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Dr. Brown will take your calls and also respond to these questions: Is there any biblical text that states that we will go to school in heaven? Is it possible for people to believe ‘they are on the side of truth’ and be duped into a lie? Does the Bible really teach that the wealth of the wicked will be “transferred” to the righteous? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I encourage you to never stop studying, never stop learning, and to never stop growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. We are all on a journey.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Theory is important, but practical living is a whole lot more important. What are you majoring on?


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  1. “ISRAEL” is forever (has been established here, has no root, nor branch left here now and to the end), the LAW also has been ‘established’ forever,
    and is a ‘SCHOOL’ for delinquent youths, unto bringing people unto REAL ANOINTING as was upon the real JESUS (not that which has been delivered by angels of light sent here by G-d to try and test SEEKERS ONLY OF TRUTH in this initial only life lived out UNTO a next life IN WHICH BLASPHEMY is still a sin, and also “IF” still against the REAL Holy Spirit, cannot be forgiven then, THERE either, in the resurrection, UNTO A SECOND DEATH having power, or not, over the resurrected of ALL from Adam’s ‘Eve’, mother of all natural hidden now living soul “bodies”, same ‘dna’, different dust temporal of outer tent once again),

  2. Heya b.j.stone,

    I’d love to know which Church you go to? Or which organization or denomination it’s a part of? It might help me understand better some of the things you have said. Thanks b.j.

  3. I’m a follower (as much as can be learned down here in my initial, firt introduction to the LAW GIVEN UNTO “ISRAEL”) of the true CHURCH (called out ones) from Egypt first (as recorded in Sola Scriptura, but having come into this world AFTER many ‘translations’ and without the ‘original transcripts’) but with the HOPE in future ‘next life’ FROM HERE of the ‘promised REAL HOLY SPIRT’ WHEN UP THERE from here “NEED NOT TEACH ONE’S NEIGHBOR” for “all ISRAELITES” shall know HIM, THE REAL” and Sola Scriptura IS WRITTEN IN HEARTS by the REAL, and not some ‘angel from heaven’ claiming to be him, as is the case down here NOW, WHOM G-D SENT as our initial ‘trial’ on this tiny’ footstool, copy of heavenly DIRT SPHERES above, unto exercise DISCERNMENTS necessary unto gaining “first resurrection” as better, according to the great Apostle, on ‘subject resurrection’.

  4. Thanks b.j.

    Can you tell me more about this part since it is happening now?:

    “Sola Scriptura IS WRITTEN IN HEARTS by the REAL, and not some ‘angel from heaven’ claiming to be him, as is the case down here NOW”

  5. In this ‘initial life’ lived out, the sure promised resurrection gains ‘it’s ORDER’ BY G-d (each in their “own order”) regardless of some claimants REAL Holy Spirit of ‘conviction’ has written SCRIPTURES, THEIR MEANINGS BY THE TRUE AUTHOR, in their hearts ? Haven’t found this to be true, have not seen anywhere in this ENTIRE tiny ‘copy’ dirt sphere & footstool, ANY where they need not teach neighbors, RATHER “all already DO NOT fully know HIM, for the ‘gospel’ must go forth down here, the least to the greatest” down here know only “about HIM” at best, KNOW HIM ONLY BY AN ‘angel from heaven’, or not at all !

  6. “Haven’t found this to be true, have not seen anywhere in this ENTIRE tiny ‘copy’ dirt sphere & footstool, ANY where they need not teach neighbors”

    -This is a prophecy concerning Israel in the Millennial kingdom after Jesus has returned. So we will not see this come to pass until after the last days. So it’s understandable that they still need to teach their neighbors.

    “the least to the greatest” down here know only “about HIM” at best, KNOW HIM ONLY BY AN ‘angel from heaven’, or not at all”

    -Is this good or bad that they know about Him by an angel from heaven? Know about who? Jesus? Who is this angel? Or is it more than one?


  7. No one in this ‘initial life’ down here has been thru ‘threshing floor’ AS “ISRAEL”, their ‘grain’ all now in heavenly places, their ‘chaff’ all awaiting their resurrection along with the “rest of the dead” which lived not again “until” (end of the “first”, loosing of what was bound by great angel’s first thousand years of most ancient ‘original’ of all Dragons past, only FOR SHORT TIME, before being tossed down unto, on top of angelic ‘prince’, angelic ‘king’ of ancient Tyre, unto this future ‘heavens on real fire’, unto exampled copy ‘lake of fire’, maximum confinement, “Dragon’s messengers” most ancient of original divine men, of divine angelics past, in eternal free-will spiritual bodies, WITHOUT temporal outer ‘tents’, heavenly operational UNTIL their ‘beginning’, of their ‘end’ (since ISRAEL’S threshing floor has ended leaving no root, nor branch HERE, none can claim a ‘pure anointing’ of the HOLY SPIRIT OF “PROMISE” SENT HERE to “ISRAELITES”, 10 days from our LORD’S being caught up in the glory of HIS angelic “PAROUSIA” and feet of angelic BRIGHTNESS in glory, for ALL since have both ‘angelic interference’ of the sent here by G-d, even also of the ‘demonic’ already here long ago, unto the entrance point unto the ‘mind of the soul’ thru the ‘right side’ of the outer ‘brain’ of man’s temporal TENT DOWN HERE, briefly as it is in comparison to the NEXT LIFE).

