Talking About Jewish Apologetics Live from Texas

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Dr. Brown takes you into his Jewish apologetics class and answers your questions live from Dallas, Texas. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You must come to God through Yeshua. There is no other way to God outside of Jesus; only He died and rose. Outside of Him, there is no salvation.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus is the great and glorious example of the atoning power of the death of the righteous.


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  1. Dr Brown, are you familiar with the evidence that the Wailing Wall is part of the ancient Roman fortress. The Temple Mount is not where the tradition has deemed it. The Temple Mount is positioned in the city of David.. Archaeological finds lend credence to this theory.

    On a personal note, Dr Brown is your ancestry Scottish or Scotch Irish with the name Brown? If so we might be cousins.

    To and for the Kingdom,
    Brad Brown.

  2. ‘Tree of Life’ Bible quotes Adonai “the VOICE of your brother’s BLOOD is crying out to Me from this ground” (“so now CURSED are you, from this ground which opened up it’s mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand”). The story of the Jew, being a restless ‘wanderer’ on THIS earth (the shed blood of righteous Messiah speaks in far greater volume from the entire Planet in which ‘resurrection’ of righteous Abel must take place upon other, different, planetary soil than this entire dirt Sphere of Messiah’s ‘atoning’ death for both, Abel AND Cain, from their father, first Adam, as first resurrected man, but needing another Adam, a ‘second Adam’, “last Adam” to provide for them and their father Adam ‘life from the dead’ now all in their trespasses, sins of earthiness ‘similitude’, of ‘fallen first Adam’ having produced ‘earthiness’ in both righteous Abel, unrighteous Cain, and all offspring of Adam’s ‘Eve’ and mother of all natural living soul BODIES hidden within, beginning with both Cain and Able). This being true ‘history’ within ‘old Covenant’, we see ‘new Covenant’ being far greater than ‘atoning sacrifice’ unto a resurrection IN THE FLESH

  3. “If Jesus was a rabbi, why didn’t he marry?”

    Well, he was a rabbi, but he’s also God. That might have something to do with it.

  4. Mary (of whom He had cast out many devils) only allowed to see Him in His ‘taking back of His life again’ in power given Him by His F-ther (before fulfillment of deathS He should die, requiring Holy Spirit ‘resurrection power’ from preaching, proclaiming to the ‘dead’, to ‘spirits in prison’, the World than THEN was BEFORE first resurrection, of first Adam) of whom He certainly could have ‘married’ (while still in His OWN also temporal, flesh, temporal bones, temporal blood from fallen first Adam) called Him ‘Teacher’, of whom He said back to her desire to ‘cling to Him’ in this tiny ‘footstool’ of His, “do not be drawn to cling to Me down here, for I have not as yet ascended to your, My F-ther” (WHOM only chooses My future ‘eternal’ marriage’ reward, for all eternity, certainly not on this, My Own temporal dirt ‘copy’, of which My F-ther’s WILL is always done IN HEAVEN, not down here for which Mary also must look to her F-ther in heaven for her ‘life AFTER death’ of the also temporal flesh, bones, blood in which Jesus Christ ‘stood up again’ in the same to her ONLY). Yes Jesus was tempted in all manner as we (even as to extend life down here, when He could do so by doing His own will, not His F-ther, in heaven, will ONLY).

  5. Jesus had just fully cursed this entire ‘Planet’ of His ‘in power given Him’ to voluntarily ‘lay down His life’ as a earthly son of David’s Coniah (Jeconiah) which no son of his could successfully rule, nor reign on this ‘dirt’ copy (even if having chosen His own, to be His ‘queen’, first choice, surely being beautiful, young, loyal Mary Magdalene) when He knew of those heavenly ‘dirt patterns’ ABOVE, which Mary must also attend unto in resurrection ‘of the FLESH’ (and also further successfully attend HEAVENLY Paradise ABOVE, beyond ‘third heavens’ as ‘overcomer’ even to be “remembered” by Him from those temporal days of His own temporal flesh, bones, blood, even of her ‘single’ loyalty unto Him and His own cross (of which He drank of that same ‘cup’ Mary must also drink of, taking up her ‘own’ cross, unto partaking also of ENTIRE sanctification AGAINST this tiny, but potentially again ‘beautiful’, as was before fall of first Adam, yet now ‘fully’ cursed, with it’s ‘entire dust’ crying out, for vengeance’, from HEAVEN, ‘angels’ always READY !

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