Updates on the Vatican, Hillsong, and Gay Bullying, Plus Exciting Missionary Testimonies

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Dr. Brown shares the latest developments from the Vatican on family, from Hillsong on homosexuality, and in America on gay bullying then talks with FIRE missionaries from Nigeria, England, Mexico, and the streets of America. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Enough with making excuses and saying: God could never use me because I’m not gifted enough. If you know Jesus and have breath, God can use you. In fact, He wants to!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There’s bad news happening all around the world: disaster, calamity, disease, sickness and upheaval, but God is moving! Let’s focus on the amazing things our God is doing.


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  1. There seems to be a pattern (we have leader Brian Houston, Mayor of Houston, leaders Victoria/Joel of Houston) all waiting to answer, what Rome decides, otherwise also other ‘mega church’ responses to their increasing attendees, caught up in these last of last days TIMES before these heavens suddenly on real fire, ending all human soul life SUDDENLY not by water, but by REAL fire.
    Two baptism of this earth by water, the final by real fire, was referenced by Peter, but before him, Jesus, as to LAST DAYS of disciples question(“when, “what also the signs’, et al, of this world coming to end for all human soul life, ‘of theirs’ or, of their ‘ancestry’, if they pass on)
    Noah’s flood, our example of previous two floods BEFORE, in the earth ‘that THEN was’, also Lot’s City of it’s sudden REAL fire ‘ending’, was given in context also about last days, ‘two men’ in a bed together (no women mentioned involved in a giving of marriage to either of them) yet given, & taken, in marriage together, celebrated also given, were two women, grinding away at a ‘mill’ business together (again, celebrated, in being given away, being taken, in public display as in marriage, without any man mentioned) yet at same time, on other obviously, opposite side of this Earth, SUDDENLY one, ‘taken away’ each from the other) as two ‘women’, two ‘men’, celebrated as, and ‘given’ unto, ‘marriage’ (not heard of in those brief days Messiah had walked THIS Earth, & being asked ‘last’ question by HIS disciples yet after HIS resurrection, before HIS ‘rising’ in separation, from them, & from THIS Earth, unto HIS F-ther, HIS return to HEAVEN, as only ‘Man’, from ‘heaven’). Catholicism (‘nicolaitanism’) was promised to become world-wide in it’s own version harlotry, also at end of days, for this tiny footstool, & for ALL human soul life. Now Mega-churches also led by ‘wolves’ (albino, white- coated, preying on little flocks, mostly at night, especially as night is about to come upon suddenly, ending daylight, when remaining ‘little flock’ shepherds, also becoming dim in acquired discernments, cannot be sure of any ‘wolf’ called as “grievious”, by Paul in Torah, as against one of a ‘little flock’, also having become fully unaware). The coming real FIRE “separates” the more aggressive from the lessor (the ‘more passive’, ETERNALLY from one more aggressive, & from those who had ‘given them away’, publically celebrated ‘unions’ together in ‘marriage’, all leaving their temporal tent ‘carcass’ behind to ‘vultures’ who as ‘flesh eating, spiritual birds’ spiritually fed on their ‘flesh’, their fleshly desires, while in this initial only, & introduction to eternal existence, somewhere, in this ever expanding, never ending, but MATERIAL, entire massive Universe, of both ‘dark matter’, & consistent ‘tithe’ of lights, EVER INCREASING)

  2. A Catholic can lawfully defy a pope who contradicts the teachings of the Church. The pope is infallible when he speaks ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals, but, and here is the caveat, he exercises his charism only when he clarifies that which the deposit of faith has already confirmed. The pope cannot introduce novelty. For instance, if he says, “I declare infallibly that God is an alien,” we would reject this, because such a “dogma” has no precedent in Sacred Tradition. Therefore, such a statement would not be a proper exercise of the pope’s infallibility.

    The Catholic Church is entering an unprecedented time of upheaval. There is a massive rebellion in the ranks of the hierarchy, a near apostasy. Does this mean that I should stop being Catholic? No. The Church is the New Israel. There was a remnant in the Israel of the Old Covenant, which kept the faith, even when the king himself worshipped Baal in the Holy of Holies. There is, and there will continue to be, a remnant within the Catholic Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.