  8. b.j.

    I don’t think you’ve answered any questions yet. When I ask about something you said you talk about other stuff. Except maybe jon’s when you said “none can claim a ‘pure anointing’ of the HOLY SPIRIT OF “PROMISE” SENT HERE to “ISRAELITES””. That was the closest to an answer I’ve seen.

    What church do you go to?
    What’s your favorite Bible related website?

  9. Meaning no offence, but it sounds more to me like a spattering of misdirected Bible verses interspersed with some First Testament prophecies as well as the book of Revelation and these are then thoroughly mixed together with a hefty dose of mysticism, especially concerning the angelic realm.

    B.J., I take it you study the Bible on your own having no affiliation with any particular denomination, is that correct?

    Have you just recently found Dr. Brown’s website? Do you find his teachings to be in line with any of your own particular beliefs?

  10. b.j.,

    Can you come down to our level a bit? I’m not able to make much out of what you write. Are you able to write in simple, complete sentences? If your English is not good, please let us know, that we may bear with you on this.

  11. There was some time spent on discussing the importance of the deity of Christ, the importance of understanding him as being God in some way, in some form, substance, or manner.

    I know of Christians who were taught that Jesus began his existence as a seed in the womb of Mary by divine conception, and that is what some people will tell you about Jesus, and they have received the Holy Spirit, they do speak in tongues, interpret, and prophecy.

    I’ve listened to them. I’ve heard them. I was among them for years, and there were more than just a few of them.

    They did understand and believe Jesus to be the Son of God by divine conception, and him being God’s only one in that respect, and I’m quite certain they still do.

    They don’t seem to have the understanding of Philippians 2:6,7 as speaking of Jesus’ existence with God Before his conception in the womb of Mary, as well as afterward.

    I trust that most, if not all of them will someday come around to that understanding. I believe they will if they will continue in the Word of God.

    I trust the Lord will get them there, if they are willing.

    Do they have to all become full blown Trinitarians, and be all about the Trinity, eager to teach it, and to convert everyone to some understanding of it?

    I doubt it. Maybe some will. Maybe nearly all will not. I just don’t know. It would surprise me if the majority did, but it seems to me that if they did, what they would say about it, and how they would bring others to some understanding of it, would likely be a bit different than the way most of us have been exposed to it.

    Being a Trinitarian will not get a man into heaven any more than not being one will.

    Only Jesus can get a man into heaven.

  12. “Tree of Life” version (II Thessalonians 2:10-13) translation of originally written by Paul unto a few Israelites & mostly Gentiles of their Ghetto’s one synagogue, once (before dispersion) called ‘Jews’, as were ‘myriads’ of ‘Jews of Jerusalem’ (also vast majority NOT of Jacob ancestry, yet who came to “believe” in Jesus as their suffering ‘servant’, MESSIAH of their LAND only) comes to us today in instruction to us all, as translated: “for this REASON”, G-d sends them a “DELUSIONAL” force, et al !

  13. Isaiah 66:17 “one (‘three’ branched) tree” of worship explains ISRAELITES who became “tares” of future ‘siftings’,of their unique (“by law” here) threshing floor in this tiny footstool (also by “strong delusion” sent by G-d down here) like unto today’s nicolaitanism based promised harlotry buildup, even unto these ‘heavens on REAL fire’, tares of ‘Catholicism/Universalism’ worshipping (by today’s creeds) Catholic Trinitarianism, also TARES modern, and of the “rest of the dead” which “lived not again” until…..

