How to Overcome the Pornography Plague

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Dr. Brown discusses the dangers of pornography and then offers practical steps that will help those struggling to walk in freedom. Callers are welcome to share their testimonies and victory stories during the show. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are overcomers in Jesus; we are called to sexual purity. Determine not to make any excuses but to find health and wholeness in the Lord.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus said if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off. In other words, deal with sin and the cause of sin ruthlessly and radically.


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  1. Kim Kardashian factor.

    The internet insares the eye no matter what you are doing on the world wide internet. If I had an ideal view of a woman it might be Kim Kardashian. What I keep in mind when I see her is what a trap she is. She is in my view ugly inside, and she has this beauty that she flaunts on the internet that is just a trap, just an image. What ugliness is behind all that I will fortunately never know. She is a gold ring in a pigs snout. True beauty is only in God.

  2. If these statistics are accurate, such that over 60% of a group of men admitted to “recently” viewing porn, and if that is at least somewhat representative of what’s going on in America, even among Christians….Well that certainly explains a lot.

    Have we ever noticed the trouble we have getting along on blogs?

    I wonder how we would get along if no one was having porn problems.

  3. I wonder how many of these men who are in these programs to overcome these things, believe they were very well prepared for marriage by their parents, or to live a clean moral single life if that’s what they wanted, or if they felt like life just began to happen with them being unprepared?

  4. We have the choice to take pleasure in unrighteousness or take pleasure in righteousness.

    Let’s choose to take pleasure in righteousness, in the many good things the Lord has given into our hand and be content with our lot.

  5. Zech. 5 warns of “the THIEF” (those great church buildup ‘claimants only’, as G-d’s replacement of ISRAEL on this tiny ‘footstool’, of HIS) both of GREAT HARLOT Universal, NICOLAITAN ‘thievery’, ALSO the “thieves”, added as CLAIMANTS attempting a ‘REFORM’ of this great HARLOT CHURCH (promised WORLD WIDE buildup unto these heavens PROMISED, suddenly on REAL FIRE, as only answer) given us by Old Covenant Israel ‘prophets’ those exact dimensions of todays ‘Playboy’ Channel, etc., et all, vehicle launched into orbit, broadcasting into “EVERY HOME” also last day THIEF ‘WORLD WIDE’, claimants ONLY of REFORM, something SO WICKED, as seen from ABOVE, cannot be REFORMED, neither from within, nor from ‘without’, as some seek G-d’s delay today, even further, of these heavens suddenly, & LEAVING no possibility of ANY human soul life left here, WHILE in ‘privacy’ of own ‘modern’ homes, EXTENDING ISRAEL’S once PORN problem, when DOWN HERE, to the very ‘limits’ of G-d’s patience with today’s ALSO ‘translation’ in Bible believer ‘thievery’ as G-d’s REPLACEMENTS,
    proving they cannot keep LAW anymore than ISRAEL,
    ‘ALL SIN’ condemned NOW to man’s outer flesh only

  6. “80-90% Christian men have problems with porn.”

    This is *exactly* the reason why I don’t have any respect for most churches, or their worthless pastors’ opinions–why I have to study on my own.

    I don’t want their disgusting sexual problems they live with as if they were normal in my heart, so I stay away from them [1 Co 5].

    It is so simple to have victory over porn–all it takes is standing in faith [Ep 6].

    I haven’t watched porn in I don’t know how long–and it very rare that I even have to fight off the temptation, and when the fight happens, the fight is very simple. It isn’t some long, drawn-out thing.

    I don’t want the religion most Christians have. I don’t even want the religion I have: I want to continue growing in grace more and more.

  7. David Roberts,
    It is NOT by “wisely choosing” that we overcome this powerful demon; it is by the simplicity of faith. The devil doesn’t care about what you should or should not do. He only understands one thing: force. The darkness is a force, and responds only to force. If you don’t have power all of these so-called “words of wisdom” mean absolutely ZERO.

  8. Words of wisdom speak NOW, that now all sin is condemned to OUTER FLESH, temporal dust TENT of mankind. ALSO, we leave behind this TENT, again however to take up another of different ‘dust’, IN THE RESURRECTION “of the FLESH”, none however can ‘skip’ by ‘rapture’ teaching, from here, of Jezebel, from ancient DOCTRINE of Balaam. “He that has suffered” IN THE FLESH, has “ceased from sin”. The resurrection is IN THE FLESH (“each man in his own ORDER”) order BASED UPON who seen as suffered IN THE FLESH, having ceased from sin, by suffering, especially that of ‘similitude’ of first Adam sin (IN THIS INITIAL ONLY LIFE, as both of our lives, to be lived out IN THE FLESH, in very same likeness, of very same ‘sinful flesh’, of BOTH Adams while both down here in life in this ‘dust’ to ‘dust’ return, all in TEMPORAL only introduction to ETERNAL existence somewhere in this MATERIAL, literal, still ever expanding, MATERIAL, literal, never ending, of ENTIRE Universe ‘forever’ and ‘forever’, life
    eternal in ‘spiritual BODY’. The resurrection OF THE FLESH, all must attend, SEPARATES wicked from righteous, WITH NONE saying G-d is UNFAIR, nor unjust, for none forced into NEW BIRTH, new life, RESURRECTION in the flesh calling for the end of all arguments as to our ‘first birth’, wasn’t fair, wasn’t right, being given a bad hand, bad environment (THE OLD WESTSIDE STORY EXCUSE unto fleshly bad behaviors) will be in next life WITHOUT excuse.

