Phil Robertson says, “Convert Them or Kill Them”; and Thoughts on Overcoming Social Injustice in America

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Dr. Brown will speak about Phil Robertson’s recent “convert them or kill them” comments and will discuss the obstacles faced by many black Americans and how they can be overcome, and then Dr. Brown will take your calls and weigh in on key current events. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.



Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We agree that great social injustices remain in America; we agree that many things are not fair. We must listen to each other, learn from each other, and have a strategy of overcoming.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is right and righteous to hate evil. It is right and righteous to stand for justice while praying for the souls of those who are lost.


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  1. I wasn’t turned off by Roger from Huntington, NY. His perspective isn’t cultural. Phil Robertson can quote scripture. So what. Anyone can do that. Robertson and those like him are and will be the catalyst for increased persecution against genuine Christians in the end-times. All Robertson did was confirm Sam Harris’ thesis in The End of Faith, that there’s no difference between fundamentalist Muslims and fundamentalist Christians.

  2. Two kinds of people who were baptized in the waters of Noah’s flood (excluding only ‘eight’ saved by that Ark, totally in saturated soft wood, entirely with ‘pitch’, as a first lightning strike allowed, by G-d, FULLY, would, AND DID immediately, consume THAT ARK by fire) all DROWNED however were AGAIN now considered as to that vengeance in ‘wickedness’, having again COME upon all, on this earth, still here, then as now, also only, seen by G-d today, we as STILL all of tribe ‘connected’ ONLY, of THIS earth, retaining of our tribal mentality only, all having some ‘blood of Cain’ in us, vengeance seeking, not just in defense, but great ‘fears’ unto multiplied, unto not just 7, throats cut, for just, IN JUSTICE declared vengeance, for just one of another Tribe ‘killed’, but increased to vengeance upon 70, EVEN ever now, so much more, never ending, ever EXPANDING, especially NOW IN THIS TINY FOOTSTOOL’S advanced ‘nuclear age’ !

  3. Amy,
    Not that I agree, but I think the reasoning behind Phil Robertson’s comments was “these are individuals who are dedicated to killing persons who have opposing world/religious views–they need to be neutralized by conversion or death” (forgetting that it is not only conversion to Christianity that can change a person’s view–and that you’re getting into some really questionable territory when you start talking about killing people of a certain religious view en masse [as “attempted mass murderers”]).

  4. Amy,
    Again, not that I agree with Phil Robertson, but he went one step further than Obama who only wants to go over there and end their lives–no questions asked. Why is there outcry against Robertson but not Obama?

  5. We have a political party that has given to one side free reign. On one side anything goes if you are politically correct. One side you can family plan, any accidents abort. Notice the politically correct in the word abort?
    One side you can marry whatever you want. You can spend whatever you want there is no limit to the spending. To be on this side, and who would not want to spend and spend, and have no moral compass reigning you in?? You must toe the line in your political correctness. You can be a Christian and be on this side if you are politically correct. To live without sexual limits and no spending limits you will give your allegiance to the political left.

  6. If we are talking about victim mentality, how do we best help someone like that?

    Do we best help them by telling them that they will not get healed if they are looking for help from someone else to help them, or could we help them better if we said we are willing to hear whatever it is that is the cause of any present distress they are suffering, and if anyone is the cause of it, by anything that is presently going on, that is, if there is any mistreatment you suffer on the account of others, then we are willing to hear all about it, but only that which is the cause of some present distress, for we are not wanting to hear anything that is evil, if it will be used for the sake of evil, and we are willing to walk with you through all of this whatever these matters are, willing to pray with you, willing to search the scriptures with you, willing to find something good whenever evil seems to be overcoming you, and we are willing to verify the things we hear as best we can, in order to get to the truth about things, and if you want us to, we will be willing to go to someone whose behavior toward you is the cause of some present trouble to you, and we will ask for mercy on your behalf if we have opportunity and we believe mercy should be extended toward you, willing to do for you the same for the other party, willing to be impartial as we can be, with our objective to be reconciliation by the gospel of Christ, wanting to walk as peace makers, in gentleness, kindness, patience, meekness, being long suffering as we can be, for it’s the fruit of the Spirit we long to live by, and reconciliation to God that is our objective?

    So which is the better way?

    Which is the higher calling?

    Which is a bit more difficult?

    Which way would take a bit more effort on our part?

    Which way is more about the cross of Christ?

