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Along with catching up on some key news, Dr. Brown will answer these questions: If we teach that Jesus died spiritually, could that lead to a denial of His deity? What’s the best interpretation of Matt 21:43? From whom was the kingdom of God taken and to whom was it given? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us not take our eyes off the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus; remember, all authority in heaven and on earth is given to Him.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Are you going forward or backward? No excuse! Forward only!


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  1. Problem with both those of ‘replacement theology’ as to ‘Jews over Gentiles’ here, AND/or ‘Gentiles over Jews’ interpretation of Matt (21:43)DOWN HERE. Kingdom was only near (G-D’s working with ISRAEL thru law unto the departure of the REAL Jesus from this footstool ‘of HIS’), was never here, was never intended to be established on any footstool ‘of HIS’, not here, nor above patterns either ! The ‘people’ spoken of here are the overcomers, not only in their own order of resurrection from here, but also “through” heavenly ‘Paradise’ above ‘third heaven’ also ! Even also the ‘kingdom of HEAVEN’ is likened unto ’10 virgins’ practicing still beyond both third heaven and ‘Paradise above’, and only those then, there “who made themselves READY” at the very portals of HIGHEST HEAVEN would be able to hear that ‘midnight cry’, not be once again then found ‘sleeping’, not going out to ‘buy’ anymore of the NEW COVENANT one baptism only (I Peter 3:21,22), rather accepting the NEW Covenant ONE NEW BAPTISM even unto “one NEW MAN”, now at F-ther’s RIGHT HAND, hereafter and forevermore.

  2. The problem with the real Jesus in ‘any way’ dying ‘spiritually’ is that when He was ‘lifted up’ (speaking of HIS OWN cross, also later of HIS departure from here, only afterwards of HIS ‘deaths’ plural, fulfillment of prophesy of Isaiah’s “deathS with the ‘rich’ afterwards HIS death on HIS OWN cross, HIS then before ‘3 full days’ coming back alive again, yet still in HIS very same likeness of very same ‘sinful flesh’ of first Adam before Mary Magdalene) in HIS first being ‘lifted up’, HE drew all ‘princes’ under “the” ‘Prince’, of “this” world, had HE died ‘spiritually’ in this ‘drawing’ unto HIM of these ‘powers’ unseen, ‘over us’ also down, here, and therefore unto HIS OWN cross, they would have been recorded differently, of aka: “had they known, they would have never crucified the Lord of Glory”.

  3. Those who teach Jesus died both physically and spiritually on the cross, might have trouble believing that from death on the cross, he immediately went unto the Father in heaven.

  4. It seems to me that Mat 21:43 was spoken to whoever rejected Jesus, though it may have landed on the ears of the chief priests and Pharisees first, as they did not believe him.

  5. If we believe Jesus was primarily speaking to the chief priests and Pharisees in Mat 21:43, then were not also the Jewish people being spoken to because of the word “nation” in that verse?

    This then is causing me to consider the responsibility of the chief priests and Pharisees, and how what they do with Jesus at that time, whether they believe in him and accept him as the king of the kingdom of heaven, or not,
    how that will have an effect upon the whole nation of Israel.

  6. “italics’ used by Reformers in translation surely can confuse, but certainly does give us not only that promised world-wide buildup of Harlot Church can never be reformed, nor can Reformers that continue attempting Reform of that which cannot be reformed, especially the majority attempting still ‘from within’ it’s HARLOTRY, but also none from ‘without’, EMPHASIS BEING ALSO THE CROSS AND SHED BLOOD OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, rather than HIS PERFECTION when the real JESUS CHRIST was entered into Angelic Brightness Cloud, only then ‘taken up’ from here, AND TO BE DISROBED OF ROBES WORN BY HIM IN HIS ‘KENOSIS’, 1st before Mary Magdalene, 2nd in a different ‘form’ HE wore before the ‘two’, 3rd HE wore in HIS visit to ‘spirits in prison’, 4th HE wore to modern day ‘dead’, 5th, 6th, et al, other visits to most ancient ‘dead’, world “that then WAS”(Peter’s description,TWO WORLD WIDE floods before the resurrected first Adam, then ‘local’ great sea area, to Middle Eastern, of Noah’s day) BUT a “white” robe was not “given the REAL” until only after HIS 40 days, then 10 days before HOLY SPIRIT “OF PROMISE” SENT by HIS F-THER, 50 days after HIS cross, where WHEN LIFTED UP, HE DREW ALL UNTO HIM (context calls for “all Princes” of this World) NO angels, nor ‘mere men’, which HE COULD HAVE CALLED OUT FOR before being taken in soul BODY and eternal spiritual BODY into HADES, WHERE Peter preached “could NOT be held” down there. HIS physical outer TENT death of HIS cross according to the same PETER cannot NOW save us, ONLY baptism which can NOW save us “maintaining good conscience BEFORE HIS F-ther WHO brought HIM forth from HADES, by HIS SENT into HADES, the HOLY SPIRIT of “promise”, first unto HIM, as “FIRSTBORN” (of many Brethren) “from the DEAD”, OF WHICH HE PREACHED in all those ancient to modern ROBES which in heaven ARE ALL so very, very FILTHY and cannot be worn ‘UP THERE’ by any.

  7. To whom is the ‘kingdom of G-d’ FOR “TO BE given” ? ONLY those wearing WHITE robes IN HEAVEN, none down here still in different forms of religious robes, WHERE the kingdom OF HEAVEN was near, only 50 days until the HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE was sent to make all this CLEAR the kingdom of G-d “IS THE kingdom of HEAVEN” in which no rule nor reign can ever be on any footstool ‘of HIS’ or any other.

  8. Luke 17:21 says the kingdom of heaven is within,
    and we also pray that the kingdom come, and that his will be done here upon earth as it is in heaven.

    I trust that the kingdom of heaven is here, but we don’t see it in it’s fullness yet. If it were here as it is in heaven, then we should certainly be able to see it.

    The kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor in spirit. (Mat 5:3)

    If people loose their salt, I suppose it gets taken from them, either in whole or in part.

  9. First Adam may have prayed prayer as some see it today: Our F-ther who resides in HEAVEN…, thy KINGDOM come (also to Earth, we know as THY will)
    therefore THIS (also of our will) be done down here ON EARTH, same as it is being accomplished by YOU IN HEAVEN… (in the meantime, give us our daily….forgive us….lead us not….for THINE is the KINGDOM (we desire), you have the power to bring this about, and the glory WE WILL GIVE YOU FOREVER, having done this for us ON ‘THIS’ EARTH WHICH IS THEREFORE TO REMAIN FOREVER BY YOUR WILL

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