What Does It Mean to “Complete the Reformation”? And Updates from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

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Dr. Brown speaks with Derek Frank, producer of the powerful documentary “Let the Lion Roar,” who received a vision to “complete the reformation,” catches up with the news, gives his perspective on Christians in the culture wars, and takes your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If the very foundations of the Church have been shaky, if some of the roots have been disconnected, we’ve got to strengthen the foundations, go back to the Word, and see what’s happened in history.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We will never cross bridges of misunderstanding unless we stop and listen to each other. I know we all have a lot to say, but we also have a lot to learn.


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  1. Be ye ‘perfected’, even as your F-THER in heaven is ‘PERFECTOR’ (true REFORMATION, ‘Reformer’ of our faith in the Son, whom HE also was HIS OWN SON’S ‘PERFECTOR’) from those TEMPORAL days of HIS SON’s own temporal flesh, blood, bones, WHEN HE drew all ‘PRINCES’ of this world unto HIS own cross, nailing THEM, instead, unto the LAW which had nailed JESUS CHRIST to HIS own ‘laying down’ unto HIS own cross ‘voluntarily’, in the power given only HIM, for to ‘lay down HIS own life’, (power also TO TAKE IT BACK AGAIN) this power given HIM and HIM only, while yet in HIS TEMPORAL human outer tent of HIS own, very same likeness of very same sinful flesh (as we) of first Adam, as “PARTAKER” of the same (as we) from fallen first Adam, yet we (WITHOUT this power given HIM) HIM alone as ‘partaker’, yet same as we, of first Adam’s fallen ‘nature’, ‘similitude’ of ‘sin’ of first Adam, with ‘power over death’ given HIM only. Jesus died (AS ‘serpent’, on a pole, AS lifted up, by Moses) and facing HIS own cross, with ‘power’, given ONLY to HIM, for to lay down HIS life (having sweat great drops of blood) HE refused to take (at first) ‘cup’ of HIS ‘entire sanctification’, for mankind (when saying ‘I thirst’) receiving it voluntarily unto HIMSELF. HE then at that ‘complete, entire dedication’ in SANCTIFICATION, drew ALL fallen Princes of this World (Michael, his angels, gone from this place of ‘LORD OF GLORY’, ‘MAN’ from heaven’, of HIS OWN cross) ending chastisements of PEACE upon man for all who will NOW properly ‘look’ upon HIM, now obtaining ‘PEACE’, with G-D, our F-THER of our Lord, PEACE from ‘chastisements’ which were brought upon us, now having ‘drawn’ all of this world’s Princes (of this World, therefore due to LAW ‘within’ Torah) in exchange for to bring THEM under the LAW, as contained with Torah, bringing ALSO ‘Prince of this World’ in drawing him to his own ‘removal’ from leadership over all Princes of this world, now also UNDER THE ‘CURSE’ OF Torah’s LAW, thus also bringing this one ‘HEAD BRUISING’ (his own ‘headship’) IN HEAVEN, thus fulfilling Genesis 3:15 promise, concerning ‘SEED of the woman’ vs. ‘Seed of the Serpent’ (LAW now legally extending to most ‘ancient’ OF ‘dragons’, unto highest of heavens which had been reached, in his attempting establishment of ‘rival kingdom’ to OUR F-THER, and OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, real ‘Jesus Christ’ of Nazareth, NOW brand NEW, ONE NEW MAN, FIRSTBORN from the ‘dead’, fully PERFECTED, first of many ‘brethren’ to have also ‘taken up their own cross’ unto entire ‘sanctification’ from this world, OWN completed, yet FUTURE own REFORMATION

  2. I am sure Derek Frank is well intentioned but, and I say this with all due respect to him, he seems to fancy himself a prophet.

  3. Christ came, and he established his Church on earth. God ingathers all nations. He calls all peoples to himself. In the Church, we all mix in. If one is a Jew or a Gentile, this no longer matters. The division is completely irrelevant now. The promises to Israel were fulfilled in the righteous Jews of the New Testament, in the Virgin Mary, Joseph, Simeon, Anna, Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, etc. The Church was founded on the Apostles, who represented the twelve tribes of Israel. Then, the Gentiles came in. Now, we all inherit the promise to Abraham, all of us, Jew and Gentile alike. In the Church, we are the spiritual seed of Abraham, born supernaturally in Christ, born to live in the “land,” which is our eternal home, Heaven.

  4. Kevin Sorbo was interviewed by christianpost.com about “Let the Lion Roar.” He stated “The whole idea of the documentary is really to let people know that the Bible went through a lot of transformation.” And, “They [the reformers] replaced a lot of things dealing with God and what he called the chosen land in Israel and the Jews.” And, “They re-wrote parts of the book just getting rid of that, and replaced those terms with the word church.

    If Mr. Sorbo’s characterization of the movie is accurate, Muslim apologists will certainly love this film.

  5. Salvatore,

    If the film really does that, I doubt Dr. Brown would have had Mr. Frank on his program. Maybe Sorbo is mistaken. I don’t know.