  7. Bush Sr. didn’t want to take on Sunni leader of the LAND called Biblically ‘Shinar’, Jr. was determined, saw his opportunity, did ‘AFTER 9/ll’ without knowledge that ‘Shinar’ simply means land of new beginnings, new birth (shene’ naar). Prophesy ‘boys’ insisted there is only ‘one land of new beginnings’ modern (when in fact, America fits far greater than Iraq). A vacuum was left there, NOW being ‘filled’ in a declared ‘war’ against the true modern Land of New birth. It’s basis is as old as those who as ‘disciples’, even ‘apostles’ of JESUS CHRIST, failed to ‘tarry’ in Jerusalem TO BE ENDUED WITH ‘POWER’ FROM ON HIGH, TO RECEIVE that NEW BIRTH “from above” in John 3. NEW BIRTH “from above” does not spread any ‘good news’ (gospel) that JESUS CHRIST is coming back TO rule from either Phygeria, Jerusalem, Mecca, nor Medina, not even Rome, nor Washington, D.C.

  8. Noah’s Ark was ‘type’ of the ‘cross of Christ’, Romans used soft cross-beam only, wood, when taking down crucified dead, cross-beam attached while they were laid for view, on viewing ‘slab’. Unless they were taken (by permission) for other burial, were first set on fire, burned together with ‘pitched’ wood, thrown over into where their fire is never quenched, their worm farm BENEATH, for ‘purple robes’ dye, underneath their ‘dump’, never dies. The ‘point’ of all this is FIRE baptism is the only ‘baptism which NOW saves us’, OUR CONSCIENCE can only be maintained in GOOD, excellency with our F-ther, in HEAVEN, thru understanding this Earth (AS EXAMPLE for us) has had two complete water baptisms, the finale is BY real FIRE, the earth’s water once again covering the whole Earth, “preserving”, but NOT immediate destruction, yet without any ‘rainbow’ seen in it’s sky, no human souls left for to see it anyway, for all Earth’s mountains will be melted, the nuclear core seeking it’s constant cooling, now reeling ‘to and fro’, a ‘lake of fire’ given as example, reserved for ‘devil and his angels’ PRESERVED instead for his tossing from heaven, until it’s future, as John saw ‘by vision’ from ‘heaven itself’, the first heaven and ‘first earth’ in complete ‘neglect’, no more sea, out of it’s orbit, obviously NOW, today’s ‘scope’ abilities modern, measurement, instruments telling us NOW, on it’s way toward it’s own ASSIGNED from it’s very foundations, a ‘black hole’ of blackness of darkness, DENSITY holding things uniform, ever expanding, NEVER ENDING ?

  9. b.j.,

    Are you saying that usually the Romans would burn the one they crucified along with the wood they used to hang him up with?

  10. Social injustice still happens because FIRST commandment still abrogated unto SECOND, as if SECOND trumps FIRST, thus fulfilling whole LAW (example of Peter re: Paul’s letters, UNLEARNED wrestling SCRIPTURES unto their own destruction).

  11. Ray, referring the comment numbered 6 that you wrote. If you are speaking of someone who is willing to sit and listen to you then you have a wonderful approach. Although, I would be willing to bet that if someone has already made up their mind that you were a infidel and had been brainwashed from birth and was preparing to take your head off without first having the conversation on what you think about them and how you could help them change the err of their ways, they would not be willing sit down and chat first. If this would be the case, and assume you are an active evangelist, then you know it is not an easy task even speaking someone who just wants to live and let live. Try it with someone who has already made up their mind that you need to die because of what you believe.
    I hope I am not off topic with your dialog. If so I apologize in advance.

  12. Re: Black America. These issues are not only in black America. There are Africans from Africa who are here in Canada and my opinion is that the transition from “victim mentality” is one of entitlement and that they should have everything that they want for free. They did not have to loot and burn. My family moved from Tinidad to the US (we are mixed race)and are all successful because they struggled for an education and worked hard. We never had a victim mentality. Our mentality was work, work, work.

  13. Did David anger the Lord when he was challenged by King Saul to bring 600 heads of the philistines?

    The clear answer is no. Why does political correctness cross our legs like women? David would not be accepted today, Lincoln would not be accepted, and frankly not even a George Bush would be accepted. What a queer thing has happened to us.

  14. The arguments against the Democratic Party may have some merit, the idea of “thinking” that the only Christian party is Republican is a far cry from clear discernment. You failed to mention that the “right” is the party that refused to regulate big business, and that they are in favor for tax breaks for the wealthy. It was the leadership to the right that drove this nation into economic collapse and an unjust war, resulting in over 4,000 American families and lives lost. How about the drive to suppress the vote and weakening the hand of the poor, shall we call that Christian too?