  9. ‘Forsake NOT the gathering ‘together’ UNTO THE LORD, ‘EXHORTING’ ONE ANOTHER, ALL THE MORE as we see that ‘day’ fast approaching (for a ‘lone ranger’ down here cannot be an ‘overcomer’ IN THIS LIFE, initial, only to be lived out IN THE FLESH, for if one ‘suffers in the flesh’, they cannot ‘suffer alone’ unto it’s CEASING, from their ‘sin’ INDIVIDUALLY) knowing the HARLOT CHURCH promised world wide buildup can only be overcome by entire sanctification (separation) from ‘earthiness’, not from people also under our Lord’s statement “I would not that YOU would take them out of this World…(BEFORE THEIR TIME, of their own THRESHING FLOOR experiences ahead, for their own benefit, ‘order’ of resurrection, even unto ‘better resurrection’, FOR THEM, FROM here).

  10. b.j. stone,
    We should not forsake gathering together of holy people–but we are to *reject* unholy people claiming to be Christians because evil company destroys good morals.
    As for myself, I live with a widow of a missionary to the Navajo, and we talk about Scripture all of the time; I have non-stop “fellowship”.
    As far as “going to a ‘church'”, after I am in *inviolable* submission to the Good News, if God wants me to, I will go to church *to help people*–if He doesn’t want me to, I won’t.
    How do I know I am hearing from God? I know it when I am actually *with* God, enjoying God; and when He is working His own works on me, and through me, for the sake of His own glory.

  11. b.j. stone,
    As soon as you write something that doesn’t make you look crazy I’ll read it–until then, don’t expect another response out of me. You shouldn’t think to task me or anyone else with decoding such inanity as your writings here.

  12. Don’t recall calling ANYBODY out (nor using any name of any person, crazy or not, reading things crazy or not, nor looking for any response from anyone specific, nor particularly anyone, nor ALL who might be reading for ‘exhortation’, comfort, or relief, or for whatever reason, NOR ‘tasking’ anyone, NOR anyone by some sort of considered secret ‘decodings’). Since some, make some of their comments addressed specifically to others, will try to do better not interfere ANYONE’s specific ‘toes’

  13. Jesus said a person can be made ‘clean’ inside, also a reference to ‘making the house within’ swept (as in ‘washing’ away of the ‘filth of flesh’ effects on the inner man), but the person can become FAR WORSE than before they looked to HIS cross for salvation (rather than for entire sanctification, being set apart from this world ENTIRELY as HE was in HIS ‘going to HIS own cross and drinking of that same ‘cup’ of ENTIRE dedication in ENTIRE SEPARATION from this world’s pull coming to all from first Adam’s similitude of that main sin of Adam’s “EARTHINESS”). SEVEN TIMES WORSE because the ‘spirit, spirit cast out'(including demon, demons) not understanding we are being saved NOW (New Covenant) ONLY by retaining excellent conscience with our heavenly F-ther, NOT by the washing away of the filth of outer flesh (having caused the inner house to also have become ‘dirty’) WITHOUT PURSUING ETERNAL SALVATION from the F-ther of our Lord, allowing HIM to introduce us to HIS Son’s BRAND NEW CREATURE, “ONE NEW MAN”, now at HIS right hand, hereafter, forevermore, WITH BRAND NEW ETERNAL BLOOD now flowing over NOW HEAVENLY ETERNAL MERCY SEATING for our salvation ongoing in excellent conscience before OUR F-THER IN HEAVEN….?

  14. Daniel,

    I’m going to say to you what I said to Bo. You have no idea of b.j.’s circumstances nor of how his brain processes information, therefore please keep your unkind remarks to yourself. If you don’t want to respond to him, then don’t, but, he’s certainly entitled to his opinion and to post here as well as you.

    It seems to me he knows Scripture as well as anyone else.

  15. The ‘porn plague’ will go into ‘every house’, however Bible written for inspiration, et al “TO BELIEVERS” (while ‘non-believers’ can continue looking into Sola Scriptura for their ‘loopholes’ especially with the printed page availability now)
    OUR INSPIRATION also for ‘correction’, reproof, et al COMES in the Biblical “he that has suffered sufficiently (as a believer) also in the outer FLESH, has ceased from sin (including any ‘porn’ now by satellite unto EVERY home, world wide)

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