Middle East Updates, and Fascinating Quotes about the Restoration of the Jewish People to the Land

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Dr. Brown will catch up on the latest news from the Middle East and then share some amazing quotes from Christian leaders and others about the return of the Jews to the Promised Land. He will also take your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Charles Spurgeon was absolutely right. God never rescinded the promise to Abraham that through his seed the world would be blessed, and that will continue through the people of Israel.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God’s love towards Jew and Gentile, God’s love for Israel and Arabs is not based on anyone’s good works; it’s based on His mercy and grace.



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  1. Dr. Brown’s Parallel to the US in WWII was a great way to respond to the caller asking how we could support Israel. We hear one side present their case, and some have not heard the other side, but when they do hear, they are not sure how to handle the other view often times.

  2. What if we could get exited about fact, ‘Esau’ married some of most obvious best (wives) he could find of ‘Ishmael’s daughters, ALSO that Isaac “BY FAITH” (Hebrews ll, “true faith” in/of ‘unseen’ at the time, ‘hall of faith’ says BLESSED ‘Esau’, therefore. should we not ‘pray’ both offspring of Ishmael, Esau, TOGETHER, under Biblical ‘worldview’ combined thru marriage, FOR THEIR ‘GRAIN’ only, now in ‘their COMBINED by marriage, own ‘threshing floor’ on this tiny footstool, place of ‘Israel’s’ THRESHING FLOOR, in which their ‘grain’ THEN prayed for when still with ‘root’, ‘branch’ on this tiny footstool ‘threshing floors’ (under ‘economies’ ONLY of G-d, times, season in F-ther of Jesus HANDS only) they also should be ETERNALLY separated from what proves out to be TARES of such a marriage (and now the ‘re-gathered’ in the LAND of ‘heaven’s dew’ past, once seen of milk, honey, while looking for THAT City WHOSE BUILDER, MAKER IS G-D, G-D ALONE, F-THER G-d of HIS Son ) ?

  3. As to our ‘brother’ Jimmy Carter, the results are still playing out, from his ‘first’ attempt at being ‘salt and light’, as taken from ‘sermon’ on the ‘Mount’ (given by his Jesus, of continuing own ‘choice’) the REAL only given “UNTO HIS OWN”, obviously not to Carter’s ‘whole WIDER world’, NOR as Carter, raised Southern Baptist, was previously exposed to, Sunday School teacher, then Governor of predominately faith based only Southerners, THEN to the ‘Presidency’?

  4. When I think about the US in WW II, I think about it like this:

    First we did nothing while the Jews were being oppressed. Then came Pearl Harbor and we got involved. Before it was over the US was used to liberated the surviving Jews. Then we knew what we were, not perfect, but one nation under God.

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