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Dr. Brown will cover some of the latest crazy news (including accusations that Israel created ISIS) will comment on major world news and events, and will take your calls and questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We do live in a world where the people of this world have gone mad. We’re surrounded by craziness, sin, and unfaithfulness; all the more do we shine bright against the backdrop of darkness.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The word of God cuts to the core of our being, cuts through emotion, cuts through confusion; we’ll never go wrong following what God says.


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  1. Blasphemy against F-ther and/or HIS Son can be forgiven, both in this initial life, and the next life to come, ‘IN RESURRECTION of the flesh’, this according to the real Jesus, real Paul. Paul blasphemed in ‘ignorance’ the Son, therefore the F-ther also of the Son, UNTIL the ‘angel of the Lord’ sent him, awaiting his ‘nearing Damascus’, appeared in bright LIGHT, questioning “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting ME ?”. Paul answered “WHO are YOU, Lord ?” obviously thought he actually serving THE ONE WHO HAD APPEARED UNTO HIM before ‘departure’, before HIS final ‘ground’ separation from the ‘Eleven’ also, by bright angelic CLOUD, before HIS ‘arising’ from this dirt here, Paul in ignorance sure he had not been persecuting HIM, the same WHO appeared unto him in his YOUTH. Later Paul wrote about ‘angel of light’, ‘angel from heaven’ sent by G-d to encourage preaching, TEACHING of ‘another, DIFFERENT, gospel’, coming from ‘another spirit’ than THE REAL, true HOLY ONE SENT also by F-ther. It seems ‘blasphemy’ against HOLY SPIRIT (that which cannot be forgiven in this initial life, NOR the ‘NEXT’ in the FLESH, either) is that failure to be a TRUTH SEEKER at all costs, with all heart, mind, soul within (following after instead ‘truth seeking’ by ‘superficial OUTER FLESH only, while SAME PARTAKER IN VERY SAME LIKENESS SINFUL FLESH OF BOTH ADAMS, in both lives to be lived out in temporal ‘dust’, with no inner war against FLESH still going on inside, indication of ‘grieving of HOLY SPIRIT’ by human eternal ‘spiritual BODY’ within). Grieve NOT HOLY SPIRIT of G-d (losing HIS ‘sealing’ begun of our HIDDEN within human inner, eternal ‘spiritual BODY’, ONLY ‘eternal’ HIDDEN BODY within, only BODY can have ‘contact with F-ther’ of the Son, unto maintaining excellent conscience with F-ther of the Son, G-d our F-ther in HEAVEN, WHO sent HOLY SPIRIT ‘knocking on our INWARD hearts door’. Blasphemy was said by Jesus as giving glory to Satan for work of HOLY SPIRIT, spoken unto them whose ‘F-ther had become the ‘Devil’, HAVING REJECTED any idea the HOLY SPIRIT Who had come upon their fathers of faith of Abraham, had now rejected coming to them, no more ‘knocking on their hearts door’, leading them instead to be satisfied following after an ‘angel from heaven’ KNOWINGLY, without repentance UNTO FINDING NO MORE PLACE FOR REPENTENCE within the NEW BEING OFFERED to them COVENANT, ‘NEARNESS’ OF THE KINGDOM before them, BY MESSIAH having come in ‘dust’, & ‘walk amongst them’, HIS OWN NATION (ISRAEL). How much more when a Gentile rejects having anything to do with SENT HOLY SPIRIT, INSTEAD SATISFIED WITH an ‘angel from heaven’ (aka: nicolatianism) conquering of the laity AWAY from the SENT HOLY ONE of TRUTH !

  2. When we talk about something we do which will not be forgiven, I believe we are talking about judgment of God to come upon such things, in this life and in the one to come, and I don’t know what the extent of it will be, though I believe such things could warrant eternal damnation.

  3. There is a sin which leads to ‘spiritual death’, I do not say we should pray for that (sin, unto recovery prayers, unto any ‘reverse’ of a sure coming ‘spiritual death’, directly resulting of that ongoing sin, leading to eventual ‘spiritual death’, that PERSON known, by believers, whether in fellowship, out, or never, having been in any fellowship with ANY OF THEM). Speaks of a ‘sin’ of blasphemy PREACHING, of a different ‘gospel’, by an ‘angel from heaven’, SENT BY THEIR F-THER TO DISTRIBUTE ‘THEIR ERROR’ re: another ‘jesus’, along with their ‘anointings’, still in tact FOR TO ‘GATHER’, also ‘TO HEAL’ TEMPORAL OUTER FLESH only (INSTEAD of HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH, sent by the SAME F-ther of our LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, NOW AT F-THER’S RIGHT HAND, NOW ONE, “NEW MAN”, HIS F-THER THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HEAL THE INNER MAN OF THE SOUL, and save the eternal spiritual BODY hidden within DOWN HERE also) !

  4. Just finished Jonathan Cahns newest book. I am absolutely stunned at all the information and how it falls in line consistently with the blood moons and 3000 years of history. God is being revealed clearly to the whole world and it is only a matter of short time for all of us to see this.

  5. Call continue coming live ‘on air’ on the Biblical subject of ‘blasphemy’. Especially toward the HOLY SPIRIT (which cannot be forgiven here, nor THERE, then, either). It’s possible for anyone to come to the place, now, or will in either life, and the NEXT AS BORN AGAIN, ‘finding no more place for repentance’, some calling again, again LOOKING FOR A PLACE NOW, down here.
    Under NEW covenant the only ‘baptism’ which NOW saves us, is maintaining excellent conscience with our F-ther in HEAVEN ! Many ‘twice born’ have kept inside clean, not knowing outer FLESH cannot be saved, and must be at all times ‘fought again’ by the ‘inner man’. Swept clean, but not any ‘war’ against the outer FLESH of man, can cause ‘seven times worse’ than before NEW BIRTH experience PAST (believing that of HIS cross is for salvation RATHER THAN FOR ENTIRE, COMPLETE SANCTIFICATION, TOTAL SEPARATION from this World

  6. Like so many ‘best seller’ now books, latest still being released today, emphasis is still, on the ‘financial’ RATHER than on the ‘sudden’ ending of all human ‘soul life’ (II Peter 3)

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