Time to Obey God Rather Than Man

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In light of the “I Stand Sunday” rally in Houston, Dr. Brown discusses the biblical principles of when it is right to disobey the earthly authorities in order to obey the heavenly Authority, also giving his perspective on the latest world news and taking your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: More than advocating civil disobedience, I advocate biblical obedience. There are times when it’s best to obey God rather than man.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is time to say we must obey God rather than man regardless of cost or consequence.


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  1. Yeah, wow, odd that I find myself agreeing with Bill Maher too! Seems CNN has him on quite a bit and he’s usually mocking religious beliefs, so, what does that say about CNN in general? How refreshing it would be if they could actually get opposing points of view on their commentaries. Well, other than Joel Osteen that is. There’s many intelligent Christians they could call on to defend Christianity.

  2. Sheila I agree that the time is coming soon when quite a few Bill Maher’s will have a change of heart in the great revival that will be coming.

  3. Andrew,

    What do you mean by there being a lot of ads here? The only things on Dr. B’s site are links to different material put out by Dr. Brown, such as his pod casts, his other web pages, some ebooks of his, a place to sign up for newsletters and the link that takes you to the radio service that broadcasts his show. Those are all services for his listeners, unless that’s what you’re calling ads. All ministries require operating funds to continue doing the work they do. Surely you wouldn’t say it’s wrong for them to raise money, would you? It’s not like he has a silver server that he can pass around after the show’s over. 🙂


  4. First and GREATEST commandment is to love the Lord thy G-d with ALL that’s within one, the second commandment, LIKE the first (as to who is deserving of this kind of love) as to one’s ‘neighbor’ (one asked Him, who then IS my ‘neighbor’, HE answered giving the story of the ‘neighbor’
    the one who TRUELY acted by ‘deeds’, not ‘words’ only, within a road traveled by those within a neighbor HOOD’, of looking out for other’s first, but as to ones interested only in themselves only first, foremost ? their interests, even of those bearing the ‘name’ of ‘Reverend’, even high in politics, but low in knowledge of true religion ?
    We can conclude the ‘broad’ use of today, of the word ‘neighbor’, even in the ‘hood’ is way too broad, far from Messiah’s Scriptural clear meaning

  5. for those who decide to ‘obey G-d’, rather than man (His ‘burdens’ are much easier, His ‘yoke’ much lighter, than man’s) we have ‘teachings’ (Torah) giving us examples, i.e. ‘Samson’, etal

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