  14. Paul (half our NEW Covenant, in letters) called by the REAL Jesus, as a “youth” (before “THE REAL”, WHOM called this ‘individual youth’ personally, before HE had ‘risen’ for the last time, from HIS resurrections, in HIS ‘DEATHS’ (PLURAL) WITH THE RICH, by which HE preached, proclaimed, both unto those held by ‘spirits’ IN PRISON since Noah’s flood & all ‘dead of floods)
    did not answer that call UNTIL his, ‘of age’, first outside Jerusalem journey (with letters),
    TAUGHT US THE REAL JESUS of whom he was called, of whom he had persecuted HIM, & HIS ‘REMNANT’ TRUE followers, genuine Apostolic Pentecostals, GENUINE in baptism BY THE F-THER, thru the REAL HOLY SPIRIT, of ‘conviction’ & ‘of PROMISED AGENCY’ of THE F-THER, WHO, BY WHICH the REAL CAN only INTRODUCE unto the REAL, Jesus of Nazareth(no longer still ‘Kosher’) according to Paul’s 2nd letter to the Corinthian Gentile/Jews of whom had received F-THER’S ONE BAPTISM thru laying on of the ‘hands’, by a TRUE ‘ISRAELITE’, overcomer of ‘myriads’ of ‘Jews’ who believed UNTO Jerusalem, & ‘their Temple, as to ‘their Jesus’, by ‘another spirit’, different ‘gospel’, of their own choice, as in their ‘suffering servant’, messiah (who will have caused to come another, to rule, reign over the entire World, from this Jerusalem “BELOW”, from ‘their TEMPLE’ here BELOW)of which PAUL made clear to us (II Cor. 5:16,17 without ‘italics’) THE REAL is ‘brand NEW’, “ONE NEW MAN”, FULLY “PERFECTED” from those days of HIS own temporal flesh, IS NOW SEATED UPON THE ETERNAL MERCY SEAT, in brand new ETERNAL flesh, ETERNAL bones, ETERNAL in blood, in never before existed ETERNAL ‘form’ hereafter, ETERNAL ‘spiritual’ LITERAL, material, REAL NOW IN ‘SPIRITUAL BODY’,first of many Brethren TO FOLLOW,& then, to “SEE HIM” AS “HE REALLY IS” NOW!

  15. bj, You are just not going to answer any questions. We will move on and post irregardless of what your post are doing.

  16. Just how can anyone truly know, BEFORE THE TIME, whether or not ANY person follows, has ALWAYS followed only, ALWAYS, the ‘TRUE’ IN ‘ANOINTING’ (WHILE down here in this initial only, brief as it is, life in very same likeness of very same ‘sinful flesh’ of BOTH first and last Adam, first and SECOND ADAM) “partakers in very same way” of all human “flesh”, Adam’s ‘Eve’, ‘mother’ of all natural living soul HIDDEN WITHIN “REAL BODIES” of the REAL individual PERSON as only G-d sees ALL ? including the first man and woman when created “together”, “at same time”, which produced first Adam alone, but ‘Eve’, from his ‘side’ later, FOR HE ALONE, THE F-THER ABOVE, AND ‘SOURCE OF ALL’, will be OUR JUDGE ! But we can judge all things down here (except other’s motives) as to the best of our ability to discern between the original text (which none have, nor have down here, ever yet had written in their hearts, that which is reserved for the NEXT LIFE in “first” resurrection, first fruits ‘takings of RIGHTFUL place’ then, THERE, and not while still down here, so very brief, temporarily) and what we have here in ‘translations’ from the already ‘copied’ originals, we therefore we are called to ‘exhort’ all the more, as we see that DAY fast approaching, in our fellowshipping one with another, forsaking not the ‘gathering’ together, but with the banner of agape love down here as our goal (EVEN AS THE REAL JESUS CAME ONLY UNTO “HIS OWN”, unto ‘exhortation’, human ‘fellowship’ with ONLY those ‘claimants’ of ‘new birth’, willing to obey the law given exclusively unto ONLY ‘HIS OWN’, EVEN AS HIS F-THER GAVE HIM, whom HE SHOULD CHOSE AS TO BE VERY CLOSE unto close ‘fellowship,’ while still here in this very same likeness of very same ‘sinful flesh’ of first and LAST, first and SECOND ADAMS, so very briefly as this ‘initial’ life only introduces us to eternal EXISTENCE regardless of all the ‘divisions’ promised would come increasingly unto the SUDDEN ‘end’ of this tiny FOOTSTOOL for any, ALL human soul life HERE

  17. I’ve never noticed any particular text which speaks of a school in heaven, yet I believe Jesus is there and will be teaching from there.

    I suppose there may be some children who are not looking forward (with much enthusiasm) to school, which for them is about to begin for another year,
    but if we do believe in Jesus, and have come to him for salvation, I’m sure if there is school in heaven, it would be something to look forward to with enthusiasm.

    Whether his teaching us will become known as school or not, I don’t know, but I suppose it could.

  18. Dr. Brown,
    You previously said that there is no evidence that Jesus was the NT “Promised Land”.
    I am not certain what the “Promised Land” might have been a shadow of in the NT other than, perhaps, the “Promise” of eternal life (the life that is in the Son).

    Related to this, I wanted to ask whether you considered “a thorn in my flesh” as language purposefully chosen–so as to make us think back to the “possessing”/”laying hold” of the “the land… God [gifted to you].”/”[the gift of] eternal life” [Joshua 18:3; 1 Ti 6:12]…

    Numbers 33:55 ESV
    55But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come about that those whom you let remain of them will become as pricks in your eyes and as *thorns in your sides, and they will trouble you* in the land in which you live.


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