An Update from a FIRE Missionary in Northern Iraq, and Dr. James White Talks about Debating Muslim Leaders in Mosques

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Dr. Brown speaks with Fabian Grech, a FIRE missionary serving in northern Iraq, then spends an hour with Dr. James White who shares his experiences about debating Muslim leaders in mosques in S. Africa and takes your questions on Islam. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In the midst of the chaos that’s taking place in the Muslim world, God is saving Muslims gloriously!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is moving in the Muslim world, and He’s looking for more and more laborers. You can get involved in a thousand different ways and you can pray for those on the front lines sharing the gospel.


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  1. Question for Dr. Michael Brown. I recently watched the video of the debate with you and Rabbi Schochet. Can you take an hour and discuss that debate and what has happened since 1995? You were young in that video, and I was suprised at just how well prepared you were at age 40. What have you learned in addition to that from 1995 to the Real Kosher Jesus? I think your listners would be very interested in the history since most of us did not know of you in the early phase. I would love to hear a show of the history of how this developed from your late 30’s to now. Finally what is the future of more debates?

  2. Re Rabbi Schochet- This Rabbi was very difficult to debate, he was very good and a tough, tough debate. He would not give you an inch of credit.

  3. Hi Dr Brown,

    I remember a caller (a gentile christian) who was commenting about visiting a Messianic Jewish Synagogue. I remember that she was a little upset because she heard and learned some things related to her faith that she hadn’t heard from her own church (I assume an evangelical church). Can you share what she may have been referring to, so that could it could enrich my faith also?

    God Bless,
    Glenn from Boston

  4. Since ‘debate’ here seems best proclaimed as chosen format coming from what is deemed as being ‘salt, light’ in this world (TO THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ?)in making use of today’s electronic advancements, especially how best to reach those Moslem clerics, also those Benny Hinn types, personality followers, ‘Strange’, or real Fire Conferences’ also more as personality followers, especially attempting (modern means) to reach greater audiences, et al, shouldn’t we have more ‘conferences’ scheduled (than individual debates, single, or para church personalities) simply dealing with FACTS that Paul has departed this world now, nearly 1950 years AGO, and we still have today seemingly ignorance (for example: cessation vs. continuation, yet without discussion of men/angels mix in this world sent by G-d to bring strong, increasingly ‘delusion’) identifying the meaning of “wolves”, yet both sides of ‘debates today’, not sparring already the ‘little’, ‘remnant’, as just tiny ‘trace element’ of all those ‘myriads’ of Jews (Acts 21) that ‘believed’, yet tiny ‘flock of sheep’, whom Paul was ministering unto, whom he had warned, saying that “UPON”, his departure ?

  5. Not sure what is truly meant by like “chewing on foil”, when one looks up to review the previous debate, i.e. Swaggart (which James White follows also in mosques, but must be referring ? to a far better ? or at very least, different approach ? than ‘Jimmy’ past) anybody ?

  6. ‘Chewing of foil’, seems at first re: ‘thirst quenching’ (analysis, apologetics especially, re: the cross of Jesus Christ ‘gospel’ of HIS death ‘hyper’, superior as to our similitude of all humans, from first Adam, ‘sins’). True salt, light, brings more ‘thirst’, but only to the already thirsty, already newly ‘re-born’. Hungry souls, seeking additional ‘garnishments’. along with remaining ‘clean’, by words within Torah (teachings) ONLY. The minute ‘apologists’ seem approach obvious ‘once born’ ONLY (be it ‘Jimmy’, or, now ‘James’ also, in ‘their mosques’, by invitation only) having rejected ONLY Torah (teachings, Old and New Covenants)unto ‘these’ remaining ‘unclean’ by choice, the ‘water’ of ‘life’ must show forth beginning with, remaining with ‘the gospel’ GOOD NEWS that Jesus Christ DIED ‘far beyond’ and far ABOVE, superior to all human sins, ON OUR BEHALF as offspring from Adam (and to those who deny HIS death, burial, resurrection BEFORE

  7. ..therefore also denying HIS now FULLY completed full ‘perfection’ (from those ‘days of HIS own temporal, full partaking of, exact ‘similitude’, & in very SAME likeness, of our ‘sinful FLESH’ of first Adam, FLESH all same, of all mankind, from first Adam’, all others here briefly still alive here, remaining in this same ‘temporal’ human flesh, blood, bones, on this tiny footstool ‘of HIS’, exception LAST Adam) they therefore also denying HIS current ‘Lordship’ over all, and hereafter at F-ther’s right hand, IN HEAVEN ONLY seating, OF NOW ETERNAL mercy offering, of HIS brand new PEFECTED CREATURE MAN’S BLOOD, ONE NEW MAN, for ‘man’s cleansing (not Koran described, nor ever known, by their own choice in prophets)

  8. M.B., Thanks so much for these reports and the challenges that are involved. Interesting citing Isaiah and the future shared faith from old Assyria through to Egypt. Of course the question arises, is this after the Return of Yeshua (Acts 3:21), or prior, and obviously how the truth of that matter would shape Daniel’s time of the end and people of understanding. You may wish sometime to interview Georges Housseny, of Boulder, Colorado, the translator of the modern Arabic Bible, who lived in Egypt as a Lebanese believer, prior to starting a mission to Islamic nations from this nation many years ago. He has some stories to tell regarding even this question.

