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Dr. Brown takes your calls on any subject you choose, discusses who won and lost in the war in Gaza, looks at other major weekend news, and much more. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is absolutely trustworthy. Put your entire complete trust in Him and Him alone.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You can expect greater upheaval, chaos, and uncertainty in the world that surrounds us, all the more reason to take refuge in the Lord on a daily basis.


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  1. Lift UP your heads, ‘prophesies of Jesus’, spirit of ‘prophesy’ is WINNING (ye shall be hearing of “nations” at war, brief cease fires, rumours, to resuming also of “kingdom” against “kingdom”, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, increasing UNTO THE END in many places, IN ALL THESE THINGS, yet just the beginning of ‘sorrows’ for any, all those ‘weak in true faith’) HE THAT SHALL ENDURE (in “MY” kind of FAITH, displayed briefly, while in very same likeness of very same ‘sinful outer flesh’, PARTAKING of same, as all have ‘partaken of’, from fallen first Adam’

  2. Dr. Brown,

    Perhaps you could better answer my question that came up on this thread:


    How do we sum it up–because I don’t want to use the “wrong word”?

    I see that it was never intended that the Jews would lose their national identity, nor that the disciples left it off after believing. The liberty we have in Christ is not that of “license” nor of “legalism.”

    So, the place of the law in the life of the believer is__________?

  3. And, I “really” don’t want to drag the law into yet “another” thread! If you could answer on the other one that would be great!!

  4. Shelia,

    When a Gentile comes to faith in G-d through the death of Christ, he is buried with Him in the baptism unto death, and he is raised with Him unto the newness of life; therefore he is not debtor to live under the dictates of the Law, because he now lives by the Spirit. It has been said that the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

    There is a law written on the hearts that is known to all, G-d revealing Himself through that which exist; hence no one is without excuse. However, the Law that was rendered to Moses as written specifically to Israel was in regard to a theocratic government – being the Feasts, new moons, dietary laws, etc… and have never been expected of believing Gentiles as a means of obtaining and/or keeping salvation under the New Covenant.

    Now that the substance as come – meaning Christ, the shadow is not the standard for salvation – meaning the Law. The ceremonial way of life as established in the Old Covenant has found its fulfillment through the death and resurrection of Christ. The Law is for the sinner and rebellious that leads to death.

    So, the place of the law in the life of the believer is__________fulfilled in the royal law of love.

    Every single commandment in the Law and the Prophets are satisfied in this understanding, so it no longer dictates his life and therefore has lost its sense of power because it is satisfied through the life of faith and obedience through the Spirit. Thus, Paul can declare that it is done away with and is no longer needed as a tutor BECAUSE Christ has come and destroyed the curse (its’ power) on the believer’s life through the cross. Notwithstanding, it is still remains in full effect for the rebellious and the sinner apart from Christ.

    If a Gentile chooses to observe Sabbath days and eat kosher – be it according to his faith; however, if it is even hinted that it is a requirement for all others for salvation, then those that turn away from faith to be justified by the Law have fallen from grace and have taken a step backwards into a use of the Law that was nailed to the cross in his life. Paul’s words were, “Who has bewitched you?” Revealing that the blessing of the New Covenant cannot be satisfied in the flesh.

  5. I believe the law is satisfied through the life and death of Christ. I have to remember his substitution. If I do no wrong to anyone, who is there that can lay any legitimate charge against me? If I sin against God, yes I need the atonement of Christ. I need his grace, his substitution again. I always need the gospel. If I have some bacon for breakfast, have I sinned against God? No. Someone might accuse me of sin because of it, but such accusation isn’t of God.

    I suppose then, all I have to do is direct such a one to look at the life of Christ.

    It’s been said that Jesus fulfilled the law so I don’t have to. There’s a lot of truth in that. I now trust the Holy Spirit will keep me in Christ Jesus, and that he will show me things in the law from time to time, even though I am not under law but grace.

    And I have a life of being quickened by that Spirit of God, for it is life and peace, and the grace of God unto me.

    Someone that says to me, “But Ray, look at the life of Jesus yourself, you hypocrite! If Jesus never ate bacon, then you shouldn’t either. You are supposed to follow him, and you are not.”, then I think they do not live by the gospel of Christ.

  6. The ‘subject’ of ‘OPEN Theism’ came up again, ‘on air’, a modern attack upon both LAW, and Grace. As Dr. Brown made plain ‘on air’, ETERNITY is not under any such ‘theism’. ETERNITY was not always within time/space, however. We can believe when first man divine ‘creation’ son, of G-d, but WITH a ‘beginning’, seems to have been ‘made in HIS divine IMMAGE’, even as ONE only eternal “SON”, the ‘immage’ however with a BEGINNING, yet no ending in eternal free-will, BEFORE ‘time/space’ ETERNAL suddenly, otherwise came into it’s NOW beginning, no ending, most ancient of “Dragon” as under LAW now, chained for a thousand years IN HEAVEN, LOOSED a short time IN TIME/SPACE “KNOWN” WHAT HE WILL DO “UNDER LAW”, established FOREVER within now TIME/SPACE RESTRICTED ETERNITY, in ever expanding, never ending, LITERAL, MATERIAL entire Universe (90% material dark literal ‘made matter’, a ‘tithe’ of lights created within the LITERAL, MATERIAL, dark matter, keeping ‘uniform’ in ‘expansion’ never ending, by ever increasing DARK MATTER, described as places for ‘separation’ ETERNAL, in ‘blackness of darkness’, in VARIOUS degrees, also the describing of existing ‘black holes’ reserved for twice dead, plucked up by their very ‘roots’ of once enjoyed ‘humanity’ itself, by which IS SAID ALSO “is this the man?”, when the most ancient of “Dragon” is tossed down from heaven’s lights, to these ‘heavens on real fire’ (as John from HEAVEN saw first heaven and first Earth eventually with no more sea, out of orbit ‘IN COMPLETE NEGLECT’, ON IT’S WAY to it’s own assigned ‘black hole’ INSTEAD of the ‘sides of the North’ of just one ‘milky way’ AS seen by Abraham, BY REAL FAITH as to his ‘own posterity’ from HIS ‘ONE SEED’s posterity unto eternal LIFE amongst those already in existence UNCOUNTABLE ALREADY, ‘TITHE’ OF LIGHTS against THE DARKNESS.

  7. The old covenant laws are our school master. For instance they taught us what is good and acceptable in the sight of God. For example if the law did not state that: “thou shalt not commit adultery” we would not have known that adultery is considered a sin. All the old covenant laws teach us what is good from what is evil in the sight of God. We do not obey these as laws, striving with our flesh, but the life of the spirit within us causes us to refrain from such practices knowing that they offend a holy God.

  8. A “SLAVE” Master does not do any teaching, but restricts the ‘delinquent’ to remain under the school ‘of the SPIRIT’ until graduation (WITHOUT freedom at any time from those ‘restrictions’ associated with this ‘SCHOOL’ for ‘juveniles’ beginning a life, BUT needing forced ‘restrictions’ IN ORDER TO overcome their ‘delinquencies’ of those of NEW birth ONLY , NEVER APPLICABLE to the once born ONLY !

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