Dr. Alex MacFarland Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

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Dr. Brown is pleased to welcome back author, apologist, and radio host Dr. Alex MacFarland who will guest host for Dr. Brown who is speaking in Hungary during these very hours. This should be an exciting show! Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Abortion is responsible for 10x’s the deaths that Hitler was responsible for. Abortion on demand is not simply a war on women, it’s a war against the family. We, the Church, must care because God cares.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Kids who feel rejected by their fathers show higher rates of behavior problems, delinquency, depression, and substance abuse. Our cry should be that God would turn the hearts of the fathers to their children in this generation.


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  1. I have been enthusiastically following both Alex’s and Michael’s ministries closely since attending the Conference on Apologetics at SES in 2010, having subsequently purchased and employed several of your apologetics resources in my own apologetics endeavor.
    I am encouraged by your inclusion of Old-Earth Creationists in your discussion of Christian Apologetics. However, I honestly believe the time has come for Christian Apologists to fully embrace the reality of this position.
    As I listened to Alex and Bert on “Exploring the Word”, yesterday, they forcefully put forth the point that we must be willing to embrace the TRUTH, even if it requires us to adjust our long-held traditions. This should be carried into the “traditional” YEC position, which is not supported by scientific observations, but is accepted as a sacred preconception for a Biblical inerrancy approach.
    The TRUTH is that scripture does not support this approach any more than science does. Bishop Archer’s dating has been proven inaccurate by those who understand how Hebrew writers omit many individuals, including only historically significant ancestors.
    Most recently, I was profoundly awakened to the arrogance of the six-24hr-day creation account when reading Moses’ 90th Psalm. It was like the human author of Genesis had added an appendix to his work, forcefully proclaiming the eternality of God and the mortality of sinful man when he wrote, “You return mankind to the dust, saying Return, descendants of Adam…In your eyes a thousand years are as yesterday, which passes away like a few hours in the night”.
    For mankind to insist that God created the universe in six of our short 24-hour days, against all scientific evidence, is nothing less than human arrogance. We need to admit this and get on with the Great Commission to win souls for God’s Kingdom, removing one of the great stumbling blocks from our apologetics ministry.

    In Christ,

  2. In the ‘day’ (millennium) thou surely will eat thereof, ‘freely’ (warned against eating thereof independent of G-D’s ‘brooding’, visiting Spirit, in ‘Holiness’, first written as Divine ‘brooding ONE’ over ‘waters of the deep’, of the second worldwide flood, II Peter 3, as being introduced, in ‘Beginning’ days of this world’s much needed re-construction, described as in ‘Beginning’ for use of this tiny ‘footstool’, a ‘copy’ to bring forth from it’s dust of heavenly ‘dirt’ PATTERNS above, reserved for ‘future’ resurrection, of non-divine humans, yet like first creation ‘Divine beings’, with ETERNAL human ‘spiritual bodies’, hidden within outer ‘tent’ of ‘flesh’, which must also return to dust, from which it was first created of, even as first Adam, as first of only two resurrected on this ‘footstool’, first being allotted a millennium here in resurrection, LAST Adam a life giving Spirit unto FUTURE millennium before ‘general’ resurrection, of all non-divine human souls, a ‘first resurrection’, a ‘thousand years’, when, where ‘the those of ‘His own’ before ‘rest of the dead’, which lived not again UNTIL the end of first resurrection’s MILLENIUM ‘day’ FUTURE).

  3. As to a day as a ‘thousand years’ IN THY SIGHT, length of life between, during, after 2 ;world wide; floods BEFORE first Adam’s resurrection, before Noah’s local Great Sea flood of Genesis 6 (Tree of Life ‘Version’, I Peter 3 ‘corresponding to that immersion’, ‘now, brings you’ to safety) WE must consider a ‘day’ minimum, a ‘millenium’ (maximum unknown, knowledge kept ‘secret’ for own benefit, also to reveal ‘earthy’, as in ‘first Adam’, under trial, briefly on this ‘footstool’

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