Tackling the Controversies and Taking Your Calls

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Dr. Brown weighs in some of the latest controversies in the news and takes your calls on a variety of issues including: Is there a connection between violent video games and violent acts? Did President Obama do the right thing in swapping Taliban terrorists for a POW who may have been a deserter? And much more. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us not divide over Republic and Democrat, right or wrong. Let us look at righteousness, and let that be the dividing line.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Just as the tide is turning against Roe v. Wade when that once seemed impossible, the tide is going to turn in many other ways by God’s grace.



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  1. Bowe Bergdahl was most probably a deserter. He is also a convert to Islam. So is his father.

    It looks very much like we’ve been played.

  2. Controversy here in Colorado with the Master Piece bakery. I ordered a cake from him a few months ago for a baby dedication. This guy shuns the attention and just works hard. See below the story from Fox news. He and his staff are good Christians that must now under go sensitivity training.

    A family owned bakery has been ordered to make wedding cakes for gay couples and guarantee that its staff be given comprehensive training on Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws after the state’s Civil Rights Commission determined the Christian baker violated the law by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

    Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, in Lakewood, Colorado was directed to change his store policies immediately and force his staff to attend the training sessions. For the next two years, Phillips will also be required to submit quarterly reports to the commission to confirm that he has not turned away customers based on their sexual orientation.

  3. I think God has these people right square in the middle of failure. I am optimistic that all this nonsense that we see daily now is going to boomerang and fail. The market is up despite 20 trillion in debt and climbing. The abortion industry is going to fail for a human being knows that life is intricately wound up in conception. The liberal has driven the car off the cliff, and the world knows it.

  4. A free thinking person with wild and crazy thoughts would now believe and have faith! Who wants to be crammed with sensitivity thinking? How insulting to a human. Are we going to be drones and told that the earth is warming and the sky is falling? Are we going to be told that same sex attraction is the new normal? We need some crazy people to reject these morons that make a mockery out of human living. I want to see universities protest the stupidity that we are normalizing. Stand up and believe!! Imbeciles are teaching us opposite truth, are we going to sit stupidly by and accept this nonsense?

  5. Do we not let Pollard out of prison, but this president goes out of his way to release of terrorist in trade for a swap in the name of Allah.

    Does Pollard remain in prison because he is a Jew?

  6. This has been the perfect storm to have this president at this time.

    Pc politics has paralyzed us to the truth. We pay more attention to the doing what is politically correct over what is the truth. There has been the right time to put in a president into our system to fundamentally change our whole system. Because of the morass and our breakdown of our biblical principles replaced by pc principles we are reacting to the societal truths and ignoring the biblical truths.
    This system is in serious crisis due to the fact that we are so paralyzed to react to the truth. The light to the world on a hill has been hidden. It is like a light house without a light the ships are lost in the storm of a very dark night. The United States right now does not have a light to the world. This is the time and place where truth is hidden, and we are beholden to the new truth and political correctness. We need a revival in this nation to get that light house light back on. We need biblical truth, not more politically correct nonsense that will put us even further off course.

  7. Israel has negotiated on all levels to appeal to the current administration to release Pollard . All this would require is a signature from the president. The republicans have also appealed to the president to release Pollard. About the only way to get Pollard released is to give the Palestinians an agreement to divide the land or Jerusalem. Of course this is an agreement that no country could make, but these are the stakes. It is interesting the twists that Obama goes through to release a deserter for terrorists without any oversight, in yet all the high level appeals for a release of Pollard is completely ignored. This reeks of anti-Semitism and demonstrates a very strange thing for a president of the United States to do after fighting a war on terror. Do we have a sympathetic Muslim president?

  8. Sorry Bo, I live in Denver and go to Church in the city Beth Abraham. It is a one new man with a Sabbath messianic congregation and a Sunday service – Jew and gentile together in Messiah. Both congregations are led out by Jewish believer’s – If you are ever in Denver this is one of the most interesting churches or place that you will find. Also it is in a renovated original synagogue. I hope Michael Brown will visit us soon.

