Should Persecuted Christians Fight Back? And, What the Current Race Riots Tell Us

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Dr. Brown will discuss the difficult question of when (if ever) it is right for persecuted believers to fight back against those trying to kill, rape, kidnap, or torture them for their faith. For his relevant article, laying out two sides of the argument, go here: Dr. Brown will also examine what we can learn from the current race riots. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: By all means, we should be uncompromising, militant in our faith, bold and sure, and at the same time, recognizing that we follow the example of Jesus in all respects of suffering.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In the midst of the heat, the chaos, and the conflict, let us calm our spirits and listen to one another.


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  1. The only place in the middle east that is safe for Christians is in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hebron.
    Now we can understand why the Jews need an Israel!
    Both religions share the common bond of the need of God to exist. Both peoples need each other in the common bond of the one true God of Israel.
    May the king come soon the only way for the world to survive is through Yeshua.

  2. Related: The Shimabara Rebellion.
    The Shimabara Rebellion occurred under the Third Shogun of the Tokugawa Dynasty, Tokugawa Iemitsu. Though it began as a protest of the farmer-peasants against severe rice-taxation (rice was the currency of the day), it evolved into an RCC-Christian rebellion (probably especially due to the fact that many of the RCC-Christians in Japan were formerly Samurai warriors) when they joined in/commandeered the rebellion.

    1. Japan: Memoirs Of A Secret Empire
    1:38:25-1:49:46 of

    2. Enyclopedia Britannica

    *By the way, it is speculated that a certain Clan (the Hata) which emigrated to Japan (190,000 strong) were Jews. Many proofs (some which are convincing and others which are questionable) are shared in a closed-captioned Japanese program ( [7 parts] and [3 parts]–the two programs share overlapping but also different information at some points so you might do better to watch both “series”), featuring (former Israeli Ambassador to Japan) Eli Cohen, and (representing the Investigative Body of Amishav, a man who seeks out the 10 lost tribes of Israel) Rabbi Avichail.
    Interestingly enough, (a fact not shared in either of the aforementioned video series) the crest of the Hata Clan was identical to the Star of David, though it should also be noted that this was in use in Japan before they arrived and was known as the “basket eye” (by those who used it).

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  5. b.j. stone,
    You asked I answered.

    I doubt your posts help anyone, because they read like the ravings of a crazy person: if you really want to help, make yourself more intelligible.
    That’s just my suggestion.

  6. I would suggest that a better and more appropriate statement to posit would be to know why the overall majority of the people in Ferguson and multiple states are non-violently protesting – with many praying, gathering in churches and crying out for healing and justice.

    The current race riots are an expression of the unrest that some angry and misguided African Americans feel in that city. Albeit, the rioting is a terrible way of expressing the mounting tension, yet the message is clear that the perceived abuse of power and racial injustice will not be tolerated. Christians must pray that the truth will prevail as to what happened, and righteous judgment will be rendered to the officer’s innocence or guilt.

    The history of America is stained with the blood of African Americans being unjustly treated from its inception. We have traveled from the unconscionable institution of slavery, to the Dred Scott ruling and the Fugitive Slave Act, to the horror of Segregation. This road has also included police brutality (blue rage), dog attacks, unjust arrest and prison sentencing, and racial profiling. The police are supposed to be an arm of justice, but some have been wolves in sheep clothing. The idea of a city that is 70% black and operating a police department that is 93% white makes for a volatile situation. Demographic wisdom must be exercised when offering a public service of that nature.

    This divide only mounts in the Church when professing Christians continue to declare that America was founded on G-d, or speak of godly, slave owning, forefathers. This only leaves many to conclude that people are either ignorant of our history or are simply insensitive to every race but their own. The Church must be a prophetic voice to the nation, not judge according to the flesh and stand for righteous judgment. During the Civil Rights movement, many of the Freedom Riders were Jewish. In point of fact, several Jews were killed along side African Americans in the fight for racial equality. When Christians learn to hold hands and stand side by side for the sake of Christ, then we will come to know that justice has no color and the truth will genuinely set us free.