    Both parties are corrupt, and the answer is found in neither, so the criticisms against one while being blind to the other is quite unjust and lacks clear discernment?

  15. “one while being blind to the other” is what G-d said to Jonah about the ‘slavery’ (KJV “cattle”) of Nineveh (at the time). Of course, Nineveh was eventually destroyed more than a Century beyond the “after” 40 days message. It happened in history WHEN slavery came to UNDERSTAND THIS VERY BIBLICAL STATEMENT concerning the POLITICS OF A NATION, of a City, RIGHT HAND/LEFT HAND knowledge
    of course it was ‘children’, grand ‘children’ of conquered unto ‘slavery’ who still had hands, their parents having had one, or both ‘chopped off’ several ‘generations’ past when Jonah was received by such clearly outward ONLY sincerity, example of no real inward 180 degree ‘complete’ turn around ‘repentance’ by BOTH ‘politicians’ their ‘youth’, by BOTH inherited ‘masters’ over continued slavery, AND the lesson also for TODAY’s ‘children’ of parents first taken as slaves, with both hands FULLY into ‘politics’ for the answer, rather than understanding knowing TRUE Biblical right hand from left hand SEARCHINGS unto the ‘eternal’, WHICH MUST BE BASED IN GREATEST OF ALL COMMANDMENTS (rather than majoring in ‘secondary’ neighborly only learned ‘political’ marchings, children taught or learned without parenting, ‘loving one another’ relations within the gangs, music, ‘hood’, as if loving another as ‘yourself’ fulfills the whole LAW of their ‘god’, ‘gods’ ? WITHOUT knowing the real JESUS is now at heavenly F-ther’s RIGHT HAND, for ETERNAL JUDGEMENTS BY HIS F-THER ABOVE His Son’s LEFT HAND on the seat of ALL power over ALL, BOTH the ‘boss’ having the ‘good things’ now, AND those having the ‘lessor’ NOW in THIS initial only life to be lived out BY BOTH now, IN VERY SAME likeness of VERY SAME SINFUL FLESH of both Adams now, AND “in the NEXT” to come “each in their own order” !

  16. Like Phil said, there two types of people in this world, those who are the children of God, and there are those that are the children of the evil one(which we all were at one point in our lives). There are both types in both rep and dem parties, no one is excluded. Until everyone submits to the will of the Father, we will always get it wrong, democrat or republican. There is too much pride in the world in my opinion.

  17. Re Brian R.
    Brian I do agree with you that both parties are corrupt, but that is just too easy to pick that one of the tree. Of course thier is corruption, and when there is not just wait long enough and you will see it come on to the vine. Your comment

    ” You failed to mention that the “right” is the party that refused to regulate big business, and that they are in favor for tax breaks for the wealthy.”

    What?? How much is the correct tax to levy? You do not think that there is enough regulation and they refused to regulate?? Are you kidding? Tax breaks for the wealthy- Are you just picking the democratic line for your arguements? Are you researching these things for your self? Do the fact checking and see how companies are fleeing to Canada for tax protection. Canada! of all places is way too taxed- Is not this the same crown that we origianlly revolted and had a tea party in the Boston harbor? Now companies have to flee to that crown for lower taxes. Oh Brian, we could argue politics however I am on this page to avoid it. I am done with this nonsense.. No matter what facts are out there these silly arguements are always lifting up for a hearing even though the evidence is so clearly available to see the truth it is never understood clearly for all.

  18. jon,
    I totally agree with you, these arguments are silly, so stop slamming one party line and wake up to the truth. If you think that the answer to America is found in the right, then you are sadly mistaken.

    My point is, those politicians are more closely alligned with one another than they are with you and me. Most are millionares, and most get kick backs. We have to be smart enough to see beyond the smoke screen in thinking one party is bad and the other is good. They have done a great job with social engineering and causing people to point fingers at one another, when the truth is they will always take care of each other first. For example shut down the Government and cause multitudes not to get paid, but oh wait, those who wanted this insisted on getting their own pay check…. Get my point!

  19. Yes, but we both just can’t quite resist the politics. It is only natural for us we are on a religious page and the things you never talk about are religion, and politics. Are you not taking the democratic line?

