Another Best of Show: Dr. Brown Interviews Oxford Professor John Lennox and Takes Your Questions

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown will interview Dr. John Lennox, a brilliant mathematician and scientist from Oxford University, and a committed Christian who fearlessly takes on the New Atheists. In the second hour, Dr. Brown will be answering your questions! Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.



Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In light of the awesome care of an awesome God, who created this universe, and all of us so diligently, beautifully, and masterfully, don’t think for a minute that He doesn’t have a specific plan for your life. What is the will of God for you? How can you bring Him maximum glory!


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: How has this year been for you? Have you been living up to your expectations in God? Did you live up to God’s expectations for you? If not, finish the year strong. Let’s do it and live it for the glory of God!



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  1. Honesty, Integrity, and Constancy, for example are part of the plain language of mathematics isn’t it? These things then, are like the lines of a fingerprint of the Almighty, are they not?

  2. There’s another John (taken from this tiny footstool by a ‘fellow servant’ thru an ‘open door’ into heaven from here) and was shown even the ‘death’ of this entire Planet (one who actually witnessed from a distance the death of his Messiah and was told from the cross ‘behold thy mother’, Mary, Miriam, your own mother Salome’s full sister). John, Apostle, brother of James, foundational followers Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who would lose his older brother to a martyrs death just over 10 yrs. from Messiah’s cross, for his own comfort as to suffering in this tiny ‘footstool’ (earth “is MY footstool”) that resurrection is planned out to include other footstools (besides this tiny ‘copy’ only, of those ‘heavenly dirt patterns above’) being shown (by this sent messenger, angel and fellow servant to John on Patmos) not only the death of a planet we are familiar with, but on it’s journey (with no more sea) unto it’s own assigned ‘black hole’ and extreme density holding the ‘galaxies’ uniform in their expansion, never ending, one from another. As to the suffering of Christ’s cross, the context of HIS ‘being lifted up’ first time BEFORE ‘lifted up’ entirely by a ‘bright cloud of bright angels totally hidden from the Eleven, including John, WAS SO THE ‘PRINCE’ of this world, can be judged as an eternal being also, eternally, and that ALL ‘Princes of this world’ would be drawn to HIS cross (later to say, had we known, WE would never have crucified the Lord of Glory). Making it clear, the cross is part of history of this FOOTSTOOL in which the actual described one ‘Prince’ over all other Princes of this world WAS TO BE JUDGED, CERTAINLY MAKING THIS FOOTSTOOL A PLACE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE not for a future kingdom rule, but making sure no rival kingdom rule can ever take place on an expendable footstool (we ALL, also from first Adam’s ‘Eve’, ‘mother’ of all natural living soul BODIES, including all believers, all non-believers, mathematicians, apologists, teachers, et al, enlightened in last of last days post enlightenment age nearing sudden promised END for all soul life from Adam’s ‘Eve’ here, have ‘hope’ thru Abraham’s ‘kind of faith’ observing the precision of what he could not ‘count’ above, and believing G-d where his posterity would spend eternity far beyond this expendable tiny ‘copy’ footstool, IT’S DESTINY BEING DEATH OF A PLANET and certainly not any place for G-d to build HIS literal, visible kingdom upon)

  3. As whosoever believeth in HIM as surely having by necessity to believe in HIS by necessity also, to be “exalted” back to heaven, from here (Jesus, in dialogue with Niko-Demas, Ruler amongst Jews, at night, all of which leads up to famous verses 3:15,3:16,3:17 of “GOSPEL” of John) afterwards of those ‘earthly things’ told Demas, of HIS first being lifted up as did Moses, which had become an idolatry later, unto them (speaking of HIS own future cross bearing results ON also, this earth)
    again all of which makes all the more this earth expendable UNTO dirt patterns above, ALSO BEYOND those other footstools ABOVE, even far beyond heavenly Paradise, above ‘third’ heavens above.

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