The IRS Declares War on Religion; and What Is the Truth about the Ex-Gay Movement?

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown addresses the recent announcement that IRS will be monitoring the sermons of select churches, speaking with an attorney from the ADF; in the second hour, Dr. Brown will speak with Anne Paulk, Bob Knight, and Stephen Black about those who now declare themselves to be ex-ex-gay. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let’s not worry about the IRS, let’s not fear the government; let’s do what’s right in God’s sight.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Regardless of whether someone changes their desires or their attractions, living for Jesus says, deny yourself, take up the cross, follow me, and you will be blessed.


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  1. In regards to this about the IRS and the Freedom From Religion group, the question comes to mind about whether or not someone who accuses another is presently guilty of the same thing or not.

    I do not believe this is always the case, however it does cause me to wonder if the Freedom From Religion group is receiving tax exemption, and if so, whether it is happening legitimately or not.

  2. This was a difficult question to answer if we should be recieving a tax exemption or not. I think it is a sad state that this great land is rejecting the Judeo Christian values that we are established on. The stark contrast is what Christians elswhere are going through, but it is still a sad state that we are in right now.

  3. Destroying religious freedom under the disguise of the practice of it, doesn’t seem to me to be a legitimate basis for a tax exemption.

    I don’t think the framers of the constitution had such a thing in mind when they put into place a safeguard for the exercise of religious freedom.

    Neither is the constitution something that was written with the purpose of destroying the things it says.

    Now I wonder if the Freedom From Religion people, if they were not operating from a basis of an illegitimate tax exemption, if they would not be accusing others of doing it.

  4. About so called Charitable organizations, usually one can see all the good they do, but once in a while, don’t we need to ask, “Where’s the love?”

  5. Hi Ray,

    I would like to look into what it is they do as the Freedom From Religion Organization. Do they lobby Congress, or, help legislate bills and laws to further their personal beliefs? You know, what is their modus operandi? I’m certain their methodology is well rehearsed and written in language that would sound completely reasonable on the surface but in the fine print, they want to stop religion from being exercised anywhere other than in church buildings, and they now want the tax exempt status for churches withdrawn. The more churches pay in taxes, the less they have to use for outreach and humanitarian purposes. Of course, it’s not solely the tax issue that they’re investigating, it’s the content of the sermons being given during the services. They want to determine how politically motivated they are and whether or not they’re preaching about “sin” and who it is that they say would fall into a certain category of immorality and sin of a particular type…

    I imagine it’ll get to the point where the pastors sermons are censured for content! And if you deviate from the love and brotherhood message, you’re preaching hate and condemnation of a certain group of people and they want to make it against the Law for you to preach on the truth of what the Bible says about it. That’s what they don’t want to hear—that anything is sin.

    It’s going to get bad and it’s moving quickly in that direction already. Churches will need to become private clubs I guess… 🙂

  6. And if a “charitable organization” is more into lobbying congress or helping to legislate bills, than anything else, isn’t that being more into politics than true religion? (giving to the poor and keeping themselves unspotted from the world, for example)

  7. Hi Dr Brown, I have a neat acronym for your Friday shows. How about F.A.Q. Friday? Since you are answering questions from the audience. What do you think?

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