  20. Ok, I can not resist the counter arguement on this one. Government shut down- but of course we are spending money that we do not have. google the and see how much we spending over and above what we take in. Do you know what 18 trillion looks like. If I spent like that you would shut down my accounts wouldn’t you Brian. We can play politics, but as Tom Cruise is quoted in saying ” we cant handle the truth’. Your arguement is on the democratic line and mine the republican. The truth is it in the middle? I am not sure, if we can not even agree on government shut downs it will take a collapse of this country to find out which one of us is right. 18 Trillion and you are still not on my side of this arguement? 18 Trillion would fill to capacity every NFL stadium to the top of 100 dollar bills. We do not have any money we must shut this thing down for we do not have any money. Brian you owe everything you have to the government and that does not even keep the services going into next year. At least see this part of the arguement you future Russian comrade.

  21. Brian, just wanted to invoice you for your part of keeping the government going and if you will pay your bill today I will give you a deal. For a family your debt is a mere 757 thousand dollars. If you put this on your credit card for me just give me 3/4 of a million and we can write off the rest.

    The republicans are shutting down the government or should be to make plan to contain this madness. We can still pay this debt, not as easily as it was when Regan warned us about a one trillion dollar debt. This is America, we have the natural resources to do this, but the left is bent on making us slaves to the rest of the world. The world needs an America, but the enemies of freedom want her destroyed. Democracy and freedom are a threat to evil. This is an evil world, I try to see the democrat and understand his mind- but when the dem is out to destroy this country I have a hard time understanding why the policies destroy freedom and our monetary system. Why do we not all agree on the essentials? financial prudence at a minimum. Let’s shut this government down until financial sanity is restored and your debt is down to a mere $ 1000.00 Until then we will need all your assets to keep this ponzi scheme going.

  22. jon,

    You are really missing the whole point to this.

    I am not a Democrate at all, and am not so arrogant and blind to think that G-d is only with the Republicans. Here’s the problem you raise for yourself in attemping to make your point that is nothing more than a straw man argument, jon, this nation was 10 trillion dollars in bebt “before” President Obama took office. jon, can you fanthom that number? jon, my point is, and has been, anyone is deceived if they think the left is “all” bad and the right is “all” good.

    “Concertive” and “liberal” are just titles and really don’t amount to anything. They both have lost their punch. The liberals were the one’s who fought for equality and civil rights, it was the conservatives who were the enemy and unjust. Now the liberals have gone too far and are fighting for the rights to abort and homosexuality; while the conservatives are have pushed to suppress the vote which, by in large, effects the poor. You think Al Sharpton is the bad guy and Rush Limbaugh is a hero. They both are are an insult to the kingdom of G-d and are enemies of the cross.

    Hence, the idea of thinking that the answer to this nation’s problem is on the right, then you are sadly mistaken. So you can call me names if that validates your manhood, but the truth will set you free.

  23. Convert them to “Duck” gospel ? His Bible also says we can carry a ‘dagger’ (but as defense weapon only) not a ‘sword’ as taken up by those in their ‘gospel’, that “in the name of the cross” gospel ! A ‘sign’ of the ‘cross’ as most famously seen by Roman Emperor who took up the Sword’, having said what he saw ‘in the heavens’. What if ‘pastor’, evangelist, Dynasty TV father, leader of ‘one wife’, knew the GREAT ‘good news’, INCLUDING for most ‘radicals’, we all have a next life FROM HERE, to be lived out (NOT just of one ‘death’ unto ‘their judgement’, for ALL must face a resurrected life from here, most however among ‘rest of the dead’ which ‘lived not again’ UNTIL the end of the ‘first’, but ‘last’ thousand years of 7,000 yr. plan of G-d re: the ‘fall of Adam’) BUT WITH ONE EXCEPTION (those ALREADY considered from ABOVE, ‘accountable’ beyond ‘infancy’ as already TWICE dead, plucked up by their very ‘roots’, of their once, when younger, or in early ‘YOUTH’, could have enjoyed forever, their humanity ‘in eternal free-will’ of choice, UNTO becoming ‘twice born’ in the Earth, in ‘belief’ in a LAW, outwardly AND inwardly, as considered come from G-d ABOVE, unto this so very tiny ‘footstool’, with it’s ‘tribal’ mentality !

  24. Brain, I appreciate your answer and I do find within that answer you are on the left or liberal. You again took the side of supress the vote. To have a voter pull out an ID card to confirm eligibility just seems to the common sense person to be within reasonable limits. If you are going to actually argue against that at least admit that you are in the tank with the liberals. Forget the issues coming to terms, at least put the label on that you are on the L team.
    Go to the web site and take that test, you may think you are in the middle but do share those results.

