Reflections on Yom Kippur, Updates on Israel and Islam, and Your Jewish Questions

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Dr. Brown discusses the biblical and traditional background to the Day of Atonement, shares the latest news on Israel, the Middle East, and Islam, and takes your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: During this very sacred season on the biblical and Jewish calendar, it is a wonderful time for followers of Jesus to intercede for the salvation and repentance of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: No matter what sins you have committed however ugly, however horrific, however despicable, they were paid for on the cross. Turn to God through Jesus; He will forgive.


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  1. Because we cannot be perfected from sin in this world, no sacrificial system was ever pleasing to the G-d of ISRAEL. Hebrews 9:14 speaks of the cross as to the born again unto sanctification (entirely set apart from this world, drinking of the same cup as Messiah drank unto HIS own entire set apart, sanctification FROM this world). What is pleasing to the F-ther is becoming twice born in this world by dedication unto the slain, in sacrifice of dedication- MAY THIS HAPPEN TO ME, should I ever forget they laws. One twice born we are to follow MESSIAH unto entirely being set apart in complete, as in ‘it is finished’, ‘it is completed’ as to entire sanctification “from THIS world” entirely, including in it’s entirety, which includes of it’s sin. All manner against F=ther and Son of the F-ther of blasphemy CAN BE forgiven thru repentance, however if against HOLY Spirit cannot be forgiven regardless of new birth, entire sanctification, or still attempting old testament ‘sanctification’ temporary covering over of sins (until next set apart under law to seek TEMPORARY covering which LAW can only provide for the people. Therefore Hebrews 9:14 takes us to the ‘how much more’ shall the NOW (through the eternal SPIRIT, sent us of promise) regarding the NOW eternal also brand new Creature “one NEW MAN” blood of Christ, WHO offered HIMSELF without spot to G-d AFTERWARDS those days of HIS own ‘temporal flesh'(and of HIS own cross, drinking of that same ‘cup’ unto entire sanctification from this world) purge one’s CONSCIENCE from every dead work, any and all dead works, unto serving of the LIVING G-d WHO sits above the NOW

  2. The issue with contemporary Judaism is that, while there is the purgation of Yom Kippur, there is not a very firm foundation for the concept of repentance: that is, ceasing to sin, and making a point to turn away from sin in the future. To go to services on Yom Kippur, make atonement, and then return to a sinful lifestyle as soon as you exit the building, waiting for next year’s cup to fill up, this does not avail for your soul. I have known cultural / secular Jewish people who have had this attitude. It is quite sad.

  3. There can be no ‘purgation’ in celebration of Yom Kippur by any Nation on this Earth (nor by any individual on this ‘initial only’ life on this, or, any Earthly resurrection footstool far ABOVE) without Brand New Covenant full submission unto acknowledgment of sent HOLY SPIRIT of “promise”, comforting in announcement as Jesus of Nazareth now sitting upon NOW eternal mercy seat AS “one NEW man”, fully perfected from days of HIS own temporal flesh, blood, bones, BRAND NEW in form never before revealed, as ETERNAL ‘man’, NOW with eternal BRAND NEW flesh, blood, bones, now at HIS F-ther’s right hand, under command to never leave unless, until ALL enemies are made…(under only sacred feet by HIS angels upon necks of all, now, of the past, PRESENT, ALL FUTURE enemies)

  4. Nicholas, I have thought in this season the acrobatic spiritual moves the rabbi go through in order to bypass some of the requirements of the law. This is what the Messiah did away with when he came the first time.

  5. Yes, jon, and it is sad to see people living in darkness, even if they are well intentioned. There is something vacant in modern Judaism, there is an emptiness.

  6. The preaching of the cross ‘to the Jew’ remains a ‘stumbling’, because the reformed, or modern Jew, remains ‘once born’ only, by choice. Same as the cross of Christ as foolishness to the non-Jew (they remaining never having come to decision to say, when looking upon HIS cross, ‘may this also happen to me, should I ever forget THY teachings, THY teachings also re: THY laws contained within all 66 booklets OF ENTIRE Book, which ISRAELITES were once known as THE ‘people of THE Book AND MESSIAH OF ISRAEL CAME unto ‘HIS own’ also people OF THE BOOK). The cross of Messiah (Christ Jesus) was for HIS own entire sanctification, HIS OWN ENTIRE dedication, in separation from this world, also as Last Adam in ENTIRE sanctification from first Adam’s choice IN THIS FOOTSTOOL to fall from his heavenly F-ther’s grace also otherwise available to him FROM ‘IN BEGINNING’ OF these heavens and this Earth being ‘set apart’ unto it’s dispensations FOR G-D the F-ther (SOURCE) USE FOR HIS, AND HIS ALONE, PURPOSES. Obviously the cross of Christ is “hyper” (superior) over and above our human sins (since MESSIAH came to draw all ‘Princes’ of this world WHILE at same time ‘all men’ were not drawn, in fact were ALL scattered (leaving MESSIAH ALONE in HIS obedience to HIS F-ther IN HEAVEN, drinking of the ‘cup’ HIS F-ther desired of HIM to drink, of ENTIRE sanctification FROM THIS EARTH, ENTIRE separation from the ‘earthiness’ of first Adam, and ‘FINISHING’ any human thoughts or desires to have this tiny FOOSTOOL as any place for ANY rule, or reign, of any type HEAVENLY kingdom OF THE F-THER, OR on behalf of, or for the F-THER of all spirits and lights (including BOTH Adams who were ‘partakers’ as all men in very same likeness of very same sinful flesh of fallen first Adam, even as first Adam’s ‘Eve’ also had become FALLEN FROM GRACE otherwise which came in LAST Adam). The cross of Christ is a stumbling, and still foolishness to the ONCE BORN ONLY because it is for the TWICE BORN to ‘look upon’ unto entire DEDICATION from what otherwise the entire world remains in the similitude of the same ‘sin’ of first Adam (his “earthiness”).

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