Reflections on the Anniversary of 9-11

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Dr. Brown shares his heart about the horrific evil manifested in the 9-11 attacks, about redemption and hope that can come out of strategy, and about the real possibility of life coming out of death and restoration coming out of tragedy. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is a redeemer. He brings comfort out of mourning. He brings life out of death. He brings hope out of hopelessness. Put your trust in Him, and give your life to Him more radically than those who gave their lives for evil.


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  1. The ‘hatred’ of ‘dominate’ Cain nature peoples, of today, AGAINST Abel, NOW all out against that ONE ‘righteous BRAND NEW CREATURE’ ALIVE ‘MAN’, FROM Nazareth, now TODAY, IN HEAVEN, ONE, THE ONLY, REAL “ONE NEW MAN”, THE real Jesus, who came to HIS OWN “ISRAEL HERE BELOW”, now in these times of the Gentiles, HIS true followers (real TRUE followers with THE only TRUE message, ONLY TRUE ‘gospel’) other than competing, joining of THIS ‘world’, looking for a Temple here ‘below’, on THIS tiny footstool, to reign especially financially HERE BELOW, over massive poverty always to remain UNTIL THESE HEAVENS ON REAL FIRE ENDING OF ALL SOUL LIFE OF BOTH HUMAN POVERTY AND HUMAN WEALTH TOGETHER IN THIS WORLD, especially, Twin Towers ONCE CONSIDERED major representation of that ‘rivalry’ FOR SOME (mainly offspring of Japeth and Seth, two older brothers of Ham, to continue attempting domination this world’s WEALTH ? We can say, however, from Sola Scriptura, HARBINGER of 9/ll from HEAVEN is not about finances, NOR ups, downs of American ‘stock market’, trading still below the once Twin Towers (rather it’s about the individual HIDDEN INWARD SOUL OF all human beings on this tiny footstool, AS TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH ONLY F-THER, of that ONE “NEW MAN”, their ‘conscience’ either accusing them, or excusing them, WHILE DOWN HERE, in this ‘brief’, but only ‘first life’ to be lived out in the flesh in which one’s ‘best life NOW’ can become their ‘worst life then’ WHEN THESE HEAVENS no longer allow any human soul life continuances DOWN HERE below, not even for a Temple or City here below, whose builder and maker is ‘fallen man’ ONLY !

  2. You will find the teaching of Jonathan Cahn with a 9/11 link to be the kind of odds that will stagger the human mind. It all gets linked together, and I am thankful for the opportunity to support this ministry in such a time as this. There is also much excitement and optimism in our future as we look back and reflect somberly on this harbinger.

  3. The thing that I think about is this, that if extremists will fly passenger jet airliners into well inhabited buildings like those, will Islamic extremists use nuclear weapons if they have them?

    And I wonder too, whether or not this plot took into consideration the type of construction of those twin towers, or did it ‘just so happen’ that each floor fell as a unit upon the one below, and so on, and so on?

    I thought I heard Mark Levin say on the radio today that there was no mention made of ISIS in a very recent speech by the president.

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