Hearts of Compassion, Backbones of Steel; and Special Interviews

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Dr. Brown addresses the issue of how we can stand for righteousness while at the same time reaching out to the lost, then finishes up his interview with Christian actor Kevin Sorbo, who played John Calvin on Let the Lion Roar, and then speaks with attorney and cultural commentator Ed Whelan. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, we can mix grace and truth. Yes, compassion and conviction go hand in hand. Don’t be moved from either.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Friends, let’s combine grace and truth; let’s walk in love to those we differ with without compromising our convictions an inch.


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  1. hearts of compassion should reach out to the Torah ‘unlearned’ as to Messiah teachings against any, all ‘fornication’. Paul made clear ‘male’ humanity was created before female humanity. Therefore neither a male with male, nor female with female can ‘become one flesh’ in marriage according to Torah, however ‘unlearned’ concerning ‘fornication’ need to hear of days of Noah, days of Sodom, in which first be water, then by real fire, those days led up to, for to bring ‘separations’ eternally of the ‘unlearned’ (claiming love is ‘eros’, is ‘phileo’, while not understanding ‘agape’ teachings within Torah). These heavens suddenly on REAL fire, ending all human soul life for this footstool ‘of Messiah’, brings ‘gospel’ (good news) not only to those who follow Torah, in deeds, actions, of desiring only living ‘righteous’ in this initial only life in same likeness of sinful flesh of first, fallen resurrected man, first Adam (but ‘intermediaries’ and ‘wicked’ also ‘stand up again’ in life from the dead unto eternal judgment from the general resurrection of the dead) and as Israel (it’s grain’) bones can live, as in ‘life from the dead’ again in ‘first resurrection’, so in the following ‘general resurrection’ can ‘dead man’s bones’ live again BUT UNTO ETERNAL DAMNATION final judgment ETERNAL (who refuse the ‘gospel’ of the resurrection of the dead of first the ‘righteous’, followed by intermediaries and the wicked who refused to adhere in Torah concerning ‘the subject’ of ‘fornication’ chosen over Torah TEACHINGS re: remaining unlawful hearts

  2. Ezekiel was asked to answer if these ‘bones’ can ‘live’ (including those to be proven in earth’s threshing floors, to be Israel’s ‘grain’, with ‘backbones’ of ‘steel’, not those of Israel also proven out to be without any ‘backbone’, as to Torah, except in ‘teachings’ of how to, & ‘to steal’ in this initial life ‘lived’, with another to follow IN THE FLESH). Can ‘these bones live again’ (Lord, YOU know) and you also know where they will ‘stand up again’ IN THE FLESH (yet only your F-ther knows when, ‘per each individual’ from Adam’s ‘Eve’, mother of all natural living soul BODIES, also those of both male and female who lived on this footstool before first Adam’s resurrection, before Eve, ‘later’ taken from his side, changing previous ‘appointments’ of those in the ‘world that THEN was’, for to die ‘once’ only, after ‘one life’ only, ‘the judgment’).

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