Thoroughly Jewish Thursday Live from Singapore

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Dr. Brown is coming your way from Singapore again with Jewish insights, Israel-related updates, and answers to your Jewish and Hebrew questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As we look at the prophetic Scriptures there’s ambiguity, there’s question, but one thing is clear; Jesus is Messiah!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Although there is craziness in the world, God’s purposes will triumph!


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  1. 46 yrs Herod’s Temple building (with ‘NSA’ date blood moon night of Passover cross of Jesus Christ, April 3, 33 A.D.) suggests Herod the Great OFFICIALLY began 0016 B.C. total 49 yrs. separated within 70 wks. Daniel re: Jerusalem.
    As to better understanding of Jesus to John ‘the violent take it by force’ now that Law, Prophets were UNTIL John (Jordan baptism, Jesus) TAKES OUR ATTENTION TO THE HEAVENLY JERUSALEM ABOVE ! Also as to the ‘soma’ (natural hidden within humans since ‘Eve’, SOUL ‘bodies’, real person WITHIN) used to describe WHERE the ‘Saints’ with names on graves opened from Earthquake, April 3, WHERE SEEN now in HEAVENLY JERUSALEM (therefore within the 69 weeks, leaving 1 week ISRAELITES here on this tiny FOOSTOOL of promised ‘tribulation’ unto 70 A.D.). As to what was ‘cut short’ so no flesh of any Jews left ? We can see beyond 70 A.D. and Israelite tribulation, 3 yrs. beyond 70 wks. of the ISRAELITE Daniel, as to NON-Israelite Jews in their continuing ‘tribulation’ on this tiny FOOSTOOL, allowing the re-gathering TODAY of Jews of Abraham, but we cannot say includes any of Israel still not yet come unto the clear promise of ‘left down here’ WITHOUT either ‘root’, nor ‘branch’ (certainly HOWEVER Jesus verified thru John Baptist, and the graves OF SOULS seen ABOVE in the HEAVENLY Jerusalem, NOT confused with NEW Jerusalem, thus fulfilling Daniel the ISRAELT prophesy concerning him, and just where his lot in last days takes place). We can therefore believe further THESE HEAVENS ON REAL FIRE makes impossible his own personal resurrection WOULD BE DOWN HERE in this world here BELOW, when he certainly knew when in captivity, ALWAYS ‘two’ Jerusalem cities in mind

  2. hi mr bjstone thank you for yoru comments – i find your prose extraordinarily difficult to read, not just here but in previous threads as well. i suspect that i am not the only one. chrs, Ben

  3. b.j.,

    I personally find your posts either too long or too short, and I not sure which.

    If you could compact your above post into 5 lines, what might you say, and if you were to expound upon what you said above and put it into 50 or more lines, without going on to a new thread, what might it say?

  4. We can KNOW, NOT simply ‘guess’, Daniel’s 70 weeks were never ‘cut short’, all 70 being now fulfilled UNTO ISRAEL only (not Jews from Abe, Adam, not Gentiles from Adam in general) Daniel will have his ‘lot’ in the 7th DAY, and not afterwards with rest of the dead which lived not again UNTIL…..(end of the 7th millennium afterwards 7,000 yrs., G-d’s FIRST dispensation 7,000 yrs. dealing with fall of first Adam) but is ONLY THE ‘first’, WHILE REST OF THE DEAD MUST WAIT THEIR OWN ORDER OF RESURRECTION, by F-ther of ALL ‘spirits’ and ‘lights’).

  5. Here’s the ‘5 liner’. Scripture is ‘worded’, such a way, that “IF” Daniel, should he, ‘NOT take’ his ‘rightful’ PLACE, in first resurrection, must then face with all others their promised ‘general resurrection’ orders, coming from F-ther ONLY !

  6. There can be only ‘one’ 7 yr. tribulation period during those total 70 weeks of years. Take we our, or your ‘pick’, at one’s own risk, as to already past ? or still ‘future’ ? Daniel was told ‘days’ plural ‘alloted’ him, leaving him also still ‘free-will’ eternally, as ‘taking his RIGHTFUL place’ in promised first resurrection.

  7. As to the ONE ‘finale’ GREAT trib., never before, never again SO GREAT, it CANNOT happen (according to 70 wks. of Daniel prophesy) until ‘rest of the dead’ which LIVED NOT AGAIN until (end ALSO of Daniel’s first ‘allotted time’, for to take his rightful PLACE before end of ‘first dispensation’ totaling 7,000 yrs., since FALL of first Adam.

  8. As to first ‘posting’ above, Jesus prophesied ONE great Tribulation only, FOR “ISRAELITES”, ending with THEIR earthly Temple destroyed, in which Herod’s 49 yrs. of ‘rectangle’ ONLY, designed temple was finished, WHEN according to Josephus was modified before being destroyed, 70 A.D., having last days before 70 A.D. BECAME a Jewish ‘Temple SQUARE’, in true LAW within Torah.

  9. And maybe for some, Scripture records the reader, (in the year of our Lord OF the year of HIS death by Princes of this World, using mere ‘pawns’ of theirs, now more and more wicked, while lessors in intelligence, mere fallen ‘men’ from Adam) it was said to Jesus, “40 & 6 yrs.” this ‘rectangle Temple’, now on our sacred ‘Mt. Moriah’, HAS BEEN rectangular in it’s construction and dedicated as such NOW for a full 46 yrs.

  10. As to ANY seeing ‘physical outer flesh temporal tabernacles if neb (outer tents of flesh of ISRAELITES) walking around down here, in this Jerusalem BELOW ? It was their SOUL hidden inner real “bodies” which left this dust to dust outer tent, before their names were then put on those tombs within Jerusalem’s City burial grounds, now split wide open, 33 A.D., April 3, ‘earthquakeS’, which shook up Roman GUARDS, especially one in charge, ALONG WITH DARKNESS which fell over them, those first of two DAYS of DAYlight feast of Passover celebrations serving millions (Josephus says about 250 thousand lambs slain, ONE per household, up to family average over 14 upward)

  11. The ‘caller’ had called into the ‘program’s moderator, this thoroughly Jewish ‘Thursday,’ graciously being conducted, again far away, already Friday nearing 3 a.m. then there: “please give some thoughts” on Daniel’s 70 wks. of years, ESPECIALLY re: those 49 yrs., or ‘seven weeks’ of yrs. described ‘within’ total of 70, mind you, middle a.m., on subject already great volumes already been written in attempted ‘commentary’ briefly within one Chapter only, of the great Book

  12. Seventh Herod ‘prevailed’ to “strengthen” (finishing of the Temple covenant) unto the one week. In the middle of week, he caused daily sacrifices to cease. Marcus (Agrippa II) seems fulfilling description ‘spoken of by Daniel’ as stated by our Lord, for this tiny earth’s last FORERUNNER unto final ‘man of sin’ in which full fulfillment on this earth seems not at all probable (Daniel’s lot in last days unto FINAL, greatest tribulation EVER, never another again, Satan is ‘loosed’ in heaven, after first thousand resurrection years is finished, UNTO his ‘FINALE’ FROM heaven to earth’s footstool, LAKE OF FIRE maximum confinement beginning of eternal separations from ‘desires being like’, most High).

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