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Dr. Brown takes your calls and answers your e-questions, including: Is dispensationalism true or false? How can we evaluate if an experience we have is really from the Holy Spirit? If major judgment is really coming to America, should we even pray against things like ISIS or Ebola? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The more people try to silence us, the louder we will shout and the more Jesus will be exalted; the bullying will backfire.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Now, like no time in our history, is the time to stand boldly in an unashamed way and to proclaim Jesus and the whole counsel of God.


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  1. Re: Houston pastors

    Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. It’s hard to believe this is happening in the United States of America.

    I was googling around yesterday and read somewhere that in addition to sermons, emails and text messages, the pastors were subpoenaed to turn over their diaries. I’m like, what?! Aren’t personal diaries and journals sacred? How is this request legal?

    This is a major dividing line that will bring persecution to Christians. It already has, but I think it’s going to get worse, so we need to stand firm.

  2. I found the subpoena request. It looks like they’re asking for everything but the kitchen sink.


    3. “Document” and “documents,” mean all documents and tangible things, in the broadest sense allowed by Rule 192.3(b) and comment 2 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, and include, but are not limited to, any writings, drawings, graphs, charts, photographs, phonograph records, tape recordings, notes, diaries, calendars, checkbooks, books, papers, accounts, electronic or videotape recordings, and any computer-generated, computer-stored, or electronically-stored matter that constitute or contain matters relevant to the subject matter of this lawsuit. The terms include, but are not limited to, emails, instant messages, text messages, or other responsive data or information that exists in electronic or magnetic form, and such responsive data should be produced pursuant to Rule 196.4 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

    4. “Communications” means every direct or indirect disclosure, receipt, transfer, or exchange of information, inquiry or opinion, however made, whether oral, visual, in writing or otherwise, including without limitation any conversation or discussion by means of letter, note, package, invoice, statement, notice, memorandum, inter-office correspondence, telephone, telegraph, email, telex, telecopies, text message, instant message, cable communicating data processors, or some other electronic or other medium.

    12. All speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor
    Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or
    approved by you or in your possession.



  3. If not mistaken, Jesus called aside his chosen disciples for ‘sermon on the Mount’. The crowds which temporarily came, went were not considered HIS followers (HE knew was in hearts of all men from Adam as “last Adam”, PERSONAL ‘partaker’ HIMSELF, of very same likeness of very same sinful flesh of first Adam, after the fall, as son of man, of Adam, Adam’s ‘Eve’). The elected officials of Houston, or any ‘city’ of today were not ‘elected’ by F-ther of Jesus. Not chosen to run the ‘city’ by Jesus, HIS doing only what HE sees F-ther doing, SAYING, IN ALL THINGS. When civil lawsuits enter the books, subpoenas become the way both sides can EXPRESS themselves timely, clearly, briefly, to the point for official recorded, even future discussion. Salt and light should comply (but with a disclaimer) what they are submitting is what ‘salt and light’ gives out to true followers of Jesus ONLY. Therefore, when used in court documents, it must make plain this is what was delivered to ‘followers of Jesus Christ’, but can be read by any and all desiring to understand what is being said in pulpits (and be glad the Mayor, or City Attorney did not ask the Mosques to join in on the discussion at hand)

  4. jon, It’s such a big book. I took up reading some shorter books, but hope to get back to it someday.
    If it were only 40 pages or so I think I would have read it all.

  5. Anita Dittman writes in her book, Trapped In Hitler’s Hell, that when the battle of world war II was pressing greatly upon the German soldier, the persecution became more severe upon the Jew.

    It seemed to me that Hitler tended to blame everything upon the Jew, didn’t he?

    I wonder if the gay agenda people will blame the Christian for everything?

    Both Hitler and the gay agenda are like two dark coins, similar in some ways, both going in a way of oppression and moral decay.

  6. Dispensations (‘economies’) of G-d, New Covenant, not to be ‘divided up’ by limited knowledge of man in general, who walks by ‘sight’ only, while briefly here on one tiny sphere only, not when Abraham’s faith was accounted unto him for his own righteousness, faith as to the ‘unseen’ (even of what he could not count (that which, of just one galaxy’s ‘milky way’ declared unto him for his ‘posterity’) & that especially of his ‘ONE SEED’, from ‘seeds of a entire Nation’ from him, down here, while looking up all the while, from briefly ‘journeying’ down here, always for a City whose ‘builder’, ‘maker’ is G-d, whom of also his ONE ‘SEED’ reminded ‘HIS own’ & those who would oppose HIM (our G-D is not the G-d of the dead, but of the living) Israel, it’s grain as a Nation alive’ & ABOVE, in a literal City ABOVE & in ‘the now’, in time, actual history, when was spoken by his most famous of ‘seeds’ of his grandson Jacob

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