Dr. Brown Confronts the HRC, Catches Up On the News, and Takes Your Calls

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Dr. Brown will make a special announcement to hate-spreading Human Rights Campaign and will share his insights on the latest news and developments and take your calls and questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s not hate to say God did not intend a man to be with a man; it’s not hate to say the world’s best mommy is not a good daddy. That’s love, that’s truth, and that’s Bible!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s not surprising to see unbelievers walking in unbelief and to see those who have been blinded acting blindly. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit would open their hearts and minds to His love and goodness.


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  1. Wow! The caller Trace (sp?) has a powerful testimony! Hopefully he can get his story out there. Gay men need to hear him.

  2. BTW, the quote from Alexis de Tocqueville was actually wrongly attributed to him. I joined a host of others (including Bill Clinton) who got that wrong — despite checking some background sources before quoting it. I appreciate a listener bringing it to my attention!

  3. Michael (and team!), as I was listening to the beginning of the broadcast tonight, the thought came to my heart how *refreshing* it is to have light broadcasting straight through the thick darkness of our confused times!

    God bless, and keep shining your light! Christ one day will APPEAR, and what a glorious appearing that will be, in the sight of all flesh.


  4. This hope of HIS ‘APPEARING’ needs not require MUST take place down here in this initial only life to be lived out (‘promises’ given being not limited any one particular tiny, or larger dirt sphere amongst what Abraham was told, try, but he could not count, & became a ‘friend of G-d’, over above, ONLY ‘CREATOR’ of all spirits, all LIGHTS)

  5. Jesus answered HIS disciples re: end of the age (this world for human soul life) “LIKE” days of Sodom, “LIKE” days of Noah. Both together have described for all, coming ‘wrath’ of the Lamb as was ‘wrath’ of HIS F-ther on dirt city Sodom, on dirt cities of people in Noah’s day. Both had in common all the PEOPLES needed to be “separated” eternally (the righteous from the intermediaries, both the righteous and the intermediaries from the wicked, even more divisions within these three groups of all PEOPLE who ALL have been also made ‘lower’ than the ‘angels’, the WRATH of the Lamb comes against those who have listened to these ‘angels from heaven’, sent with a different gospel, another ‘jesus’, by a spirit OTHER than the real HOLY SPIRIT sent here, EVEN AS THESE ANGELS HAVE BEEN SENT HERE BY G-d, & to ‘delude’ those willing to come under ‘delusion’ of these angels who had already left their ‘first estate’ IN HEAVEN, before being sent down here (II Thes. 2). When one combines these days past, both the heavens on fire down upon Sodom AND the waters again covering the earth of Noah’s day, creates a devil’s hell (lake of fire) for these angels sent here AND for a future tossing of the ‘devil’, specifically his messengers FROM HEAVEN also down after he is loosed IN HEAVEN after a millennium (final of the 7 millennium plan of G-d after the fall of first Adam on this tiny foostool of which this world is made up of both fallen human beings made ‘lower’ than the ‘angels’ AND THE ANGELS sent here over the length of this planet’s AGE

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