Post-Election Reflections

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Dr. Brown shares his observations on the elections and then gives insights on the difference between patriotism and the kingdom of God, focusing on potential pitfalls for those who want to impact the society with the gospel. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.



Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Overall, I’m pleased with the election results, but I am not putting my trust in the Republican Party; without revival in the church, America is going nowhere.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Oh, we’re going to keep having conversations about politics, about race, about things that divide us, and we’re going to keep learning from each other.


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  1. Our F-ther who art IN HEAVEN (far above THIS EARTH, it’s immediate HEAVENS) hollowed be thy AUTHORITY (‘Name’ throughout all of HEAVEN above) Thy ‘kingdom’ come (throughout all HEAVEN above, where only YOUR AUTHORITY above, has remained hallowed) Thy ‘WILL’ be done on earth (where your AUTHORITY not being hallowed, has NEVER been hallowed, your Son sent here crucified, as always planned out from THIS earth’s foundations, always it’s purposes, ‘trapping’ of all enemies past, a place for sending ‘most ancient’ of all ‘dragons’ past, never before under law, yet upon release from a millenium ‘lock up’ in heaven, NOW brought under law, for ‘short time’ IN HEAVEN, continuing under law, for to be tossed down into, including all ‘devil, angels’ of his, previously not under law, having penetrated HEAVEN itself boldly past while not under law, in all attempted lawlessness to rival kingdom OF HEAVEN of F-ther’s kingdom IN HEAVEN, YET TO COME) AS it is IN HEAVEN ! Give us this ‘day’ (‘one day’, at a time here) our daily bread, leading us NOT unto temptation (looking beyond one day’s bread, unto restoration of first Adam’s fall, in same ‘EARTHINESS’, not properly discerning LAST Adam’s HEAVENLY only ‘MINDEDNESS’ not properly ‘taking up one’s own cross’, AS ALSO ‘FINISHING’ personal ENTIRE SANCTIFICATION from this world, drinking of that same ‘cup’ of ENTIRELY ‘set apart’ in complete opposition first Adam’s fall, complete opposition of first Adam’s attempt to ‘subdue’ this ‘earth’ unto his ‘rule, reign’ on earth, instead of ‘subduing’ himself, then his wife, from any possibility for ‘kingdom’ OF HEAVEN to include THIS Earth, already past set apart for the future ‘subduing’ of most ancient of ‘Dragons’, his ‘angels’ also of rebellion unto attempted establishment of a ‘rival’ kingdom, IN HEAVEN) as it (F-ther’s WILL being accomplished) ‘IN HEAVEN’. (World views affected as ‘patriotism’ to the always planned long before foundations of THIS earth, ‘wisdom’ of ALMIGHTY G-d, or, ‘earthy’ wisdom, first Adam, we also as Solomon, who asked ‘similitude, of first Adam’)

  2. Dr. Brown, I’m in the same camp my friend. I keep telling my Mom that she will always be welcome to come live with me if she needs to later on. Clean laundry, a motherly love perk 😉

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