Dr. Brown Responds to Charges of Israeli Genocide and Comparisons of Netanyahu to Hitler (and More)

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Dr. Brown refutes the libelous charge that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians and also responds to a listener who feels that Prime Minister Netanyahu is no different than Adolph Hitler (!). He will also address other issues with the U.N. and take your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is undeniable that Jew hatred is rising in intensity around the world; it is undeniable that it will continue to increase in many quarters, but in the midst of it God is working out His purposes of salvation, freedom, and deliverance.

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let the propaganda come, let the lies come against Israel and the Jewish people! Ultimately, Truth will expose the lies!



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  1. Just purchased “Palestine Betrayed” by Efraim Karsh. Thank you for your book recommendations. I read “Elect in the Son” by Robert Shank because you suggested it and I’m really glad I did and you did. Please continue to recommend must-reads.

    And please keep hammering away at the reincarnated, insidious anti-Israel Jew hatred, masked as humanitarian concern for women and children in Gaza, that’s spreading like cancer throughout the world.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Dr. Brown, The current attacks on Israel, the rising tide of Anti-Semitism around the world is nothing new for Jews and the state of Israel. No matter what Israel has to do to defend herself against those nations that want to destroy her, Israel will ALWAYS be seen as the bad guys in world opinion. WHY? Simply put, because of 2000 years of bad teaching, the Church has lost or forgotten, it’s JEWISH roots. And they have created a CHRISTIAN JESUS not the real KOSHER JESUS. Oh yes, the mainstream Church has a love affair with the land of Israel but do they have a love for the Jewish people? And then there’s a insidious disease called REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY which many pastors oh so carefully espouse to their congregations, that the Church has replaced the Jews as the rightful heirs to God’s inheritance. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. Just keep preaching the TRUTH, DR. Brown as you have done and did today. And allow the Lord to do the rest.

  3. I am all for the defence of Israel, but not at the expense of innocent people. Especially children. Not even one. Israeli policy of missiles in civilian areas – outrageous: monstrous, ugly & evil (why? because innocent people inevitably get caught up in it), and not only that: it plays right into to Hamas strategy!

    What happened to acquitting the innocent and convicting the guilty? What justice is there in the land for the innocent?

    So then I am not at all sorry for all the flak that Israel is getting. Not one bit. If they want to stop Hamas, it can’t be at the expense of the children Hamas puts in the way of the missiles. If it wants to defend itself make sure that kids dont die……….But Bibi and Israeli administators don’t care for one innocent kid………

  4. Ben, Of course Bibi cares deeply for the innocent on both sides. Ben, do you read the bible and find that king Saul or king David did not care for one innocent kid….? Bottom line Bibi is a God fearing man, God fearing prime minister who is trying to defend his people. Interestingly enough is how the United States in attacking ISIS is running into the same problem as the terrorists resort to hiding behind woman and children. I know Ben that you want to have your simple and clear view of the world, I am just not sure evil is so clearly viewed.

  5. Ben,

    Do you think that YHWH was unjust to tell Israel to kill every man, woman and child in Canaan when they came to inherit it 3500 years ago? Do you think that you are more moral than the Creator of mankind?

    Yeah, it is bad when children and innocent people get caught in the crossfire, but the fault is Hamas’ not Israel’s. Hamas should not have provoked Israel. It should not encourage civilians to stay in harms way. It should not fire rockets from schools and hospitals and residential areas. If they are not cowards and murderers, let them come to the border and fight like men instead of endangering women and children.

    It is time for you to think a little harder and place the blame where it belongs.


  6. Ben,

    You gave no condemnation of Hamas. Aren’t you outraged by their tactics? Then why didn’t you condemn them in just as strong language? And how would you defend yourself against 100 missile attacks a day? War is ugly and innocent people die on both sides of a conflict, I’ve heard no lamentation for the dead Israeli children!

    I’ll tell you what’s evil, men who persist in putting their women and children in harms way—even after they’ve been warned to leave, that’s evil!

    “Israel doesn’t care for one innocent kid?” You’re espousing falsehoods and the propaganda that’s so prevalent these days. No one wants to hear of children as victims of war—not even the “evil empire” of Israel…

  7. It seems to me that to be fair I would have to admit that Israel has much more concern for the life of the innocent and the children than Hamas.

    Hamas uses human shields because of Israel’s compassion for the innocent.

    If Israel did not defend itself because of the possibility of injury, harm, or death of one innocent child, how many more of the innocent would be in harm’s way? I believe this is what the government of Israel has to weigh all the time, and it is a great burden put upon them.

