Dr. Brown Interacts with the Israel Theology of R. C. Sproul and John Piper

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Dr. Brown discusses important questions in biblical interpretation regarding the land and people of Israel, interacting with some leading theologians and teachers with the hope of each side being sharpened in the discussion. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Church is not Israel; the promises given to Israel have not been taken over by the Church, and it is God who has brought the Jewish people back to the Land.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I think about Israel, Palestinians, here’s what I think: human beings, people, families, just like ours, they need our prayer.




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  1. According to scripture. There is no linger Jew or Gentile. We are both grafted into the nation of Israel. As of now we are still scattered among the nations until Yahushua returns. The 12/13 tribes of Israel that were scattered only the 2/3 from Judea are Jews. The rest are gentile. This “State” of Israel is a man made nation. Which just like all nations it includes citizens of the TRUE nation of Israel. The True nation of Israel is the Ekklesia of God. That is whom all man made government is supposed to be following. Not this man made “state of Israel.

  2. I was inspired by the guest on today’s show describing support of Israeli soldiers by Israelis. This is important. (I didn’t catch his name.)

    But, this is not what will break the cycle of violence.

    But only when Isrealis bless their enemies, as Rabbi Jesus says thy should, can we hope for a break in the cycle of violence.

  3. I believe that Ron Cantor cares about Palestinian suffering. But I would be more convinced if that concern translated to Israeli support for a change in policy.

  4. Wowie wow wow wow… how full of “hooey” Ron Cantor was, tying Obama’s Cairo speech to current events in the Middle East.

  5. Dr. Brown — could you explain to me the rules of this site?

    Am I required to agree with you and your guests?

    Disagreement is not attack.

  6. Really, I don’t have time to deal with this, but this is an attack: “Wowie wow wow wow… how full of ‘hooey Ron Cantor was.”

    We’re glad you listen to the show even in the midst of differences, but this is not your website to take over, it’s not a place for endless personal wranglings with other posters, and it’s not a place to attack guests (or, as you’ve my motives, etc. — no time to document that here).

    So, really for the last time, your choice: Step higher, or listen but don’t comment.

  7. OK — I apologize for the harsh language. That was over-the-top.

    Your guest’s comment struck me as a gratuitous Fox News-style pot-shot at our President, who I admire, and I let out an expletive. Sorry.

    But when have I attacked your motives? I do believe you are sincere. I do believe you a devout brother-in-the-Lord. I’ve said-so, repeatedly. I honestly don’t remember any personal attack on you — only agreement or disagreement on issues.

    I have been posting a lot lately due to some sick days. I’ll slow it down.

  8. Apology accepted! Re: my motives, I don’t read all the posts and can’t begin to review all of yours, but you made clear at one point that the only reason I was holding to my views concerning the Bible and homosexuality was something utterly false and completely fabricated and judgmental. Please understand that I’m accused of far worse virtually every day; it’s just that our website is not a platform for personal attack against anyone. Again, I appreciate that you’re a devoted listener, but it’s a terrible distraction for us to have to police comments here. Are you capable of stepping higher? I believe so.

  9. I believe we should see Genesis 12:3 in a broader sense than just simply say or think that this is a promise of God to only those who are children of Abraham by physical DNA.

    See Romans 9:6-8.

    As Christians we should be especially good to those who are of the household of faith. (Gal 6:10)

    In like manner it seems to me that we ought to be especially good to those that are the children of Abraham, both to those who are not believers in Jesus (remembering that they are children of Abraham and people to whom the promises were made) but also to those who are children of Abraham by faith in Christ, whether they are genetically connected to Abraham or not.

  10. That the Lord has founded Zion,
    And the poor of His people shall take refuge in it.

    Isaiah 14:32

    Clear proof of God today.

  11. Israel is not an occupier. Israel is not an aggressor. Israel is a refuge, what God has scattered can not be regathered with out his will. What God has regathered can not be scattered without his will. What God has founded the world will be against with all her will ultimately in vain.

    See today how the dots line up against the will of God. The dots are reestablishing morality according to the worlds wisdom. The world paints Israel according to it’s worldly intellectual understanding. If the UN, Europe, and the United States all line up and call for a cease fire they are against the will of God. If you are taking refuge in a small country ultimately you will need God to send the Messiah to reveal his will to the whole world.

  12. As I am still a newbie in the faith (3 years since Baptism), I am still carrying on the debate about the Jews and Israel in Romans in my own mind. I have a friend you debated, Steve Gregg (a wonderful Christian) who expounds replacement theology. However I am more persuaded by your textual arguments Dr. Brown and by what you mention about the Jews in history. To me, to claim that the Jews are now just another people among other peoples is to stand against the obvious. They always seem to be in the thick of things and now with the modern state of Israel it has reached a new crescendo. How can this not be of God?

  13. Whomever ‘curses’ you, I will curse. Prez Obama is perfect ‘type’ of who would be set up, not taken down (by G-d, as leader, or ‘king’) who is THE major cause for SUDDENLY these ENTIRE heavens on REAL fire. Mountains melting, rainbow no longer seen in the heavens, waters once again covering the earth, last time before ‘no more sea’ as seen by John from heaven of first heaven, first earth in ‘neglect’ (but before ‘out of it’s orbit’, earth’s nuclear core still ‘cooled’, therefore until out of orbit, ‘preserved’ by third water baptism, even as described until having passed by it’s, or some other SUN on it’s way towards it’s own assigned ‘black hole’, temporary only, EXAMPLE only, reserved for tossing of most ancient of Dragon and his angels being tossed from heaven DOWN into ‘LAKE, of fire’ WHERE ‘beast and false prophet’ ALREADY awaiting to say “is this the ‘man’ ? who caused ? …. )

  14. To adhere to a “replacement theoligy” is a risky proposition. A covenant which is taken away from one and given to another once, could obviously be transferred again. Our G_d does not change His mind, make mistakes, or break promises.

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