What’s Coming for America?

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Dr. Brown discusses prophetic words promising judgment and/or revival for America, gives further insights into the moral condition to the nation, and points the way forward in the Lord. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If it’s true that the broken state of the church is largely responsible for the broken state of the nation, the good news is as we turn back to God and get whole, wholeness can come to America as well.


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  1. John’s Gospel tells us Jesus (Who had ‘partaken’ in same likeness of OUR SAME ‘sinful OUTER TABERNACLE of temporal only FLESH’, as we all from Adam, the ‘fall’ of both Adam, our mother Eve, of all (including Messiah Jesus our Savior) natural living soul hidden within ‘body’, even now, the real me) knew therefore what was in the heart of ALL also likewise from Adam, Adam’s Eve, their ‘fall’ from Grace, once given both of them. (this HE is quoted before HIS interview with the ruler Nik, an ISRAELITE with quile, and not without as was Nathaniel) ‘At night’ came to Jesus, but who could not understand even earthly things, such as being lifted up as was the SERPENT in brass, & which later became their IDOLATRY figure. (culmintating, John 3:31-38) HE that cometh from ABOVE is (now having been fully perfected, now FROM ‘just as’ Moses had lifted up the ‘serpent’ on a pole, to right NOW, HIS BEING fully EXAHLTED now “on high”, even AT HIS OWN F-THER’S “RIGHT” HAND) BEING also NOW ABOVE ALL, also AS BRAND NEW (ONE NEW MAN) now THE truly, fully now PERFECTED, Lamb OF G-d, hereafter and forevermore from those days of OWN ‘partaking’ in same likeness of our same ‘sinful flesh’. John goes on to write we being of this ‘earth’, earthy are ‘earthy still’, speaking things promised as only to be applied first unto and of this earth, (RATHER than coming to HIM NOW, WHO IS ONLY ‘NOW’ ABOVE ALL, fully EXALTED from a man/child as we all also, of Adam’s Eve) and we keep on looking for the PROMISES to be fulfilled on this earth, RATHER than those heavenly PLACES, even as also HE left here for to go, prepare a place for HIS F-THER’S future CHOSEN BRIDE ‘for HIM’ UP there (NOTHING prepared down here BUT real fire, ending all human soul life suddenly, FROM HERE, unto our resurrection OF THE FLESH, up there, not at all down here, this always was expendable, footstool)

  2. Hi Dr. Brown,

    I like your analogy of good nutrition verses junk food with the real, pure gospel versus a compromised, cheap gospel. It reminds me of the verse about the little foxes that spoil the vines.

    If we’ve consistently made unhealthy choices in our diet, it will creep up on us, causing weight gain, tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, etc. The anemic, worldly gospel message you spoke of will do the same thing spiritually!

    Thank you for your ministry. May God continue to bless your words to the hearers so that they’ll bear fruit for His glory.


  3. A few ‘spotty’ revivals left in the time now here remaining? Maybe, but the later it gets on this tiny footstool, the sooner the end, the short lived, IN WHICH ONLY those few GENUINE PAST REVIVALS began by ‘lifting HIM UP higher’, but end, having reached that ‘nicolaitan’ ceiling, which caters to ‘earthiness’ of first Adam in ALL of us, not giving in to NEW COVENANT writers by the REAL Holy Spirit of Conviction, especially as to just ‘HOW HIGH’ HE HAS BECOME ‘EXHALTED’ SINCE those days of HIS OWN very same likeness, of our same sinful temporal ONLY flesh, from FALL of the first Adam. Sudden fire effecting all human soul life here in direct response to this, our initial only introduction to eternal existence, this tiny footstool’s lifelong influences of Adam’s FALL, the ‘laity’ (IN “NICOLAITANISM”) under those same leaderships allowing themselves first, then unto ourselves, for to be ‘conquered’ by a different spirit, even another ‘jesus’, ‘another’ gospel therefore, refusing to allow N.T. writers fully examined in their writings APART from multiple ‘translators’ attempts to ‘REFORM’, what otherwise cannot ever be ‘reformed’, but requires the truth seeker INSTEAD to COME COMPLETELY OUT from amongst them all (all, which the sudden end on THIS footstool is by REAL separating MOUNTAIN MELTING, ALL HUMAN SOUL LIFE ENDING, SUDDEN FIRE for purposes EXPRESSLY unto a next life from here in resurrection of the flesh (wicked from still intermediaries, intermediaries and wicked from remaining righteous, the righteous FOR ONLY TO TAKE “RIGHTFUL” PLACE IN NEXT LIFE FROM HERE, in resurrection of the flesh, OR they too must also attend the AFTERWARDS resurrection ALSO, that most ancient of Dragons loosing but ‘for a short season’ IN HEAVENLY PLACES, for to gather ALL WHO HAVE REFUSED TO ‘LIFT HIM UP’ AS HIGH, IN HIS OWN HUMAN now eternal EXALTATION, even as our NEW TESTAMENT writers by the REAL HOLY SPIRIT of PROMISE helps us to ‘overcome’ the ‘translators’, still in ‘first Adam’ earthiness, ‘conquerings over laity’ from LAST ADAM’s heavenly mindedness)

  4. I have always avoided religious radicals because of their antagonistic condemning approach, belittling and putting anyone who does not think the way they think, walk the way they walk, or talk the way the talk. They are usually so holy that they are no earthly good. However, I must say it is refreshing to hear someone who is radical for the work of Jesus and the cross that doesn’t not come across as holier than everyone else. Someone that is not trying to do God’s job for Him. (Being judge, jury and convictor) but someone who tell it like it as according to the Word of God without compromise and with the authority and boldness of God without being pompous. Thank you for letting God use you to speak out against immorality and heresy. Continue to STAND and let the world know the truth about the one and only true and living God who sent His son Jesus so that we can have life through Him. Do not compromise the work of GOD.
    Your sister in Christ
    You are in my prayers

  5. No doubt but that America is going toward judgment, fast heading in the direction of lots of trouble and remorse for it’s sins. I hope it soon stops and turns itself around, for good. It seems it is headed toward a fast dashing of itself upon the rocks.

  6. Glad to hear that you are taking some good steps in your health. Your travel is an immense tax on you, healthy choices will definitely help you keep on the air for years to come. .

  7. Michael, Thanks for the look-see at what various camps of believers hold to, and the inevitable shaking that must come, This would be the case, or the scriptures are not true and God is a liar. Who suffered when two Temples were destroyed, and reasons why are relevant to our Nation’s current condition and status. We must pray that good come out of the present confusion, and scattering of the Way of its once held as sacred Lord.

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