  9. Trading with terrorists in secret seems to me to be another act which works to undermine the standards which are set in place which serve to protect and serve the purposes of security and well being for the people of this nation.

    I’m all for exceptions to every rule, for that always seems to be the case with everything, but I really wonder if this was worthy of one of those exceptions.

    Trading with terrorists opens a door which many wanted to keep shut. Then there’s the matter of how this was done.

    This whole story is loaded with controversy because it’s been reported that he deserted. I wonder how much he cooperated with the opposing force, and how much information he may have volunteered, something that will now be looked into by the military.

    There’s been so much that the current president has done that is out of the norm, and such is often the case with great leaders, but it also may be so with poor leadership.

  10. Mike,

    Great debate last night with Dr. Don Preston on Israel and Eschatology. You both presented very thought-through positions. I felt it was a very ‘qualified’ debate and one debated between true brothers. I loved the atmosphere and manner of the discussion. Very well done.

    For anyone who wants the link to the debate, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJzWIJCj1Wo

    Thanks Mike,

  11. Thanks Sheila, my link was to James Whites Youtube channel, I guess he moved it. Thanks for linking to Dr. Browns channel.

  12. “Are we going to be drones and told that the earth is warming and the sky is falling? Are we going to be told that same sex attraction is the new normal?”

    Let’s include the idea that we have a mass illigal voter problem and establish laws and close voting houses that weaken the hands of the poor.

    Pardon terrorist, this is unheard of????

    In 2009 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government had continued to grant amnesty to terrorists as a gesture to help bolster Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. He pardoned 13 members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the declared military wing of Abbas’ Fatah organization. 11 of the 13 are accused of collaborating in attacks in which Israelis were murdered.

    I’m not saying what the President did was right or wrong, let’s just be sure to judge with righteous judgment without partiality.

    We have the President in office because the religious individuals in this nation have been a failure regarding righteousness and justice. We cry out regarding abortion and then treat the innocent children that are alive with contempt. Situational ethics exposes the hypocracy of this nation.

  13. Why all the bantering about conservatives and liberals? This is a clear demonstration of how much we have been socially engineered. That is the language of politics not of a Spirit-filled life governed by the Scriptures.

    Liberals were the one’s who fought for the liberation of slaves and equal rights for women; yet, it has now become ademonized faction becuse it went too far into the promotion of abortion, same sex marriages and all forms of immoral sin.

    The Conservatives have been the group that have advocated for family values and morality; yet, they were the group that promoted segregation, and now fight to make voting hard for the poor, they are the confederate flag waving faction that winks at racial discrimination.

    Both the Liberal and Conservative people who attempt to put Christ on their side do more harm than good. One promotes Al Sharpton and the other promotes Rush Limbaugh…. really???

    We do need an awakening, but it won’t come through political jesting. The the revival we need will be deliverance from politics in the Church. The preaching of the cross shows no partiality and will lead the seeker to all truth no matter where the destination leads.

  14. Brian,

    >> Why all the bantering about conservatives and liberals? This is a clear demonstration of how much we have been socially engineered. That is the language of politics not of a Spirit-filled life governed by the Scriptures.

    Amen! Preach it brother!

    I think that this dividing the body of Christ over liberalism vs. conservatism is the signature heresy of the American church.

    Obviously, I’m a liberal. But, I don’t claim that conservative Christians aren’t sincere and in good faith. I wish they would extend me the same grace.

    Even more, I think Christianity needs conservatism. And liberalism!

    Conservatives keep the church anchored and steady. They are the ones who value tradition, heritage and conventional ways of thinking. Conservatives remind us to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Liberals keep the church growing and alive. They are the ones who value relevancy and new ways of thinking about new realities. Liberals point out that the bathwater is so dirty and cold it needs to be thrown out.

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