Psalm 37

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Dr. Brown goes verse by verse through Psalm 37, making practical application for our lives today and drawing insights from the Hebrew text. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Read Psalm 37 out loud; read it on your knees. Every word of it is true; live by it!


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  1. Re Wedding:
    “The holy one did not reveal the pecise time of the end . Knowing that the exile would be lengthy, God concealed the timing of the redemption from the Jews. Had he revealed it, the would have despaired and the kenesset Yisrael, the Jewish people at large, would have wished to be wedded to her “husband” such reluctance would have rendered her infertile. Accordingly, the holy one left the end unrevealed, so that Israel would be awaiting [it] every day and every hour… like a woman who has no husband… and is eager to marry when the opportunity presents itself so as not to be infertile.” Eliezer ha-Levi Segal

  2. 37:34 ‘HE shall cause to be “raised UP” on HIGH’
    (the “land” FAR ABOVE, of which Abraham was told to attempt to count it’s suns, our one’ milky way alone, where his ancestry IN RESURRECTION of “ISRAEL”, even “FIRST FRUITS OF RESURRECTION”, especially chosen unto “first RESURRECTION”, FIRST “THOUSAND YEARS” OF RESURRECTION “order”, last of 7 THOUSAND, plan of G-d in years, as a ‘day’ as a ‘thousand’, since the fall of first Adam, of only two ADAMS, first and second, first and last, “resurrected” on this tiny FOOSTOOL, ‘copy’ only, of those heavenly DIRT patterns above, IN ORBIT around millions upon millions of suns, in our one ‘milky way’ alone, one of billions upon billions ‘other galaxies’ (see by search engine “8.8 BILLION” latest estimates of existing now in our ONE single, separated from billions of other galaxies already in existence, our ONE ‘milky way’ ONLY) seen by faith in the unable to be seen, of Abraham becoming by TRUE faith, in the unseen, a friend of G-d seeing future resurrection ON DIRT, “land” ABOVE, for HIS own posterity, FROM THIS TINY dirt Land ‘copy’ footstool, SOON TO HAVE IT’S ENTIRE HEAVENS ON “REAL” FIRE, ENDING ALL SOUL LIFE FROM ADAM, suddenly, IN ONE HOUR, within one day of G-d’, early on the 7th Sabbath thousand, in separation of the hidden inner man of the SOUL “body” from it’s temporal “outer tent”, separating all from Adam’s ‘Eve’, of ‘wicked from righteous’, OF WHICH THIS PSALM compels it’s readers KEEP LOOKING ‘up only, FOR REDEEMTION ‘FROM HERE’, it’s heavens on REAL fire, RESURRECTION UP, THERE only, where our “next life” from here, DRAWS ever so NYE, seeing 6,000 years, even ‘two days’ since MESSIAH Jesus said publically “I must be about MY heavenly F-THER’S, MY only F-THER’S business”, “beginning Passover,0013 A.D. – Passover,2013 A.D. 5th and 6th DAYS (now ‘early’ on this Sabbath DAY already arrived down here ON THIS tiny dirt LAND ‘copy’ of those heavenly seen by faith “dirt LAND patterns ABOVE” friendship) !

  3. b.j.,

    I think I understand you now. You’re speaking of the final judgment, the promises God gave to Abraham to count the stars, if he is able to number them, that to his descendants, who will be as numerous as the billions and billions of stars, God will give the land. Abraham’s descendants are those of “faith” who, through the true “Israel,” that is Messiah, will be resurrected at the final judgment. At that time the meek, or the righteous, shall inherit the earth, which is said to be God’s “footstool.” Abraham was called “a friend of God” as he believed God, seeing those promises as if they were already fulfilled. By faith, Abraham believed.

    I think you’ve also touched upon the idea that the earth will abide for 6,000 years, the last 1,000 years, or as “one day” will be the rule of Messiah with the righteous who have been resurrected upon His return.

    You’ve taken the discourse of Peter, from 2Pe 3:12 “Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?” and are applying that to the second coming of Christ.

    You’ve also brought the idea of 1Co 15:51-54 to bear on Psalm 37 with the resurrection of the righteous together with the destruction of the wicked. I can see that too.

    However, are you saying that because, as you believe, we’re in the last 1,000 years, that Messiah has returned to earth on Passover 2013? Not clear on that.