  8. Ben,

    With ridiculous lines like, “Bibi and Israeli administators don’t care for one innocent kid” you are saying to all of us, “Don’t take me seriously in the least!” You really need to get a grip on reality, and if you have a valid point to make, then make it without falsehood. Just a word of honest advice.

  9. It was impossible for”ISRAEL”to commit genocide when under orders of their”HUSBANDMAN”above, but”ISRAEL”was left down here without neither’root’nor’branch’on this tiny footstool in fulfillment of prophesy,while is forever beyond, above this’copy’of those heavenly’dirt patterns above in,’under the law’given”them”! So who is re-gathered? Those’not under the law’,of Esau’s desired prophesy also given by his father unto him,leading this tiny footstool UNTO it’s prophesied real fire of it’s entire heavens ending all human soul life suddenly,in’one hour’of’one day of G-d’remaining of what was”cut short”at Masada,April 2,73 A.D.

  10. my friends thank u for your comments….let me address the salient ones, namely the offending assertion that: Bibi etc do not care about the kids being bombed

    I have no doubt that he does care deeply. this is a man that has done a lot for Israel. liek Ben Gurion, if nto more. what then is the meaning of my comments?

    we just judge by actions not emotions.


    If Hamas says they want peace and continue firing rockets: then they don’t care for peace. Fair statement?

    If the sinner says he foresakes his wickedness but returns like a dog to vomit: then he doesn’t care for repentance. Fair statement? [no doubt he does care, but actions speak louder than emotions]

    …if Bibi et al continue shooting missiles back KNOWING full well that innocents are gonna get caught up in it, do they REALLY care?

    no doubt they do care, but we judge by actions, not emotions.

    that is what i meant. no more.

    (1) the only way to end the war is through CHRIST. it cannot be won by guns and missiles. Has bibi et al made a push through this method? I don’t know but i think not.

    pls refrain from calling my a liar. otherwise my internet feelings will get hurth. thanks.

  11. Ben,

    Thanks for the clarification, and again, I encourage you to communicate clearly from the start so as to be constructive.

    Of course, Israel and the Palestinians need Jesus.

    At the same time, Israel continues to do its best to avoid civilian casualties (they DO care), and the removal of Hamas from Palestinian ledaership is essential for the well-being of the people there. http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/middle-east/the-arab-world/interview-palestinian-leader-stresses-pro-hamas-rallies-in-gaza-are-fake-7090

    God bless!

  12. If these people deny Hitler’s Holocaust, then accuse Netanyahu of being a “Hitler”, aren’t they really saying Netanyahu didn’t commit any Holocaust after all?

  13. If you were Hamas would you rather deal with Netanyahu or the prophet Samuel? Think seriously about this question, and the answer is clearly you would want a modern day pin point operation. Samuel would have gone strait to the lord and that operation would be say a “little destructive” to the evil Hamas. Anybody but Samuel!

  14. We have to go way back into history. If the Jewish revolt had been successful at repelling Rome’s invasion, then the nation of Israel would not have been uprooted and erased. The surrounding country would still be known as Judea-Samaria. Hadrian was successful at using propaganda to brainwash the whole world for thousands of years. If it had not been for Hadrian, Philistia (the Philistines) would still be long forgotten. This is why it is important to do long and indepth research. Our so called world leaders are still using Hadrian’s propaganda to this day. If the Bar Kokhba revolt had successfully united all of Isreal and had transformed its military into a power that Rome could not defeat, the second temple would probably be still standing to this day. The whole demographic of that area would be as it was over 2000 years ago. These are facts that no one wants to talk about or admit. We have to stop this propaganda with historical facts that cannot be disputed or spun.

  15. Come on. We have to grow up and live in a grown up world. Nobody wants to see children suffer. But did you know that the United States killed tens of thousands of civilians when we bombed German cities. This is the unfortunate side of conflict but is also a reality. It must be done in order to win the larger fight. If you make such rules that nobody innocent can die, then the wicked will win. Let us use some common sense here. We have to do what we have to do and then when those wicked people are out of the way we can pick up the pieces and be sending kids to Disney instead of to the hospital. It’s not our fault when they hide themselves like fools in the midst of innocent children.

