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Dr. Brown will take your calls and answer these questions: When Jesus gave up the ghost, did that refer to His human spirit or the Holy Spirit? How does Psalm 91 apply to our lives today? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I reflect on Psalm 91, I believe it means what it says. There is a place of refuge, protection, and safety in God.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You are who God says you are. More importantly, He is who He says He is; you can trust Him thoroughly to the end.


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  1. God does not promise us happiness in this life, neither happiness, nor success, nor good health. He may give these things to us, he may answer our requests for these things, but he does so only if, in receiving them, we grow in holiness. If they would not be beneficial for our souls, he would not give them to us, because he would not give us what would bring us to hell. Sickness can be God’s will for a person, because this life is only fleeting. Our true place is with our Father, in his home, not here. God will give suffering to those who are special to him, because, in suffering, the soul continuously seeks God and achieves sanctification. God’s perfect will for us is to be with him in Heaven, and he will give us what we need to get there, be it health or illness.

  2. Beloved ‘Gaius’, that you may continue in your prosperity (not that you became a believer for reasons to gain prosperity of wealth) and that your health remain ‘in tact’, even as your soul continues growing in it’s inward prosperity of the faith. But we write to warn of a ‘church LEADER’ (who will attempt to take advantage of you) and any existing prosperity in past, present or future financial gain (which you BEFORE coming to Christ, in genuine faith, were already prospering financially, and maintaining a healthy ‘outer tabernacle’ in blessings from G-d BEFORE coming to faith) NOT in desperation of outer trials in finances or health, but in desperation of the hidden inner soul BODY, the REAL you (III John)

  3. Prosperity it seems, may well be a gift that is best reserved for those that walk in the truth, for the sake of the truth.

  4. I was a part of many meetings where the one who spoke in a tongue was the one who interpreted, (see I Cor 14:27,28) and if he was not yet walking in interpretation of tongues, (giving no interpretation, falling short on walking out by faith in this manifestation) then he would be either worked with by someone afterward, and also be told to not speak in tongues in a meeting, if he wasn’t ready to interpret by walking out in faith in that manifestation.

    I’ve never been in a church meeting where one would speak in tongues and someone else stand up and give the interpretation, and I’ve often wondered if other churches do it that way, and how well that goes.

    It went very well for us to have the one who spoke in the tongue give the interpretation. (I Cor 14:13)

  5. (I Cor. 14:21, Paul connects Psalms 91, with MESSIAH of ISRAEL). In the teachings (Torah) ISRAEL’S MESSIAH would come into this footstool speaking in ‘stammering lips’, ‘another tongue’ (above any languages if ‘mere man on the Earth) but for all this, ISRAEL (whom MESSIAH came unto HIS OWN) would also not receive HIM or HIS cross. Pentecost being ISRAEL’s celebration of the LAW (within Torah) which was administered to ISRAEL by ‘angels’, brought ‘angels’ who came ‘sitting’ amongst the quorum (‘of 7’ necessary to call a public meeting of ‘HIS OWN’, ISRAELITES who were in center of the ‘upper room’, along with rest of the ‘Eleven’, also the women, children remaining as HIS chosen disciples, closest still. on Earth, connections). The ‘quorum’ of ‘7’ speaking in the language of those 7 (ministering) spirits of G-d sent unto them which had been ‘heard’ aloud as a mighty rushing Wind’ of the HOLY SPIRIT of Promise, spilled out ONTO close proximity of Jerusalem’s TEMPLE AREA, where ‘double’ the ‘7’ outer tabernacle ‘groups’ of outside Jerusalem visitors on that high HOLY DAY (being the only ones of the masses that Day) gathered by (like) SOUND of MIGHTY WIND of G-d, actually “heard” the ‘7’, ‘speaking’ in same HIGH HOLY LANGUAGE of own home town ‘tabernacle’ Priest when entering once a year, YOM KIPPER, HIGHEST, HOLIEST DAY OF THEIR YEAR AS ISRAELITES. We can therefore come to understand by ‘Torah’ (teachings) THAT praying for ‘interpretation’ of ‘tongues’ is ‘praying for the ANSWER’ coming back from HEAVEN when HEAVEN had been addressed UNTO the G-d OF ISRAEL (and not just any ‘god’, or ‘gods’ addressed, & NOT connected with THAT PECULIAR NATION OF ISRAEL while they were on this tiny FOOTSTOOL ‘of HIS’ following a G-D ‘which HEARS’ AND ‘ANSWERS’ their cries when in true sincerity and HOLINESS under ISRAEL only, Torah’s TEACHINGS). With all of now electronics, modern day, we would have, by now, a preserved ‘recording’ of any ‘speaking’ in the language ‘of angels’, that which would then be provable to also be a ‘known language’ of men on this tiny footstool ‘of HIS’ (without such ‘proof’, we can maintain with confidence MAKING CLEAR STILL FOR TODAY, TONGUES BEING THE LANGUAGE OF ANGELS, not of men, AND claimants in the ‘interpretation of tongues’ is in their claims NOT of what was said unto G-d, but that of only HEARING back from the G-d of the never ending NATION of ISRAEL and it’s teachings, FROM HEAVEN, including that of those teachings within ALSO IT’S LAWS, as NOW applied by TRUE MESSIAH of ISRAEL now at F-ther’s right hand, but NOW sent by F-ther OF MESSIAH’S SAME HOLY SPIRIT ‘TEACHER’ THROUGH OUT now, ALL ‘the BOOK’, ALL 66 COMPLETED booklets WITHIN one ENTIRE BOOK, of which ISRAEL, when HERE, on this footstool, were called those PEOPLE “of THE Book”, which contains THE LAW, but the LAW being not the TEACHER, instead TEACHINGS NOW WITH also NEW COVENANT IN JESUS CHRIST AS THE ONLY TRUE MESSIAH OF ISRAEL, NOW being fulfilled)

  6. I find it interesting to compare Psalm 91 with I Cor 14, because of the similarity of what I have heard from interpretation of tongues.

    Today it should not be unusual to hear something like:

    Make me your refuge daily, for I do deliver from snares of foulers and from the noisy pestilence that walks daily in this world. Don’t be afraid of their ways nor of their arrows. Though they may injure thousands around you, they need not harm you for the armor I’ve given you will protect you. Put it on. Learn of me, and I will give you rest. There is protection under my feathers and healing in my wings.

  7. ..and their ALSO all ‘heavenly promises’ ONLY, none earthly, as those still holding in hope of the ‘earthy’ (like in sin, ‘similitude’ of us all, still in first Adam, his known “earthiness”) requiring the coming of Messiah also unto becoming ‘partaker’ as we from Adam’s Eve, the bringing to an end to first Adam FALL from grace, AS “LAST”, meaning ‘last’ with none to follow, ONE truly “LAST” ADAM (the MAN from HEAVEN, and now back, NOW FULLY EXHALTED as “ONE NEW MAN”)

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