Dr. Brown Agrees with Al Sharpton (!) and Answers to Your Questions

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Dr. Brown voices his agreement with statements made by Al Sharpton at the funeral of Ferguson teen Michael Brown, then speaks more about the victim mentality and takes your calls and answers your questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Life is unfair; life is unjust. People will hurt you, but don’t have the mentality of a victim. Be an overcomer!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: A lot of things we thought we believed, we thought they were simple and clear, they really are simple and clear.


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  1. Life for Ham seemed unfair. His oldest brother in line for double blessing, his next to oldest brother for blessing beyond his, as only third in line from Noah. Yet he had survived salvation amongst only ‘eight’, over all others then sharing their same Lands. Peter says this salvation was ‘type’ of baptism which NOW saves US(not by washing away of filth of the flesh) but ONGOING baptism of maintaining excellent conscience before the SUPREME RULER of the entire HEAVENS. Ham attempted to re-arrange his blessing thru his grandson Canaan by taking advantage of his father’s drunkenness, causing, then taking of discharge gained of his father unto wife of his grandson, not yet having conceived by Canaan. By all this, we see ‘earthiness’ sin (sin that so easily besets us all)ALL have inherited from first Adam, had not been removed from Noah’s eight, though ‘grace’ was ‘found’ in eyes of the Lord toward him, even as one ‘perfect in his generations’ from first Adam. Later we see how ‘friendship with G-d’ ONLY happens by faith, Abraham’s overcoming of “earthiness” from first Adam, his believing this ‘copy’ only of heavenly ‘dirt’ also ‘patterns’ above of WHICH HE COULD NOT COUNT, making clear in the strengthening of his faith there is no end to continuing CREATION far above, far beyond this one footstool (now known in this one galaxy, billions potential around suns of other ‘earths’, even ‘Mega’ in our one galaxy alone). BLACKS, others from ancestry of Ham, AND all also peoples included of those who, by privy of birth, down here were the ENSLAVES, over the not so blessed on this tiny ‘COPY’ FOOTSTOOL, by birth, by ‘ethnicity’, ALL must NOW more than ever ‘look up’ from here, for our redemption FROM HERE draws ever so nigh. The baptism which NOW saves us (EXCELLENT CONSCIENCE maintainance BEFORE OUR SUPREME RULER ABOVE, over never ending, ever expanding material entire Universe, MAKES all ‘twice BORN’ DOWN HERE, only peoples today, who by works of Jesus Christ, become rid of first Adam’s EARTHINESS, ‘VICTIM MENTALITY’, ONLY THRU MAINTAINING AN EXCELLENT CONSCIENCE BEFORE OUR SOURCE AND F-THER of our NEW BIRTH “FROM ABOVE”,
    ‘friendship’ BY BIBLICAL FAITH gained from ABOVE, even as the one UNIQUE FIRST BORN SON of our same SOURCE, made clear ‘the rich man’, suffered ENTIRELY while the ‘poor man’ (still with a name in ‘waiting chambers’ unto NEXT LIFE promised all from here) NOW received the ‘good things’ deprived of in this brief initial only life in a temporal flesh tent WHICH MUST BE LIVED OUT AGAIN but not on this dust of this ‘copy’ of those heavenly patterns above SHOWN Abraham, and by his faith in the unseen, became a ‘friend of SUPREME RULER’ over ALL.

  2. I see this victim mentality everywhere – and even more than that, I see a mentality where people feel they are wronged, this normally results in actions which they feel are justified given the circumstances.

  3. Let me introduce you to a reasonable approach to this “victim mentality” that is being posited.

    Slavery was introduced to America in 1619 as a Government sanctioned institution. This lasted until 1865 resulting in 246 years of systematic mental destruction of an entire race. Once slavery ended, laws of Segregation were instituted lasting for another 100 years, resulting in a total of 346 years of instutionalized suppression forcing the entire black race into second class citizenship.

    Now, if we use a standard of 40 years to measure a generation, this leaves us with about 9 generations of experiencing a terrorized way of life to include lynchings and public humiliation through all venues to include the media and even religious instutions.

    Right after segregation ended where blacks were not allowed to vote, nor had a right to equal education – we were then introduced to racial profiling, police abuse, unfair housing acts, and unequal employement rights.

    As we currently stand, we are only one generation away from this legacy of victimization and dehumanization – of which millions of people still remain who lived through these very acts – of which it stands to reason why so many still feel this way, whether individual cases be true or not (and many are certainly still are).

    What a sensible person must understand is that it takes time for whole race of people to be reintroduced into society as equals knowing only a family line of oppression. After nine generations of racial discrimination it is not reasonable to expect this mentality to go away being only one generation removed. This is not enough time for the scars and mentality of an abused race to be healed.

    I hope that this ponders thought and somehow makes sense.

  4. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon ME” (Jesus quoting in HIS regular scheduled ‘reading’ from Isaiah) early manuscripts tell us of HIS ‘gracious Words’ turned into a ‘riot’, for HIS leaving out from the Prophets Words “heal the brokenhearted”. This is not in ancient, most reliable New Testament text ‘copies’. Why ? We read on, Jesus statement, a NEXT life for all, from here, is necessary, many ‘brokenhearted’ in this ‘initial life’ down here (as ‘Lazarus’, unto his death, compared to the ‘rich man’, unto his death) will have the ‘good things’ (to see just what he will do in a life now ‘reversed’, also what the ‘rich man’ next, does in his own gained pride, poverty now, especially that of previous ‘great gains’ by use of his ‘tongue’, still barking out orders over whomever he could further oppress to his own advantage, each time however, in his next life, now not without sure, extreme, pain for each ‘outburst’)

  5. Though overseas, Nam, in last great ‘civil rights movement’, ‘Summer of 64’, et al, we could still keep up with America’s Black Rights movements, remembering was not ‘Christian DRIVEN’, but driven ‘wrong’ Bible thinking, that one can fulfill Bible law (according to another jesus, downloaded thru right side of outer ‘tent’ emotional human brains, down into hidden ‘inner soul bodies’, that a ‘brother’ who loves ‘another brother’, as himself, HAS FULFILLED the law of G-d) when in fact, the first Commandment must be in place within the ‘hidden human soul of man’, which trumps the second. Stokely Carmichael raised Methodist, yet agnostic, ‘Black Panthers’, ‘social’ “brotherhoods” (before today’s access to ‘social media’, based upon ‘their’ Bible, NOT learning ‘love of G-D FIRST, foremost, & with all inner soul body unto further hidden within spiritual body, strength WITHIN, might within, AND without, only then can truly love ‘neighborhoods’, ‘neighbors’, as they themselves truly do LOVE G-D FIRST, foremost unto all the days of their ‘brief’ only introduction, to life not only down here, but ALSO in many places of CAOUS still in ‘heavenly places’, must do battle FUTURE under the ‘banner of LOVE’ of our G-d ABOVE all else.

  6. Is Al Sharpton really a Christian even? Seriously? He’s pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, he’s openly living with a woman who is not his wife, etc, etc. How does he have the nerve to call himself “reverend”?

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