Keeping Your Spiritual Sanity in a World Gone Mad

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Dr. Brown lays out biblical principles to keep us spiritually healthy in the midst of a crumbling world, speaks with a pioneer FIRE missionary in Holland, and shares more about “Let the Lion Roar.” Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You may get agitated and upset over what you hear in the news and what you see in the world around you. Turn that agitation to prayer, intercession, and worship.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I encourage you not just to hear the bad news and the bad things that are happening around the world, but to ask questions, find out what God is doing, and then to testify to one another about the mighty acts of God.



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  1. Psalms 112:8 (a warning to those attempting being salt, light to whole wide world, not featuring ministry as mainly to the already ‘born again’, already made ‘clean’ by the Words of Torah, Old, New, yet simply swept, garnished, but as yet not ‘filled’ with REAL Holy Spirit of genuine, reliable, only true, Torah promises, also of struggling against fears of those former fallen angelic influences, coming back, and into the inward soul, again thru the right side entrance of emotional aspects of the outer ‘brain’, by those ‘greater’ in ‘intelligences’, than mere humans from fallen Adam) the minute we mainly concentrate on our human oppositions, in our current ‘world view’ and situation (even that also of being either abase, or abounding) and do not believe in 24/7 greater seeking of the REAL Holy Spirit of true Promises, 24/7 ‘infillings’ ONLY, as against an ‘angel from heaven’ offering another ‘jesus’, even ‘different gospel’ ? (whom seek out especially born again ‘souls’, cleaned, garnished claimants, claiming currently already past, having been ‘filled’, to their satisfaction past ?), verse 8 tells us how as truly born again can ‘lose sanity’ (especially looking to opponents ‘in the flesh’, rather than the greater opponents, Paul called ‘angels’ of ‘light’ !

  2. If Pastor Carl Lentz was to recant on his views that Jesus (and further the New Testament) didn’t address Biblical mandates concerning homosexual behavior he would have to lose his persona of being the “Hipster Preacher” and I’m not sure he wants to redefine himself in that way. He would then be thought of as more “conservative” and I don’t think he wants that label at all.

    I hope he soon comes to preach nothing but the truth in love and leaves off social pressure to conform to the new norm.

  3. A real ‘hipster’ audience (laity) could be also greatly helped by even any attempted ‘conqueror over the laity’ (‘hipster’ or not) from the real HOLY Spirit (WHO ALWAYS comes first, by coming only in individual conviction, only for bringing INDIVIDUAL laity unto true repentance, will then come, unless grieved, seeking ‘supper’ time, as HOLY Spirit ‘of PROMISE’, but always, ONLY to the INDIVIDUAL, not any group, as a whole, or anyone clinging to nicolaitan, organizational, kept by fear, institutionalized reliant, still desiring acceptability of ‘the group’, or ‘groupies’ over coming unto true INDIVIDUAL restoration of the hidden within soul BODY, ever increasingly, as this world rushes on, toward it’s own heavens, suddenly, when majority least expecting it, on REAL all human soul life separation, from all temporal dust to dust outer tent, tents, FIRE).
    Hipsters, needing to preceive ‘phileo’, ‘eros’ lovers, all are destined for eternal separation, by REAL FIRE (not only from this temporal outer flesh ‘tent’ suddenly, but also ETERNALLY from perceived love, ‘one for another’, not in ‘Agape’)

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