Dr. Brown’s Exclusive Two-Hour Interview with Jonathan Cahn

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Dr. Brown comes your way live from Singapore with an exclusive two-hour interview with Jonathan Cahn, author of the NY Times Bestseller The Harbinger, as they discuss his latest bestseller, The Mystery of the Shemitah. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The trumpet is sounding; the ram’s horn is blasting. Do you hear the call? It’s wake up time; it’s repentance time. While there’s breath, there’s hope!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: At the beginning of the Jewish New Year, the biblical Feast of Trumpets, are you hearing the shofar blast? Are you personally turning to God in a time of awakening? If not now, when?


This week, Dr. Brown is offering best selling author Jonathan Cahn’s new book The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, the World’s Future, and Your Future! and Dr. Brown’s 90-Minute interview with Jonathan Cahn on the Line of Fire Radio, for only $25! Postage paid! (US Only) Online Here!

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  1. I am now reading this book for the second time. The mystery of the Shemitah if proven true which I believe is not something for wall street in the future. This would only trivialize this Sabbath. This is a mystery that is finally unraveled at the very end, not to be a market timer for the future in the stock market or whatever. I believe that Dr. Brown can start challenging Rabbi Shmuley that the Messiah will return on time and on target just like Yeshua did 2000 years ago. This is fact as Cahn presents so well in this book is the final act.

  2. Church in the City Beth Abraham in Denver was financed to take over the building in the original Jewish synagogue and become a one new man congregation on the same day as the largest stock market drop in history.

    Dow falls 777 points, biggest one-day drop ever

    Article by: TIM PARADIS , Associated Press
    Updated: September 30, 2008

    This church was financed at 5 pm (last minute) on this date. God let’s fall and builds his kingdom at the same time. Check this fact with Michael Walker or Stew Lieberman the pastor’s of this church.

  3. financial markets correlate with ANYTHING and everything INCLUDING sunspots – but correlation doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, Cahn is doing something which is called “data mining” just like the disciples: when they look back on the hewbrew scriptures everything is pointing to Jesus. “hmm ch 14:13 – i think this is a cryptic reference to Jesus” they will say. same with Cahn he’s doing the same thing: if you look for correlations with some Jewish month or Jewish day you will find it or manufacture it. or it could just be pot luck. furthermore collapses in prices are they “bad”? there is nothing bad in of itself: market crashes are great, in fact, WONDERFUL if you are “shorting”, and it’s great if you wanna go long on the cheap….i reject Cahn’s Shemitah theory, with respect to financial markets entirely.

  4. I do not reject it at all, for the very church I am going to is a miracle in it’s own right. The Jewish roots of the faith is indeed the revivial that started as being labled the Jesus fad in the 1970’s. Michael Brown is himself from this revivial that started in 1967 and now he and other Jewish beliver’s are leading Chrisianity today. Jesus comes back with this class of the 70’s greeting him!!! We are today now much like the first Christians 2000 years ago in how we believe because of the roots of our faith. Thank you God for your faithfulness.

  5. Ben, I will add I am just kidding about timing the market for profit. I do not think that finally this Shemita is a trivial thing. Now that people know it is there is only further proof in my opinion that we are at the end here. This is not for market timing, or any other trivial matters. This is the facts being blown off the foundation to reveal the hand of God in his Sabbath. It makes sense now that the universe is still under the sabbath, even though this ant hill has now idea that it exists.

  6. Scientists (now dead, Russian, American, Middle East Jews, divided up after WW II) warned ‘holes’ upward ‘paths of least resistence’, when far too many ‘megatons’, in two or more locations, in (for example any exchange in ‘one hour’, & half hour first strike, immediate then response) when especially advanced delivery systems future, yet developed intercepting systems before hitting of ground targets, WILL SET THESE ENTIRE HEAVENS on real fire. Our heavens consisting of the earth’s tiny ‘sphere’, it’s highly inflammable materials which could be set on real fire, would apply the pressure necessary, capable of melting all hills, mountains, returning this earth to again become entirely covered with average approximately 20 ft. water as it exist TODAY. Yes, a ‘lake of fire’, but John taken into heaven thru ‘open door’ looked back to see ‘first heaven, first earth’ later into complete NEGLECT, this ‘lake of fire’ being example only UNTO maximum confinement in separations ON IT’S WAY TO IT’S OWN ASSIGNED ‘black hole’ (blackness of ‘darkness’ FOREVER, entirely separation by Creator of the entire Universe, wicked FROM intermediaries, MORE importantly both wicked and intermediaries from the righteous ! Our G-d is an ALL consuming REAL fire (THE G-d of Israel’s given ‘threshing floor’ concept is far beyond simply timed ‘market crashes’ or ‘world-wide’ financial adjustments.

  7. The history of plague in this tiny footstool is more likely to lead up to these ‘heavens’ on real fire (than mere financial ups and downs where smart people can trade up, trade down regardless, making money and the 1% gap with the 99% only gets wider selling short, selling long) in which Sola Scriptura makes clear when THESE heavens SUDDENLY all human soul life ending, MOUNTAIN MELTING REAL FIRE, both ‘rich and poor’, ‘bond and free’ make up this entire footstool FINALE UNTO each and every soul unto their own order of RESURRECTION of the flesh, AWAY FROM this tiny EARHLY FOOTSTOOLM even FUTURE BRIEF example lake of fire maximum confinement, for ‘devil and his messengers’ to be tossed down from heaven, on top of already ‘beast and false prophet’ (aka:angelic king, prince, of ancient Tyre’) until as John from HEAVEN saw this first heaven and first earth in complete NEGLECT, out of orbit, nor more sea, on it’s way toward it’s own assigned ‘blackness of darkness’ forevermore.

  8. If we insist there is a pattern revolving around a “Shemitah” whose count is determined by “Rosh HaShanah”, why are we wanting to claim the pattern has is because of “God’s Calendar” when it is actually because of the “Rabbis Calendar”?

    If the beginning of the year is in Spring, why is the “Shemitah” being determined by “Rosh HaShanah”?

    I just looked it up, and here is what Nehemiah Gordon, a Karaite Jew, has to share about the so-called (un-Biblical) “New Year” (Rosh HaShanah) happening in September-October:

    “It is outright bizarre to celebrate Yom Teruah as New Years. This biblical festival falls out on the first day of the Seventh Month. However, in the context of Babylonian culture this was perfectly natural. The Babylonians actually celebrated Akitu, New Years, twice every year, once on the first of Tishrei and again six months later on the first of Nissan. The first Babylonian Akitu celebration coincided with Yom Teruah and the second Akitu coincided with the actual New Years in the Torah on the first day of the First Month. While the Rabbis proclaimed Yom Teruah to be New Years, they still recognized that the 1st day of the ‘First Month’ in the Torah was, as its name implied, also a New Years. They could hardly deny this based on Exodus 12:2 which says:

    ‘This month shall be for you the beginning of months; it is first of the months of the year.’

    The context of this verse speaks about the celebration of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which falls out in the First Month.”

    More at: http://www.nehemiaswall.com/yom-teruah-day-shouting-became-rosh-hashanah

  9. Dan1el,

    It is pretty obvious that this rulings of the rabbis is another instance of making YHWH’s commandments of none effect by their traditions and commandments of men. That said, the Jubilee is announced on the 10th day of the seventh month (Yom Kippur). It may be that the Jubilee year does run from fall to fall. It makes mathematical sense according to how long the produce will last. See Lev. 25. This may be where the idea to start all years in the fall originated with the rabbis…or maybe it was from Babylon. Either way it is not scriptural.


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