soul life on this tiny planetary initial life ‘in the flesh’, unto a ‘next life’ promised, IN THE FLESH, from here) ‘standing up’ therefore for the Temple Mount, the Temple of which Messiah of Israel was accused of by HIS statement of His future destroying (in 3 days, His building up again, in 3 days) certainly could be leading up to this predestined WWIII, which lasts but ‘one hour’, of one ’24 hour day, WITHIN OUR CURRENT LIFETIME, ‘baby boomers’ resulting WWII Russia, England, USA, briefly lasting these victories to today’s ‘mutual destruction’, days

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