Cutting Edge Interviews on Social Reformation and Revival

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Dr. Brown interviews radio host and journalist Todd Starnes on his book Godless America and then speaks with author Larry Sparks on awakenings in American history and our hope for the future. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us with clarity of heart and mind empty ourselves of superficial things that divide and major on the majors.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Wherever you find yourself, however distant from God, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.


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  1. I had to Google today’s guest:

    >>Todd Starnes is an American conservative columnist and commentator for television and radio. He has appeared regularly on such television series as Fox and Friends and Hannity.

    Fox and Friends? Hannity? Journalism? Really?

    Dr. Brown needs to use the quote marks he’s so fond of:

    >> Dr. Brown interviews radio host and so-called “journalist” Todd Starnes…

  2. Greg, please, drop it.

    Your bias is shouting so loudly that you now do appear as a troll here, sad to say. We do welcome disagreements but for months now, it’s more like mockery and ridicule of all points that your theological and social liberalism causes you to reject.

    So, without any debate here, if you want to continue to post here, you’ll need to refrain from insults of others, including my radio guests.

  3. OK — I apologize. I intended the comment as a gentle teasing more than mockery.

    But do you really think a Fox News pundit is a “journalist”?


    Here is a positive suggestion: Instead of going to a clearly biased pundit about “Godless America” — try a true expert on the issue.

    Have you ever interviewed George Barna on your show? He is a true expert on trends in American belief.

    (PS: I have helped host Barna a couple of times and I have no idea of his politics.)

    (PPS: If I’m a theological liberal it’s because I’m an exegetical conservative!)

  4. Yes, Todd is a legitimate journalist, doing excellent work on the front lines; I’ve interacted with George Barna in the past and would gladly have him on my show. We are in harmony on many issues, in fact.

  5. I’ll take your word on Todd. That’s not the impression ones gets by Googling him.

    I am pretty sure I treat facts very differently than you.

    It never occurs to me to consider whether I am “in harmony” with George Barna.

    What I ask is – Is Barna an authoritative source for the facts?

    I’m in harmony with the the facts, not Barna.

  6. Greg,

    I would beg to differ with you on you being in harmony with the Biblical facts in quite a few areas. And your haughty judgement of the guest just because he was associated with Fox News just shows that you do not accept other facts…unless they agree with your liberal agenda. You are evidently in harmony with liberal media bias, though…that is for sure.

  7. Greg,

    You wrote:
    “OK — I apologize. I intended the comment as a gentle teasing more than mockery.

    But do you really think a Fox News pundit is a “journalist”?


    Here is a positive suggestion: Instead of going to a clearly biased pundit about “Godless America” — try a true expert on the issue.”

    That is not an apology and you’re being insincere to claim that it was only “gentle teasing.” The very next statement proves this. You were not teasing. You were looking down your long liberal nose with superiority and judgment. “Pundit”…who is the pundit here? Who is clearly biased? Time to come down from your high horse.

  8. Bo,

    Before you bow out of the conversation we were in could you please answer my query of you?

    Let me know if you need me to gather up the verses in question.


  9. Sheila,

    I have not necessarily bowed out. I rarely do such a thing. I am taking a break so that I can come back less emotionally charged. Dan1el is not worth my time answering because of his past demeanor. It would be good if you could repost the passages, but I am wondering if you have answered my passages yet also.


  10. Bo,

    why are you attacking Greg? He already apologized to Mike and they seem to have made amends, so what is the purpose of your comments?

  11. Brian R.,

    It wasn’t a real apology. He just went right back into outrageous prejudicial statements.


  12. Hi Dr. Brown,

    Can you please address these commments by Dr. Don Preston about Israel, I’m confused:

    “…Let it be clearly understood that I am not anti-Semitic. I affirm that Israel had a distinctive purpose in God’s Scheme of Redemption, a purpose that was fulfilled, and thus, Old Covenant Israel ceased to be God’s exclusive chosen people. Modern “Israel” is not under the curse of God, and the pogroms against the Jews throughout history are a blight on humanity. There is absolutely no excuse, from either a Biblical or humanitarian perspective, for “anti-Semitism.”
    What needs to be understood is that modern Israel is not the Israel of scripture; they are not the descendants of Abraham. There is no race of Jews today! The Encyclopedia Britannica (Vol. 12, p. 1054) 1973 says, “The findings of physical anthropology show that, contrary to the popular view, there is no Jewish race. “Jewish author, Camille Honig, editor of The Jewish Voice, wrote (Nov, 1953),”It is sheer nonsense, as well as unscientific, to speak of a Jewish race. Jews do not belong to a single homogeneous group.”

    This is acknowledged by historians of all stripes who know that the Ashkenaz Jews of today were, in fact, Gentiles in origin. Ashkenaz Jews, who comprise the vast majority of those calling themselves Jews today, trace their lineage back to Gomer, who in turn was descended from Japheth, the son of Noah (Genesis 10:3; 1 Chronicles 1:4f). However, the lineage of Abraham came through Noah’s son Shem, not Japheth. This is incredibly important, and yet, is being essentially ignored by most Bible students today.
    Thus, for modern prophecy teachers to proclaim that Israel remains the chosen people of God, is a falsehood, for Biblical Israel does not exist today. There is no nation of Israel, descended from Abraham, today.”

    Thank you,

    Teo Z.

  13. I wish some church would schedule and hold a revival. I really do.

    The kind of revival I’m hoping to see is something that has the power to shake even what we consider to be a good spiritual reign of someone we consider to be a king of the kingdom under the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I’m hoping to see the kind of revival that would be so powerful that if it should go wrong, for some reason, (and I hope this would never happen)that it would have the power to rip what we might consider to be the godly reign of a great king, who is under Christ, right out from under him.

    That’s the kind of power I’m hoping for, and I’ve seen it in the Bible.

    And guess what? I believe the scripture will bear witness that this began by a man taking it upon himself to begin it.

    I believe people did revive through that work even though it went crooked. I don’t believe it has to.

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