Dr. Brown Interviews Calev Meyers from Jerusalem; Reflections on Weak Christian Leadership in America; and a Word for Richard Dawkins

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown speaks with Messianic Jewish believer Calev Meyers, founder of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, about allegations against Israel (including violation of Palestinian rights and war crimes). In the second hour, he will discuss the findings of a recent Barna survey regarding American pastoral leadership and then will respond to a recent claim made by world-famous atheist Richard Dawkins. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s frustrating to hear all the lies about Israel, but be encouraged; truth will ultimately triumph over lies.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Do you fear God or do you fear man? Do you try to do what’s right in the sight of God or just keep people happy?


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  1. ” Atheism has never gone further than making a joke, putting a candle in place of an end that had burnt out. Men made of paper! it all comes from flunkeyism of thought. There’s hatred in it, too. If an atheist could suddenly be reformed even too suit ones own ideas, and become extraordinarily prosperous and happy. They’d have no one to hate then, no one to curse, nothing to find fault with. There is nothing in it but an immense animal hatred for life which has eaten into their organism….Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  2. Perhaps flunkeyism of thought is our biggest concern in this age of enlightenment in our society. When we purport our own ideas on what the bible say’s instead of trying to understand the deep depths of God’s word. Our own thoughts are a flunkeyism and we rationale everything. One of the biggest myths today is I was born gay, so how could God create me this way?? That thought is a flunkeyism.

  3. ‘Tree of life’ version(Ezeckiel 37)speaks of land of unwalled villages, living in peace with one another, Chapters 40-48 makes clear the Jerusalem ABOVE is much larger than down HERE, but will still face also it’s FUTURE surrounding Nations as avowed enemies. We are to pray for peace of THAT Jerusalem of “where they whom love THEE” exists, each not needing to ‘teach his own neighbor’, & having been gathered from “one end of HEAVEN to another”. Richard Dawkins, Weak Christian Leadership, Jews regathered in Jerusalem HERE BELOW having built “the wall” make clear we all down here need to have our “eschatology” challenged constantly (using the prophetic entire Old and New Covenants as the first purpose for their existence) in any attempts at being ‘salt and light’ WHILE BRIEFLY DOWN HERE in this ‘initial only’ INTRODUCTION to eternal existence somewhere in a vast Universe, 90% dark matter, a ‘tithe’ only, as was stated “let LIGHT be”, of “lights”. Why continue dialogue of any kind with Scriptura charged “fools”(as is Dawkins, so far), with not as foolish, yet ‘weak Christian leaderships’, without having FIRST discussed in detail their personal ‘world views'(first IN LIGHT OF THOSE OTHER lights out there, now verified, even also that of similar ‘dirt’, as ‘friendship with G-d’ began modern (weak Leadership begins with majoring in the minors, especially when it comes to ETERNAL EXISTENCE beyond this brief initial INTRO down HERE, in which ARE CONTINUALLY fulfilling “THEY SAY” peace, peace, WHEN THERE IS NONE, will be none, true ‘line of fire’ of Peter speaks of REAL fire for this tiny FOOTSTOOL’s answer, SUDDENLY, also according to ‘Tree of Life’ translation distribution (THAT OF “LIFE” BEING never ending for ALL) ! Like our Southern Borders, walls do not prevent ‘tunnels’ nor ‘ladders’, NEITHER DO DENOMINATIONS with leadership who are “earthy only” like first Adam.

  4. Listening to 109:15 and it sure looked like descriptions of a business for profit.

    Giving (receiving $)
    Number of programs
    Number of staff
    Square footage

    I’ll venture to guess that many people do not wish to be a part of a church because they always want them to attend, (every week) give (all the tithe) and get involved in programs…..and if they ever get to the point where they are on staff and are comparing square footage they are about gone.

    I’ve been seeking a church but hope to find something a bit more friendly.

    Those are not the things I look for in a church.

    Next to attendance maybe we should add “of those who look good outwardly”…not interested in those who do not look educated, influential, and prosperous.

  5. Where is truth? The world looks for direction a lighthouse to navigate the way to truth. Where is America? We need that one who can rescue the whole world. As we redefine every part of what she built upon, as we find new partnerships in the world. What did we do with the truth? Can we put this all back together again- can we keep our societal structure redefined without those silly religious over tones in it?
    There is one last mountain of truth! Not really a mountain and the size of the country is so small that surely one of its neighbors can over run it in hours. The last stand, the last hope of truth in the whole world defining and defending democracy is of all places Israel. Our hope is in that truth will finally win out, our last stand for democracy is in Israel. Our only chance is in God.

  6. Richard Dawkin’s atheism teaches that religion and religious people are foolish and evil. So following his logic couldn’t we say his atheism is stepping stone to the mass murder of Stalin and Mao, and that benign atheism clears the way for the horrors of atheistic communism?

  7. I believe Dawkin’s atheism speaks against the seed of Abraham, both of his genetic offspring and those who are of faith, and therefore Dawkin is missing out on a blessing which might cause him to see things much differently, if only he would be a God fearing man, one who seeks to please the God he presently refuses to acknowledge.

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