  7. Are you referring to any comment of the wars in Eastern World (since Christ’s departure) due to ‘tribal’ peoples religious wars (making possible for Communism takeover for to bring a peace to these mostly factional ‘tribal’ peoples) as to who is to be favored by HIM (in any return taught them since first Century, even also afterwards, their counterpart ‘Nestorians’ before the Moslem desire also to be either on HIS right hand of rule, or even HIS left) IN WHICH THEY CERTAINLY TOOK UP THE SWORD AGAINST one another, RATHER than a ‘dagger’ simply for defense only ?
    ESPECIALLY on topic as to the motivations for using a SWORD for ‘takeover’ vs. a ‘dagger’ for defense only UNTIL finding out their ‘own departure’ from here is unto a ‘resurrection’ from here, and not a ‘rule and reign’ down here, on a ‘footstool’ of their ‘king’ where HIS

  8. …where HIS F-ther made plain “sit thou here UNTIL ALL your enemies are made into that (your) footstool” (made for the sacred angel FEET to keep their necks on all “your enemies” which also ARE MINE ENEMIES, past, present AND FUTURE in an ever expanding NEVER ENDING Universe FOR CREATURES OF ETERNAL ‘FREE-WILL’, never ending, with eternal ‘spiritual BODIES'(needing lockup and separation from other eternal, also spiritual BODIES as they become “overcomers” while limited within the outer TENT of temporal flesh restrictions in both this life, “AND THE NEXT”.
    As to added TOPIC of MISSOURI, USA we agree people are always maneuvering for being either on HIS right hand or on HIS left, in their own religious ideology which promised them peace, when their is NO PEACE on any FOOTSTOOL ‘of HIS’

  9. My nine year old son was walking by the television news tonight as they mentioned Michael Brown being shot by the police. Aaron who knows that I am a fanatic M.B. listener was quite concerned and asked ” He’s been shot?”

    I assured him that the radio program is and Michael Brown are fine.

  10. St Cyril was asked this same questions by the Muslims of his day and this is the response he gave.

    They asked St Cyril in the Saracen camp: ‘As a Christian, is it possible to wage war and also to fulfil Christ’s command to pray to God for your enemies?’ To this St Cyril replied: ‘If, in one law, there are two commandments written and given to men to fulfil, which man would the better fulfil the law—he who fulfils one commandment or he who fulfils both?’ To this the Saracens replied: ‘Undoubtedly, he who fulfils both.’ St Cyril continued: ‘Christ our God commands us to pray to God for all those who persecute us, and to do good to them, but He has also said to us: “Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends” [John 15:13]. And we therefore submit to the insults that our enemies cast at us individually, and pray to God for them, but as a group we defend one another and lay down our lives for one another, so that you wouldn’t, by enslaving our brothers, take away their souls along with their bodies and kill them off completely.’

  11. I have often wondered about the question of when and if it right to fight with physical violence. It occurs to me that Jesus said to turn the other cheek to a slap–something nonlethal, He never said to turn the other side of your chest toward the attacker so that he could plunge the knife into both sides of your body.

  12. Only G-d can kill the soul, send such “living soul body” being used to effect negatively the outer TENT (tabernacle of temporal restrictions of current given OUTER flesh, blood, bones) contrary to any kingdom of HEAVEN, unto HELL with it’s failure to cut off the INNER ‘eye’ of the SOUL “body”, or the INNER ‘hand’ of the SOUL “body” (living hidden within as the “real human being”, “real PERSON” as seen by G-d unto being separated from the temporal outer FLESH “tent” (THE SOUL “body” not capable of being seen by mere man UNTIL the clear separation, under journey assistance by the sent angels of G-d FAR AWAY from this dust) of which past Saints of Catholicism (AND the Moslem) BOTH continue denying St. Paul’s gospel (good news) OF SEPARATIONS “by G-D” AND HIS eternal use HIS mighty ‘angels’ (even also of HIS “parousia” and made much “higher than mere men” in both anointing and ability to ‘heal’, to ‘gather’, to ‘cover’ as a ‘hen would cover her chicks’)UNTO being the ONLY WAY a man can be eventually SEPARATED from both G-d AND man and from the ‘kingdom OF HEAVEN’, unto HADES !

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