  25. Brian, sorry for the misspelled name but take it as a compliment calling you brain instead of Brian. It is 2:35 in the morning I twisted your spelling and called you brain.

  26. jon,

    I accept your apology regarding the spelling of my name, thanks.

    It appears that one of the biggest problems that you have comes with your false assumptions without doing your homework, and your insistence to politically categorizing people. Hence, this follow up comes in an attempt to clear up this problem with a hope that you will better understand my position and gain wisdom as well.

    Let’s talk voter suppression and ID laws. Upon the presidential success of Mr. Obama in the 2008 elections, and the large turnout of minority voters, the Republican party decided to see what they could do to influence the turnout to their advantage. Hence, shortly before the 2012 presidential elections many Republican state houses went on a campaign to establish voter Id laws because of a perceived voting problem. However, the documented evidence that we had on voter fraud in America was 1 in 15 million. So, the idea of voter fraud in America didn’t exist at all. I had several problems with the rush to establish these Id laws in the past election for a number of reasons – none having to do with partisanship at all, but completely on ethical lines alone.

    Penn, specifically had 8 million registered voters in 2012, nine percent did not have photo Id’s, and the state acknowledged that they did not have the time and resources to produce enough ID’s to get to the citizens before the vote. Because there were no documented cases of fraud in that state, and they could not produce them in time, then how could it be seen as reasonable in making it mandatory on American citizens resulting on an infringement of their rights? That, sir, was unethical.

    The reasoning in rushing to establish these laws in 2012 were not because of documented fraud cases, but because of the ungodly motive of the Republican party. In a video that went viral, Republican Mike Turzai, Pennsylvania’s House majority leader, spoke approvingly at a Republican State Committee meeting of the state’s new voter ID law “which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania — done.”

    Should any Christian stand behind a motive like this? I think not. It was obvious that the Republican party wanted to find a way to suppress the vote on the poor at an unreasonable timeframe, for a problem that didn’t even exist in this country. Additionally, various states closed voting houses in certain districts – specifically minority based districts. This resulted in people having to stand in line until 1:00am to vote. This happened in Florida and in Virginia, just to name two. Ezekiel points out one of the sins that lead to the destruction of Sodom – and identifies the fact that they “did not strengthen the hand of the poor”. Hence, I could not in any way find righteousness in what they attempted to do in 2012, because their motives were bad.

    So what about today, where do I stand with the voter ID laws now? I am completely in support of them. There has been enough time for all American citizens to get the necessary voting documents needed. States have established the criteria, and there has been enough time for people to be held accountable.

    So jon, if what I’ve just written to you categorizes me as a liberal because I believe in equality and justice for the poor, then I will accept that title, because I do believe that my Lord Jesus Christ would take that position too. In short, regarding some instances I am liberal and in others I am conservative, because justice and righteousness supersedes both modern day political practices that I’ve witnessed.

  27. Your name was misspelled for being called in at 2 am to do an MRI brain. I had brain on my mind.

    I love politics, but have been so disappointed in the last few years that I have found solace in the spiritual realm and stay away from politics as much as possible. I have turned off Rush Limbaugh and tuned in daily to Michael Brown. I am hiding out I could not take it anymore. Thank God for MB I have been able to get through this and I am optimistic about our future.

  28. Amen…

    Send revival Oh Lord! May the the life of Christ touch this nation in a dynamic way that will turn hearts toward you in the fullness of repentance and blessing.


  29. The only ‘repentance’ COULD possibly delay these heavens suddenly on ‘real fire’, that of being ANY ‘replacement’ re: NATIONAL, or otherwise ISRAEL (with no root, nor branch HERE, it’s grain IN HEAVEN of those having come thru their past own ‘threshing floor’ HERE. that of separating it’s ‘tares’, from it’s grain) EVEN AS ANY further delay in the modern ‘world that is’ NOW, MODERNS, ‘post MODERNS’, ET AL, these ‘times of Gentiles’ OWN ‘threshing floor’ down here, only THRU same desire as Paul, to be in that ‘better resurrection’ from here, resurrection ‘filling up’ in addition to the ‘grain’ AWAITING their own ‘order’ now in heaven of ‘first’ resurrection

  30. ‘convert, or kill’ reflects ‘Universalist’ long standing position of ‘Sword’, saves this world for Adam. However is this simply following OUR same “earthiness” of first Adam, clear rejection statement AGAINST “heavenly mindedness” of LAST

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