Updates on World News and Serious Questions for the American Church

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Dr. Brown will share his thoughts on recent world events and then will ask two questions for the American Church: 1) What constitutes church success in God’s sight? 2) Will the American church wake up without major social or economic upheaval? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God wants us to be successful but by His standards. For the church that means having genuine disciples that multiply in the image of Jesus and the presence of the Spirit grounded in the Word.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us ever be aware that all the news, all the headlines around us reflect the fact that we are in a spiritual war.


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  1. If Hamas is not a terrorist organization, I would like to know if they are then against such organizations, and if so, if they would be willing to fight against them whenever innocent people are being oppressed, even killed for deciding to not live as ISIS has decided to live, or do the things those of ISIS have decided to do, and if not, I would like to know why not.

    Isn’t there some kind of reward for helping bring deliverance from evil to the innocent? Isn’t it a good thing to do?

    If they think they are good, I would like to see the fruit of goodness abound in them.

    It’s a wonderful thing to deliver another out of harm especially when they have done nothing wrong to the offending party.

    If they want respect, that would be the way to go, it seems to me.

    If they want honor, wouldn’t that be a way of gaining it?

    If they want to truly feel good about themselves, wouldn’t that be a good way to attain it?

    If they would like to realize that they are something that was made in the image of God, wouldn’t that be a good way to find the reality of it?

  2. I wonder if those seeking a church, or the members of the congregation would say that what they are looking for in a church is:
    1. lots of attendance
    2. amount of giving
    3. number of programs
    4. number of staff
    5 amount of square footage,

    and if it doesn’t have that, then it likely wouldn’t be a church they were interested in attending.

    As a congregant, I would rather see

    1. Spiritual growth in it’s members, to include a good, basic, true, and as clear as they can get, understanding of the gospel.

    2. New converts

    3. People receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit to include the manifestation of speaking in tongues.

    4.People hearing the word of the Lord and walking in obedience to it.

    5. Ministry of reconciliation in action, being lived out and people trained in it.

    6. Quality of worship, including everyone able to open anywhere in a Bible, find something good about God, and say what it is that they have found.

    7.Active participation of the congregation in each service, going beyond singing what they are led to sing (though this will be a part of each service), or say what they are led to say by a previously written out script.

    8. People lined up outside the door to get in because the church has active ministry of reconciliation by the members of the congregation, each one having a good understanding of the gospel, able to find something good on any page of scripture, able to say what it is and thank God for what they have found, being willing to hear the cause of anyone who is suffering some kind of present distress because of something that is happening to them by another which is indeed wrong, and if they have gone to that one first and have not been heard, have these reconciling ministers ready to hear matters between people, not choosing favorites, but willing to do for one the same as for the other, not being willing to hear any evil for the sake of evil, but being willing to be accountable for what they themselves do, willing to gather information if it is deemed to be the cause of some present distress, being willing to walk through things with others, willing to go the extra mile, willing to be patient, kind, tenderhearted, forgiving, forbearing, gentle, full of goodness, and other fruit of the Spirit.

    And I know there will all kinds of other work the church may be doing whether it be feeding the hungry, doing outreach in the community, inviting others to attend, telling others what is available at their church, telling them about Christ, giving to the poor, visiting the elderly and sick, and so many other things, but the things numbered above I would consider to be something of a mark of spiritual success, and I don’t think we would want to miss much of those marks.

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