  6. Christ came to ‘establish’ the LAW (within Torah) teachings, not to ‘abolish’, but to make PLAIN, make ‘complete’, the LAW, it’s purposes (for to bring all creatures of HIS creation also under it, both in heaven, on Earth, earths yet to come). It is ‘finished’ (accomplished, completed) came when in obedience to HIS F-ther in heaven (Who ONLY would establish HIS church, & for HIS Son’s reward, IN HEAVEN) drank of that ‘cup’, as Last Adam, (entire dedication, ENTIRELY complete in entire ‘sanctification’) eternally away FROM, in totally separating Himself from similitude of sin of first Adam, as to this world, ‘of HIS’, & where HE drew all ‘Princes’ of ‘this World’ unto HIS cross (while all men, ‘forsook HIM’, as was planned out between HIM, HIS F-ther in HEAVEN, before foundations of ‘this’ world). While ‘reformers (of nicolaitanism’) make attempt ONLY (for Universalism can never be reformed) attempting to establish the Universal catholic Church on this tiny Planet ‘of HIS’ (as IF Israel was given the LAW WITHIN Torah also to establish a ‘kingdom’ of Christ, on this tiny footstool ? but failed, yet somehow perceived still to be to ‘their’ god, a complete ‘surprise’, to both G-d, HIS Son, & ‘brooding ONE’, previously Torah recorded as seen ‘over the waters’ of ‘the then deep’ ?). That first Adam ‘failed’ THEM ? (not himself, nor his wife, his posterity, etc., et al ?). The movie remains earthly, well done in historical documentary re: this Torah prophesied promised ‘rivalry’ described. amid increasing earthly ‘harlotries’, promised EVER increasingly, in ‘attempting’ making a earthly ‘one NEW MAN’ out of ‘institutional’, ‘group’ of institualized people, ALREADY upon this tiny footstool (and not as Sola Scriptura makes plain, true Church only a HEAVENLY bride of INDIVIDUALS, who also overcame Princes of this world, their ‘minions’, even also after the ‘one Prince’ over them ‘was cast’ out, down. by descent in death, of Messiah of Israel, unto deepest ‘pit’ of this earth’s unique Hades). OVERCOMERS, also of THE NEXT life to come beyond these heavens suddenly ‘on real fire’, in a sure promised resurrection ‘of the FLESH’, ALSO then as overcomers beyond ‘heavenly Paradise’, beyond also, as Paul described as 3rd heavens, AND also beyond and above, final call to Torah teachings exampled given (10 ‘virgins’, who have come to very ‘portals of heaven’, awakened at ‘midnight cry’, while still yet practicing a ‘virginity’ apart from ‘harlotries’ past, temptations also promised in abundant life beyond, initial life IN THE FLESH, AND in heavenly Paradise) for to come UP into very ‘kingdom of HEAVEN’, but ONLY of those who finally ‘made themselves’ ready at these very kingdom of heaven ‘likened’ portals in highest of heaven, of HEAVENS, then did actually hear (without falling asleep, once again) that midnight cry for to be ‘changed’, in a ‘moment’ in a ‘twinkling of an eye’, BY THE LAST trump of G-d, in making FULL the reward promised BRIDE for HIS Son ‘IN HEAVEN’, as to one tiny footstool, of HIS, the place of HIS once (and for all ETERNITY) bringing LAW, rewards, or failure consequences, to ALL ‘spiritual’ creatures existing before, far beyond intelligences of ONE Nation chosen OUT ‘of mankind’, yet made lower than the ‘angels’, yet out of MAN only, for to be rewarded as joining in marriage, to the NOW “ONE NEW MAN” and ‘Firstborn FROM the dead’, seated NOW at HIS F-ther’s right hand, HEREAFTER, forevermore, on NOW ‘forever ETERNAL’, NOW ONLY mercy seating’, with brand NEW bones, NEW flesh, fed by only brand NEW BLOOD, now fully ‘perfected’ from HIS OWN days, of HIS OWN temporal flesh, temporal bones, also temporal blood, of HIS OWN cross, a ‘finishing’ of HIS OWN entire, planned out, sanctification, HIS ‘entire’ complete dedication FROM, ‘this’ footstool ‘of HIS’, unto ONLY that of HIS “heavenly” F-ther’s WILL, in heaven, as only HE first accomplished here on ‘this’ tiny earth, of HIS (to do with of HIS own choices, but with the power given HIM of HIS F-ther) chose instead to voluntarily give HIS life, and to ‘take it back’ up again, EVEN unto eternal life, BRAND NEW upon the now ETERNAL, & heavenly only, forevermore MERCY SEAT !

  7. The only true ‘gospel’, eternally remaining, is that Christ died “FAR SUPERIOR”, ‘way over’, far beyond (‘hyper’) our similitude ‘sin’ of first man Adam (as LAST Adam, drawing all of higher intelligences beyond, above, as in Adam, mere men, ALL higher spiritual, eternally created. ancient and FUTURE yet to be created creatures, NOW, forevermore, also UNDER LAW) !

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