How the Church of America Has Lost Her Way (and How to Find the Way Back)

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Dr. Brown speaks with Michael Carl, a journalist and pastor, about how the Church of America has departed from foundational doctrines and how this has impacted the nation. He’ll also take your calls and weigh in on some key national events and news. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, the world is in turmoil, but the throne of God is not in turmoil. The closer we get to the throne of God the less our own hearts will be in turmoil.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Back to the basics remains the answer. The situations may change around us; the solution remains the same.



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  1. I don’t notice a doctrine the church may have lost, and I don’t look for one.

    I have noticed a thing that was lost. It wasn’t a doctrine, it was a thing.

  2. Speaking of someone possibly loosing their way, Did Job ever loose his way? (see Job 3:23 KJV for a clue)

    And wasn’t Job’s way, because his choose the way of wisdom, (Job 28) and wasn’t his way about the dew that lay all night upon his branch, (Job 29) the secret of God that was upon his tabernacle, his candle that shined, the rock that poured out to him rivers of oil, the blessing that came upon him, the righteousness that clothed him, his root that was spread out by the waters, and his glory, Job’s hidden mystery of God, it was Christ, was it not? (John 1:10)

    And didn’t Job have a ministry he talked about in Job 29? He certainly engaged the culture of his day didn’t he, and he was a bit on fire wasn’t he?
    And when the widow’s heart sang for joy, he was involved a little bit in that work of God, that reviving wasn’t he? (Job 29:13)

    Why can’t the Church learn to do the same today?

    Hasn’t God given us a bit of a ministry of reconciliation?

    If the Church ever lost anything, or if it fell short of doing anything, could it be in doing the work of the ministry of reconciliation?

    Is the Church all about this work? Are people in today’s churches in America coming in with matters between one another, wanting another to serve in the ministry of reconciliation, because they have gone to someone first to resolve a matter but they have not been heard?

    Do they come to your church and ask for that all the time?

    Isn’t that what people did back in Job’s day?

    It seems to me they were connected in some deeper spiritual ways than much of us today, interacting with one another, going to elders at the gate, hearing matters between them, searching out the thing that is right, being all about truth, justice, mercy, and even faith, or are these just trivial matters, not much worth engaging in?

    Or is Church more about sitting in pews, singing a few songs, or melodies of whatever it is, and then hearing something of scripture, giving an offering and going home?

    I know there are a lot of other activities, but among all those, Where are the Jobs? Where are the delivering judges? Where is the ministry of reconciliation?

    To me it’s something, and to me it’s not really a doctrine. To me it’s something much, much more.

  3. “Somehow, we have lost the sense of urgency because we have lost the subduing sense of God-that sense of God that a past generation spoke of as ‘the fear of God’. I know of no greater tragedy than to lose the sense of the immediate presence of God.”

    God’s Standard
    -Duncan Campbell

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