  4. Messiah left here, forever, & WAS totally HIDDEN by the brightness in separation from ALL down here by the ANGELIC ‘cloud’, of HIS own “PAROUSIA” ! His return is the SAME, only those angelic sacred “FEET” chosen of HIS F-THER, will touch HIS ‘COPY’ footstool, OR any/all of those footstools above, chosen only by HIS F-THER, & as sacred OF HIS BRIGHTNESS, & BY CLOUD ONLY hereafter and forevermore) even as a ‘fellow servant’, early on, sent by the F-THER, came to John on Patmos, even also TAKING John ‘thru an open door’, far from here, INTO HEAVEN ITSELF above, for to see IN HEAVEN, & not down here, those “things yet still to come”, far above/from AWAY & ABOVE this tiny FOOTSTOOL, ‘copy only’ of those heavenly DIRT sphere ‘PATTERNS’ ABOVE also with ‘sacred LAND’, FAR above this once briefly lesson as to the type and shadow of the ‘sacred’ but briefly’ exampled LAND of the LAW OF ISRAEL’S NATION, of type and shadow of PROMISED, briefly here, ‘below’ first establishment of the LAW to “Israel”, as a Nation (now NO LONGER HERE, without ‘root’, nor ‘branch’ left here) yet to be resumed FOREVER as the F-ther IN HEAVEN see’s necessary NATIONAL LAW, UPON land, lands, within this entire, ever expanding, ALSO NEVER ENDING, time/space MATERIAL Universe, of already BILLIONS upon billions OF OUR EXAMPLED ONE ‘MILKY WAY’ OF OUR ONE SINGLE GALAXY, shown Abraham to be also of UNCOUNTABLE by him then, of dirt, lands, for his posterity’, in RESURRECTION from here (now estimated as “8.8 BILLION” other ‘earths’ of also dirt/water’, potential ‘zoned’ for ‘life’ around millions upon millions of SUNS, all, but just a part of what’ now seen TODAY, in just our one SINGLE SEPARATE ‘galaxy’ alone) WHICH houses not only great’sides of it’s NORTH’, BUT OF OUR tiny ‘copy’ of it’s heavenly PATTERNS above). “Parousia” (Greek military word, is only known as ‘military term’, translated as ‘coming’ ONLY of military; FEET, chosen by Emperor only, ‘soldiers’ only, for to march the newly conquered, ‘thru a flaming archway’, beginning at darkness of midnight, never unto any dawn, and NEVER for any ‘king’, or chosen ‘Lord, as chosen by Emperor to EVER be considered for to DANGEROUSLY participate in any way, MARCHED unto a land unfamiliar to ANY of the ‘conquered’, now being ‘displaced’ from their conquered ‘land’, SACRED or not, to prevent ‘future uprisings’ on ‘familiar turf, turfs’) !

  5. The ‘mystery’, never before revealed, of I Cor. 15, was written AFTER Paul’s letters, FIRST, to Thessalonians (AROUND 49-51 A.D.) about the already previously revealed “resurrection” (not ‘rapture’). THAT ‘mystery’ is about the INSTANTANIOUS CHANGE of a ‘soul body’ INTO an ETERNAL ‘SPIRITUAL BODY’ ONLY (no longer to have any temporal OUTER TENT potential, or ANOTHER RESURRECTION of the soul into a temporal OUTER “TABERNACLE, nor once again unto a material outer temporal only flesh, blood, bones, temporal only as IN RESURRECTIONS, as in a NEXT LIFE, from here, first required for all from here, yet still in very same likeness of very same sinful flesh, likeness of both first ADAM sin, similitude, AND second ADAM, last Adam’s overcoming, of that of first Adam’s earthiness). THE ETERNAL INSTANTANIOUS ‘CHANGE’ is unto ETERNAL material flesh, eternal bones, eternal blood, SAME AS our Lord, as FIRST BORN FROM THE DEAD, AND “ONE NEW MAN”, BRAND NEW, AS NEVER BEFORE ANY EXISTED IN SUCH ETERNAL MATERIAL STATE (as a “MAN”) AND “FIRST” OF many Brethren YET ALSO TO COME ALSO INTO THIS “INSTANTIOUS CHANGE”, BUT ONLY AFTER RESURRECTIONS , AND ‘DEATHS’, AS OUR Lord “with the rich”), even unto the trials of heavenly PARADISE ‘beyond the third HEAVEN’, as our Lord ALSO FIRST to overcome, UNTO HIS OWN “PERFECTION”, from those temporary days of HIS own temporal flesh, bones, blood of fallen first Adam, but now seated, as that “perfectly fully PERFECTED LAMB, eternal of G-d, on that now ETERNAL mercy seating AT F-THER’S RIGHT HAND, HIS ETERNAL BLOOD NOW FLOOWING, thru HIS ETERNAL veins, NEVER TO BE REMOVED from that eternal SEATING, of HIS, by HIS F-THER, HERAFTER, and forevermore, only to STAND when HIS F-THER gives HIM voice to lift HIS VOICE in DECREES to the also ‘non-divine’ CREATURES of ‘eternal free-will’, AS WELL AS THE ORIGINAL ‘DIVINE’, made in the very image of the F-THER, also in eternal ‘free-will’, but unlike the SON, with a beginning, but as the SON also, NO ENDING !

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