Walking in the Fear of the Lord

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Dr. Brown talks about the meaning of the fear of the Lord in the Bible, then shows the promises that are given to those who walk in reverential fear, also taking your Bible and theology-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.



Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The man or woman who walks in a healthy, reverential fear of the Lord need not have any other fear. It is a place of blessing, safety, and refuge.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There’s a reason that the Bible says the fear of the Lord prolongs life. The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life; find out why!


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  1. I have a book where a man talks about the fear of God as the favor of God. Yes, walking in the fear of God can be walking in the favor of God, but the two are not exactly the same. We often want his favor and think we have it, but let’s not forget the fear of God.

    I sometimes think of the fear of God as faith. I believe they are closely related, for both cause a man to act responsibly because of something revealed about God.

  2. Annias and Sapphira, (the one% BELIEVERS of their day amongst the other 99%) obviously had been listening to those earliest of N.T. (so called ‘prophets’) attempting to reach out to the ‘rich’, prophesying of ‘financial disaster coming’, effects the 99% far more than the those one ‘percent’, WHEN IN FACT Old Testament Prophets NEVER DID as these ‘new’ (still doing today, NOT telling the TRUTH unto ALL about G-d’s unchangeable 7,000 yr. [plan since Adam’s fall] ENDING of all soul life on this tiny FOOSTOOL ‘of HIS’ UNTO A FINAL 1,000 YEARS in that promised FIRST ‘resurrection’ [lockup of most ancient of Dragons IN HEAVEN] unto the ‘grain’ of ISRAEL [OF WHOM ANANIAS, Sapphira, proved instead of also believing ISRAEL, but of it’s ‘tares’ only, FOUND in that exampled ‘threshing floor’, EARLY on]

  3. This was a MUCH needed message!! Thank you for your continued service in speaking out the Biblical truths!!

  4. So why so little fear of God in the Church today?

    It seems to me that one reason is because we are so far from him in our understanding and maybe our walk also.

    I’ve often wondered about our worship. It seemed to me many times in the past, that when it seems like there’s a line that would bring us near to him in godly worship, in the next line we move away from him.

  5. I just listened to something one caller said about pastors being afraid to step on anybody’s toes.

    There’s something that came up about a church that had some trouble between some congregants and it’s head pastor, and I was amazed to find out that so soon the church is talking about closing up, and it’s because of finances which dropped because of all the trouble, and it’s been such a short time of this trouble.

    Apparently they were under a budget that required steady money coming in every week, and as soon as this was disturbed, it fell into serious financial trouble.

    So it began to dawn on me how much of a hold money can have on a church.

    So money, mammon, the handling of it, the apparent need for it, letting it get such a hold on a church may be another reason we don’t see as much fear of the Lord manifest in churches today.

    Some might be so afraid of “rocking the boat” for financial reasons, (perhaps those on church boards who oversee money, or work on budgets?) that we seldom take necessary risks to purify ourselves of things, or do things that would help wake us up about something that either is wrong that is going on, or maybe something that should be going on that isn’t.

    And hearing of this church going down so fast (apparently) from the things I’ve read, I couldn’t help but think of the song by Gordon Lightfoot about the Edmond Fitzgerald.

    This was called a “megachurch”, perhaps as these things go, bigger than most, but does anyone know where the ministry of reconciliation goes once the waves go over the railing?

  6. Just 1 more say, for the day (for 80 yr. YOUTH birthday boy, with new electronic portable wonder birthday toy) wasn’t raised charismatic, but at first corporate worship was to make G-d ‘proud’, that is of our sacred ‘order’, ‘self control’, AS LATER in ‘charismatic’ seemed for all ‘goose bumps’ we could get for ourselves, to more, the better, but found Biblically ‘corporate worship is with the angels’, who are mandated to worship the Son “let all the angels of G-d worship HIM”, WHILE THE SON mandated us to worship HIS F-ther in heaven. SEEMS one is just a curious about the other WHEN COMING TOGETHER in ‘corporate’ gatherings TO WORSHIP (BOTH, of G-d, & in all reverential FEAR of the ‘ONE Who’ created that ‘one whom; even the great Michael, Arch Angel of ISRAEL said, “the LORD rebuke you”, not bringing railing accusation of any kind himself !

  7. If one confesses with their mouth (or, other means communication with others) the Lordship of Jesus Christ NOW in heaven at F-ther’s right hand, NOW seated on the NOW eternal heavenly only mercy seat, same as ‘sprinkling’ of now ETERNAL blood (the temporal only on earth was never to be removed if sprinkled upon the temporal mercy seat by the High Priest) in which ONLY HIS F-ther can make HIM just anyone’s actual personal Lord and Savior, WHILE BELIEVING IN THE HEART THAT G-D HIS F-THER, THRU HIS F-THER’S SENT HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE, HAS RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD all the way to brand new creature ‘man’, never before existed as “first born from the dead”, & as NOW “one NEW MAN”, “first” of many brethren yet to become like HIM, in eternal flesh, eternal bones, & eternal BLOOD, “FULLY PERFECTED” unto the NOW, & FULLY perfected from HIS brief Earth days only, of HIS OWN temporal (likeness of very same partaking of very same sinful flesh as all from Adam’s fall as LAST Adam) NOW the “PERFECT LAMB”, eternal NOW in the heavens EVER now to make ‘intercession’ with the F-ther concerning whom the F-ther chooses as HIS potential FUTURE Bride (which is by far so very different simply Old Testament ‘atonement’, or ‘propitiation’, even ‘expiation’ TEMPORARILY of the sin which so easily besets us while here on this initial only introduction to eternal existence somewhere in the vast never ending, ever-expanding MATERIAL Universe) WITHIN HIS creation of all spirits, all lights, even of the blackness of darkness over 90 % matter holding all things uniform in it’s never ending expansion

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