Is President Obama a Socialist (and Other Contemporary Controversies)

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In the aftermath of the midterm elections, Dr. Brown surveys his listeners concerning major accusations against President Obama and then interacts with an important story on sex-change regret as well as a new book by the latest proponent of “gay Christianity.” Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s time to stand for righteousness. If you have been waiting to take a stand, what are you waiting for?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If you really care about people who are struggling, who are hurting, who are in need, don’t lower the standard of God. Reach out to them where they are and help lift them up.


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  1. If a man is on a socialist’s path, I suppose he would be one thing or another. I’m not always sure just what something or someone is.

  2. From what I’ve heard from other people, the president’s birth certificate can not be proven to be false, for no one can find the person who’s signature is on it. I guess that’s about all I think about that.

  3. I listened to this program and was thinking how nice it is to be out of the talk radio loop hearing about the left all the time. I enjoyed this program, and am glad I am tuned in to this and not the political talk that is continuous.

  4. Faith comes by hearing (a ‘Rhema’ Word) from G-d. However, same person can become a ‘twice dead’, plucked up by very roots of their humanity, once enjoyed as ‘twice born’. Satan comes to the hard hearts, to pluck away SEED that was once sown, & received once by them. If however, a person has accepted also subsequent offer, by now SENT Holy Spirit OF PROMISE, offering now a ‘birth from above’ (beyond initial response, to initial Holy Spirit’s coming, first in Conviction) none OTHER can pluck ‘BIRTH FROM ABOVE’ (once received) from within the heart, but can lose this ‘heavenly gift’ of which they have ‘tasted’, by PERSONAL only change in belief concering that ‘HEAVENLY gifting’ (and which cannot be renewed, once back into Catholicism’s re-crucifying of Messiah Jesus Christ as ‘substitute’, once again, ongoing, for their own personal sin)). Joel of Lakewood Church attempting still as Pentecostal ‘Reformers’, not surprisingly still states his belief that current Prez. has been ‘twice born’ (& we tend to agree, even as ancient Egyptian leader past withstood Moses, becoming a ‘vessel’ unto ‘dishonor’, for the Master’s USE) however on his way TOWARD being declared ‘twice dead’ (reserved ONLY for those, who continue claiming Christianity, while causing havoc, as leaders within, their professed faith)

  5. Dr. Brown,
    I suggest you bring on Pastor Carl Gallups about this issue, same brother you brought on for the Rabbi Kaduri book. He has a good bit of info on this. God bless!!!

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