Dr. Brown Interviews Dr. David Kyle Foster

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Dr. Brown speaks with David Kyle Foster, author of the autobiographical book Love Hunger. David was delivered from sexual addiction, pornography, prostitution, and homosexual practice, and he now heads up Mastering Life Ministries and Pure Passion TV. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It doesn’t matter how broken, how messed up, how deeply in rebellion you are. The mercy of God, the blood of Jesus can touch you.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If God could save, transform, and use David Kyle Foster and me, He can save, transform, and use anybody.


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  1. jon,

    >> Van you most certainly prove my point that you are an intellectual terrorist.

    I have to defend Van, in this regard.

    Van is not an “intellectual terrorist.”

    He strikes me as a wounded person lashing out.

    My guess is that there is conservative Christianity in his background.

  2. Van,

    >>Call the show for what? What is it you want to say to me?

    Dr. Brown has this guiding philosophy of “Resist and reach out.”

    In other words, he condemns you to hell with a warm voice. 😉

    As for me, I have a problem with your fundamentalism and your supremacy because those things hurt people.

    But, I respect your atheism. It’s a defensible world view although I think agnosticism is far more intellectually honest.

  3. Greg,
    Atheism is not a worldview. Humanism might be one on the other hand. There is no religion at all in my background and I’ll tell you why. I have never believed in the supposed attributes of God. Omniscience is another word for ESP and I don’t believe that is possible. Omnipresence and omnipotence are also human concepts and they aren’t real either. So none of the Gods humans have believed in are real including and especially yours. Of course I’m a grown -up and so I don’t believe in life after death, heaven, hell, angels, demons, Satan, giants, dragons or any of the other absurd things you people have been frightened into believing in. There’s a one word fits all definition for all religions: nonsense.

  4. “Dr. Brown has this guiding philosophy of “Resist and reach out.”

    > He also claims God speaks to him. “If you talk to God you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.” – Thomas Szasz

  5. Greg,

    You wrote:
    “>> Who are your best scholars on this topic?

    There are so many. I could assemble a bibliogrpahy but I don’t believe you would read any of them.”

    Are you ashamed to tell us? How about telling us just two or three of the very best scholars?

    You wrote:
    “>> Did you get any counsel from any wise believers that homosex is wrong?

    The ones who said that “homosex” was wrong were legalistic rather than biblica.”

    So in other words, you had already judged that those that would counsel you against homosex were not wise. So what have you done but seek those that agree with you for “counsel”? Isn’t that just looking for “Yes Men” to validate what you already believed instead of actually seeking counsel?

    You wrote:
    “>> I am curious. Do you think that sex outside of marriage is fornication? Is it sin?

    Which definition of marriage?”

    Is that an answer? I guess you mean that any sex is fine as long as the two people think that they are married. What is your definition of fornication?

  6. Bo,

    Thanks for your reply.

    No worries, you don’t need to cringe. I’m not looking for a gotcha moment.

    Anyways, to follow up. I’m wondering, given what you said on fornication, if you would view an ancient Israelite Jewish man who had sex not only with his wife (or wives) but with his female slaves as being considered fornication (or adultery depending on how you might view it)?

    I believe I brought this up to you once before, but you quickly dismissed it (although admittedly I brought it up in a rather heated dialogue). I’d like to pursue it further though in light of my own studies on sexuality in early Jewish and Christian literature, and hopefully, we can do it in a productive manner.


  7. Van-

    Get a dictionary! Worldview according to Webster’s:”a comprehensive, esp. personal, philosophy or conception of the world and of human life”. Are you saying atheism does not give you the lens with which you conceive the world!?

    Man up and call the show! Dr. Brown is inviting you for yet another shot to educate the masses, rather than the few people who listen to your rants on this blog. Or are you afraid you will fair no better than “Fearless” did a few years back?

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