  9. Acts 4:2 explains ‘the return’ preached is that of the ‘resurrection’ from the dead “and is being preached” now to the people, by the Disciples of Jesus, “and that thru Him” comes what was given them in their, the, ‘Covenant’, that of “all” the people’s ‘resurrection’, FROM THE DEAD (even as Daniel’s Torah Booklet, some however unto eternal damnation, some unto eternal life, but “all” must experience from here “resurrection” from the dead, “in THE FLESH” from here) !

  10. Acts 3:21 KJV ‘translators’ use to complement their own doctrine. that also of their earthly, earthy, king James included, still many, including the ‘Pentecostal’ Jimmy Swaggart which to James White is like chewing on ‘foil’, while the Pentecostal responds the non-Pentecostal is like ‘chewing on cardboard’, BUT BOTH still unto attempting ‘Reform’, from within, not ‘coming OUT’ TO LOOK at what from ‘without’ sees of that PROMISED BUILDUP OF ‘HARLOTRY’, WORLD WIDE & that WHICH CANNOT be ‘Reformed’ (KJV changing context, which required use of “UNTO”, as the ‘PLACE’ of a destination, rather KJV prepositional use as ‘in time’, as ‘until’, including claiming they must teach in Torah ‘the time’ of ‘restitution of all things’, rather than ‘PLACE’, of ‘destination’) for we know many Reformers looked, and still look for ‘restitution’ without resurrection ‘of the flesh’, many combine ‘rapture’ teaching of Paul to Corinthians (revealed only ‘afterwards’ Paul’s teaching to Thessalonians) the ‘mystery’ being that first, there must be a ‘catching away’, that of the human soul BODY, it’s complete first, of two, separations, first from initial life lived, first life “UNTO”, resurrection FIRST IN THE FLESH “unto” a second life (BEFORE any ‘mystery’, that of the FUTHER HIDDEN WITHIN spiritual BODY, within a separated human soul BODY, from a ‘next life’ IN THE FLESH, BEFORE, any becomes ELIGIBLE for instantaneous CHANGE, & that which ONLY the spiritual BODY can therefore become, eternally separated, ‘divided’ from the temporal also ‘soul BODY’)”UNTO” the ‘place’ of destination of human involvement in the ‘restitution’ of ALL things, even as was THAT destined, FIRST upon Messiah of Israel, HIS ‘RETURN’ into “HEAVEN”, the ‘place’, WHILE ‘time’ remains only in His F-ther’s hands.

  11. Lausanne ‘Covenant’ (as does Georges, of Boulder, Co., many others also follow) statement of faith includes disregard of Torah (teachings) clear message, the ‘kingdom’ of ‘HEAVEN’ will never be established on ANY earthly ‘footstool’ of Messiah (including this earthly footstool, especially, of His own cross). KJV scholars, hired, originally translating for the attempting Reformer ‘King James’, continued (as did Latin translators, before England’s attempt at their own Harlot Church buildup, against Rome, their ‘King’ also competing for who ‘shall be on His right hand, or on His left’ in a desired ‘earthy’, as in first Adam ‘earthly kingdom rule’ similitude of same sin in ‘pride’ of EARTHINESS (I Cor. 15:47). The REAL Messiah went to His own cross HERE in very same likeness of our very same ‘sinful FLESH’ of first Adam with a mandate from Heaven from which He came here, in power given Him individually by His F-ther in Heaven to ‘lay down His life’ AND to ‘take it back up again’ (dying ‘hyper’ our individual sins, far ‘superior’ ours, to ‘draw’ all Princes of this world under ‘law’, the same as were being used by them for to ‘chastise’ mere men ‘made’ in their image, yet far inferior to their anointing, intelligences, who had been under the ‘one Prince’ in which the ‘time had arrived’ for him to be ‘cast down’ from the surface of this tiny footstool ‘of Messiah’ of Israel, under their Prince, Michael). Michael, now in HEAVEN doing battle for our future IN RESURRECTION ‘of the FLESH’ from here, makes clear also Acts 3:21 use, by any earthy king, or his subjects, in original text ancient as found speaks of a ‘destination’ of ‘afterlife’ FROM OUR JOURNEY, FROM this tiny ‘footstool’ (FOR HEAVEN must receive Messiah of Israel ‘UNTO’ the time of restitution of ALL things). Messiah of Israel NOW “one NEW MAN”, under the command of the ‘will of His F-ther’ NOW at His right hand, is not to leave the NOW eternal ‘mercy seat’ IN HEAVEN, until ALL His enemies are made into His ‘footstool’ (eliminating this ‘footstool’ of His, for any to ‘be on His right hand, or His left’, instead, this ‘footstool’ prepared for ‘devil and his angels’, for sacred ‘feet’ of angels to keep upon their ‘necks’, these heavens suddenly ‘on real fire’ ending all human soul life for this ‘planetary dust sphere’, keeping the ‘will’ of His F-ther, to remain on the NOW eternal mercy seat, until not only past enemies, but present AND ALL FUTURE enemies also made unto His own ‘footstool’)

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