  16. Jews of Abraham, Isaac (continue in their attempt to get out from under their ‘yoke’ of Jacob, their brother, no longer here, no ‘root’ nor ‘branch’ left down here, but were once in ‘minority’, in that first re-gathering EDOMITE attempt of Esau) when FIRST, DURING TIME OF CHRIST, PUBLICALLY STATED without rebuttal, unto MESSIAH of ISRAEL: “WE HAVE NEVER BEEN IN BONDAGE TO ANYONE(as you,of minority,now left here of JACOB,especially of Judah)”, NOW are again (and for the LAST OF LAST DAYS, RE-gathered FOR THIS FINALE TIME (having been in bondage since MESSIAH ascended from here, MOST recently in European World Wars, now surrounded by that ‘great Nation’ of Ishmael prophesy to Hagar, unto seeking out from under that continuing ‘yoke’ around their ‘necks’, having once been in charge over Jerusalem, of Judean LAND, in majority, turning over their MESSIAH, whom later ‘myriads of fellow JEWS’ BELIEVED in, as their ‘suffering servant MESSIAH’, having first turned, HIM over to ‘wicked men’, under ROME, to whom their ‘sceptor’ (by THEM had departed AT that time, so very soon after MESSIAH’S birth) and WHO NOW attempt to keep JERUSALEM as ‘their center’ to the world IN TRAVEL, free also from the sure ‘prophesy’ regarding ISHMAEL’S great Nation, in these last days buildup of their version, IN THEIR unique HARLOTRY concerning the real JESUS, and in great oppositions to the buildup world wide HARLOTRY of Rome, the current revised Roman Empire ECCUMENICALISMS of both East, Western ‘NICOLAITANISMS'(CATHOLICISM/UNIVERSALISM)

  17. Purported Letter From Inside Gaza Tells of Tunnel Toil, Hamas Cruelty


    An emotional letter purportedly smuggled out of Gaza details one man’s harrowing participation in digging the tunnels that Israel blames for triggering the latest round of fighting and paints a bleak picture of life under Hamas control.

    The 30-year-old Palestinian to whom the letter is attributed describes accepting a cryptic job offer, then being taken in a windowless truck with five others to a building where they were forced to dig tunnels for long, gruelling shifts in stretches that lasted 10 days.

    “We drove for an hour and finally they stopped and took us into a closed building. We didn’t know where we were,” reads the letter, the text of which has been released on the Internet. “They showed us a hole in the ground and told us to go down.

    “We didn’t know where we’d been, or what tunnel we dug.”

    -Purported letter smuggled out of Gaza City

    “We walked for a few hundred meters, and when we got to the end, two Hamas members were waiting for us,” the letter continues. “They gave us working tools and explained to us what to do in order to make the tunnel longer.”

    It goes on to describe back-breaking labor performed in unventilated shafts, with Hamas overseers screaming and even assaulting workers not deemed to be working hard enough. In the end, after the workers were taken back home and paid meager wages for their work, “We didn’t know where we’d been, or what tunnel we dug,” the letter said.

    Earlier this week, The Times of Israel reported that Hamas killed dozens of tunnel diggers after their work was done to prevent leaks to Israel about the locations of the underground shafts. In addition to tunnelers purposely killed, The Journal of Palestine Studies in 2012 reported that Hamas leaders had admitted that, “at least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels,” reflecting the fact that many children are also used as forced labor to dig the terror tunnels.

    The writer, who sources told FoxNews.com lives in Gaza City, had the handwritten, Arabic letter smuggled out by courier to Itzik Azar, a resident of central Israel and friend of the writer’s late father.

    In the letter, the writer also claims his father’s metalwork shop was commandeered by the U.S.-designated terrorist group soon after it came to power in Gaza in 2006, and used from that point on to turn out rockets.

    “They [Hamas] set the prices and [placed the orders] from the workshop,” he wrote. “From that day, every morning an armed Hamas member used to come to the shop and give us orders to make winged metal pipes. Straight away I understood that they were used to launch rockets. One day a pickup truck came and the Hamas members took my father from the shop. We never saw him again. Later I learned they killed him and threw his body into a pit.”

    The death of his father and the seizure of the family shop drove the man to jump at the chance to earn money, he said. When the latest hostilities between Israel Defense Forces and Hamas broke out more than two months ago, he realized his own work had played a role.

    “We heard about the tunnels that Hamas dug and I understood that I helped them,” read the letter. “We pray that the world will help to free us from the fearful and cruel Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip. I pray for death to all Hamas members and that we will get freedom and a chance to live a normal life for our children in Gaza. Inshalla.”

  18. I thank G-d for the ‘instruction’ in these last days, ‘nuclear age’ (for to look “up” from here, for our “redemption”, even unto our “next life”, draws now more than ever before, so very, very “nigh”, from down here, unto those ‘dirt patterns above’, for all from Adam’s ‘Eve’, tunnel builders, discoverers of ‘tunnels’, or ALL world-wide included, but “each in their own order” of individual resurrection, none however by ‘rapture’, reserved for beyond “resurrection”).

  19. B.j.,

    I take it that you are thankful for what God is teaching you, and that you are looking forward to a new heaven and earth, according to your understanding of things concerning the future.

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