  3. ‘On this rock’ was upon ‘rock’ of Mt. Herman, aka (worldwide known then, Mt. Zion). He was standing not anywhere near Jerusalem, or on any Southern 7 ‘hills’ surrounding City of Jerusalem, by that name ‘here below’. As the organized ‘church’ here below, of claims they are ‘New Israel’, the true Church of Jesus Christ, being made up also of claimants as ‘remnant’ only, ‘individuals’ only, also ‘gates of hell’ (these gates below worldwide known, as ‘little rock’, where Peter (a ‘little stone’) was standing, having broken off greater Mountain Rock, Jesus standing being above Peter, leaning against, referring where once split off the larger rock, once being part of entire, far greater Rock and high Mount, called Zion) places where today, remain carved out places, for pagan worship past, present, brings us to ‘take heed’ about this Mt., then called ‘worldwide’, world’s entrance, exit, arrival, partings, arrivals of angels and partings of souls of men, from world here below, the ‘naval’, of this smaller ‘egg’, depicted (then also later by John I, WHOLE WIDE WORLD in the grip of the wicked one) this ‘world’ here below, even in ‘mouth’ of a ‘Serpent’. Each individual, regardless of ‘institutional’ claimed connection while briefly here, must keep in mind ‘the gospel’ (means only ‘good’ news, as a town crier announcing change for the ‘better’ by a NEW King) to be being spread abroad, while yet so very briefly down here, as ‘individuals’, to realize ‘reason’ why Messiah of Israel did not choose featuring ANY institutional organization (including ‘Nation of Israel’ itself) down here below, instead, featured what then wide world understood, was the ‘gateway’ to worlds yet to be used for man, Supreme Creator’s ‘good news’, already in existence, seen above, beyond this tiny footstool of ‘light’, against darkness backdrop, ‘of HIS’. Harlotry spiritually (even as taught to king Balak, recorded in Torah of the ancient Gentile prophet Balaam’s third prophesy) not limited, as only to desires of our outer flesh temporal ‘tent’ here, but mainly to inward soul of our “earthiness”, similitude of very same universal ‘sin’, so easily besets all (no, not one exept from) this of the ‘first’ Adam (yet was overcome by ‘Last’ Adam, on HIS OWN cross, HIS drinking of ‘cup’ of HIS ‘entire’ setting apart, HIS entire ‘sanctification’) THIS, true, ‘good news’ to ‘reformers’ attempts of all Universalism individuals alike, for ‘each’ to take up one’s OWN cross, ‘follow’ after ‘Last’ Adam, the way of only true gospel of ‘the cross’ of the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth, & only way of ‘overcoming’ of this same Universal ‘similitude’, all are alike, including our Lord in ‘temporal’ only outer flesh ‘tent’, now fully ‘perfected’, & now in ‘eternal blood’, now ‘eternal Lamb of G-d’ at F-ther’s right hand, brand new in flesh, blood, bones eternally fed, even as ‘one NEW MAN’, First BORN from the dead, as all from first Adam MUST follow HIM, becoming ‘individual overcomers’ eternal, also drinking of that ‘same cup’ (as HE) “from”, THIS world (in ‘WICKED One’s’ mouth)

  4. bj,

    I also have difficulty making out what you say, so much so that I usually will not read your posts. It’s too high for me. So, if the price is right, please, just come on down.

  5. I had a foster sister who fell somewhere along the autism spectrum, although they didn’t present it as such back then, and she would use a sentence to describe a single word instead of just using the word she meant. She also began using the same description for certain words and it became easier to understand what she meant. Sometimes she would make up a word and you had to interpret what she meant by the context of everything else. She was the sweetest person she just required extra attentive listening and reading between the lines. When she was 2 years old she had to have open heart surgery and she was without oxygen for a time and her parents gave her up for adoption. My foster parents took her in and later adopted her.

    Meaning no offense, b.j., but, do you fall somewhere along the autistic spectrum? I’m often reminded of her when reading your posts. Just trying to understand you better.

  6. Reminded, John’s gospel re: ‘Pharisee’, whose name is capable conqueror over the religious people, capable ‘community’ organizer, over the Jews, even ruler also over Jews, not simply over Pharisees of Israel (had came to Jesus at night, heard said to him, if cannot comprehend earthly things, how can understanding of heavenly things be comprehended, either from nightly face to face, checking on the sobriety of one over the other, or in reading, writing, back and forth) ?
    Anyway, lets deal with issues of ‘earthiness’, from first Adam, first. Example: G-d IN THIS MANNER loved this world of both men and angels, He gave to it His uniquely begotten Son, that whosoever ‘believeth’ in ‘same manner’ of He also being lifted up (as Moses lifted up the ‘serpent’ in the wilderness)shall not perish, but have eternal life. For G-d sent not His Son into this world of both men, angels for to condemn all (of the already condemned) but that THIS one world’s created spiritual beings might be saved (from sure to come, real, & all human soul life ending fire, suddenly, that of it’s ‘entire heavens’, suddenly also effecting every sent angel, without soul life, clearly instructed as spiritual beings: ‘let all’, of G-d still, worship ‘this Uniquely Begotten’ Son, sent from heaven by Me in this manner) from it’s sure, sudden ending in separations by real FIRE. Hopefully by reading correctly II Peter 3, these ‘earthly things’ can be better understood in light of ENTIRE teachings (Torah, of G-d sent to teach, even very capable community organizers, briefly here, as ‘salt, light’, to the already ‘born again’, as was Nik

  7. Any still ‘catholic’ (Universal) minded in their attempted ‘conquering’ over ‘laity’, AWAY, from the REAL Person sent of G-d the F-ther, of HIS Holy Spirit, OF PROMISE, sent by G-d (aka: deeds of nicolaitanism, including attempts to reform, of what cannot ever be reformed, neither from it’s first Adam’s also ‘similitude’ of the sin of “earthiness”, that which so easily also beset first Adam, but not the SECOND, not LAST Adam) & now over 2,000 yrs., this buildup, ever since G-d’s ‘Uniquely’, ‘only’, ‘Begotten’, Son of HIS, was born HERE, of ‘virgin’ Mary, ‘THE Man’ FROM heaven, who is ‘IN heaven’, WHO CAME NOT TO CONDEMN (those who ‘believe’, are ‘twice born’, ‘made clean’ by the Torah WORDS, and of HIS teaching) might be extended life, even more abundantly, IN THE RESURRECTION of the flesh, from here, from these heavens suddenly on real separating FIRE, promised, both men and angels

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